October 6th, 2015

Charlie dancing

Almost there! \o/

*dusts off LJ*

I wasn't sure I'd want to post reactions this season, but I'm feeling pretty excited about S11 so chances are I will. I'll probably have to put up some disclaimers (ya know: personal opinion, just 'cause I like stuff in the show doesn't mean I'd want that in real life, that I'm likely to be critical and sometimes negative but doesn't mean I don't respect the hard work of all those involved (or still love the show), yada yada), but I do love chatting about the show so unless it's a direct repeat of S9 (lots of discord between the brothers), I'll probably write some stuff up.

So. A pre-show poll!

Poll #2024236 S11 of Supernatural excitement level

My level of excitement for S11 is:

HOT HOT HOT! Boiling! I can't WAIT!
Hot, but not boiling over. I'm looking forward to it.
Luke warm. I'll watch, but I'm not desperate for it.
Cool. I'll probably check out episodes if I hear they're ok.
Cold. I'm done with it now.
Freezing. Sorry what? This show is still running?


Just went through my friends list to find that there were many of you who I THOUGHT I was following but wasn't. Argh. /o\ Hopefully I've just rectified all that. <3 If I've missed you (as in, you'd like me to follow back and I haven't), please bop me over the head and I will!

I'm also interested in following anyone who is active on LJ (and you think I would be compatible with) so if anyone would like to rec me peeps I should be following please give them a shout out *g*.