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just enough to make us dangerous
7.10 episode reaction and review - with pics! 
4th-Dec-2011 11:46 am
Bobby.  Story of my life
Somewhat delayed. I ran out of time last night. Also, there's was stuff I wanted (needed!) to say.

CHUCK NORRIS!!! \o/ A little know fact about me. I went through a "Chuck Norris" phase when I was at uni. He was introduced to me in my film class and I was hooked! I watched every film he made. DO NOT JUDGE ME! Dean Winchester is a Chuck Norris fan also!!\o/ (another reference to B movies me thinks *g*) Sorry. But that made me SQUEE out loud. (And there may have been a fist bump. Just sayin'.)

CHUUUCKKK!!!! My Hero! (Hey. We have history. Shut up!)

Before I start I have to mention a couple of my absolute favourite moments.

Thank you, thank you THANK YOU SHOW for this:

A small moment, but it spoke volumes about what Sam is continually dealing with. What I LOVE here is that it shows us that Sam needs to be positive and trouble free to keep Lu at bay. Hence his bounding positiveness over the last few episode. As soon as there's a crack - in this case misery and an older brother who's barely holding on - he's back.

I could almost hear Lucifer say to Sam "Are we having fun yet?". It broke my heart but also made me see just how damn strong Sam has had to be. (I hope this strength will come into play in helping Dean in the eps to come).

I also love that pain and misery causes Sam to see Lucifer and in order to get rid of him Sam has to cause himself pain. *GUH*


Yep. I damn well cried for Bobby. Cried for the boys. Cried for the friggin' heartache that the SPN 'verse embodies. But it was Bobby's "idjits" and Dean's fragile smile that had me sobbing.

I can't actually capture that moment on Dean's face. The weak, knowing smile broke me more than those sorrowful eyes. Bobby all but saying "I love you" and the boys agreeing.."we love you to". *SSSSOOOOOBBBB**

I also need to mention this moment:

Hand holding! <3 I am ADORING the significance of Sam's hands this season. \o/ Here he offers comfort and hope in the same way Dean offered it him when he was trying to talk him down (warehouse scene 7.02). I also LOVE that Sam was the one to say thank you. Sam has often been accused of not being grateful. HE IS! And it was fabulous to witness.

It is also SIGNIFICANT that Bobby wrote on Sam's hand and not on a piece of paper. They could have easily given Bobby paper but it is far more personal and intimate to have it written on Sam's hand. *GUH* THIS SHOW!!

Before I list my other loves I will confess when it became apparent that we were going to be taking a journey through Bobby's memories I was worried. I love Bobby, but I really didn't want this to be a Bobby centric episode. I NEED MY BOYS! I admit to being a little..um.. bored during the Bobby/Karen scenes but once they returned to how the boys were reacting I was back in it. I did then enjoy Bobby's journey and by the end of it I was totally enthralled. I think it's one of the best written eps this season (well, up with Slash fiction and Hello Cruel World).

Counting the many ways:

1. The opening. The boys desperation was to die for.

2. RUFUS! It proves that death does not mean we will never see that character again. :DD

3. Bobby and Rufus! What an awesome partnership. So glad we got to see more of that. THANK YOU SHOW!

4. Dean's "Walk away from me. Now". God yes! Dean knew his anger was on the brink of erupting. But the sheer power of that delivery sent shivers.

5. Bobby's: "As fate would have it, I adopted two boys. And they grew up great; they grew up heroes". JEEZ! Kill me now.

6. The parallel of Bobby being shot in the head and him shooting his father. Nice.

7. The sheer tension of the scenes with young!bobby and his mother and father. Very well acted and directed.

8. Wee!Dean. He really did look like a wee!Dean. :D The idea of Bobby throwing around a baseball with Dean to help give him some sort of normal life is heart swelling. (I know that when we first met Bobby in 1.22 there was no indiction that he ever had anything to do with them growing up. Bobby (like Cas) was never meant to be around for long. They've worked in this story since then so I totally forgive the inconsistency.

9. "This is where you learn that... they pretty much never say thanks when you save 'em". That was incredibly poignant. Hunters save people. And there's rarely thanks.

10. Did anyone else expect Dean to say "Where's the pie?" in that final scene? I love that he didn't but we thought he might. Oh Show. <3

11. Dean threatening Dick. *shivers* Dean's mighty scary when he wants to be.

12. Sam preparing Dean for the upcoming heartache. Sam knows Dean SO well. They were each others support during this and I loved that.

13. Lights out. Loved the way they played this. The slow shutting down of Bobby's brain. Symbolised by lights turning off. The lighting in the episode was stunning.


Thinky thoughts:

Is Bobby dead?

I hope so! And no. I don't mean I'm glad Bobby's dead. AT ALL. I have always enjoyed Bobby. What I mean is... after ALL of that it would be a cop out and maybe even a let down if he's actually ok. It was an INCREDIBLE farewell episode. One completely worthy of Bobby (and in turn, Jim). If we resume and say Bobby is still in a coma we may breath a sigh of relief but...IDK. It would have seemed like a huge effort (and amazing writing) for (almost) nothing.

There is NO DOUBT that we will see Bobby again. We pretty much see all dead characters again. It's just means the boys won't have Bobby anymore. No one to call when they need help, no one to ask advice from and no one to tell them to pull their heads out of their asses. That's the sad part. It's also the exciting part. We are truly seeing the boys alone. Together. And I am intrigued with how this will play out.

"Motivation is a mother"

I speculated a while back that if Bobby died it would be enough motivation to bring Dean back into the hunt. We saw evidence of that in this episode. He threatened Dick directly and this will indeed be the motivating factor for Dean and Sam to go after the Leviathans. I know Dean had motivation before, with what they did to Cas, but I think because Cas brought his fate on himself (chasing power) and Bobby didn't, this becomes more of a motivator. (*ducks* probably unpopular opinion there).

Bobby - a drunk with no children.

Dean - a likely drunk with no children. I'm not sure if this is a conscience decision to parallel Dean's drinking with Bobby's but I really got a strong sense of it here. It is also unlikely Dean will ever have children. Sure, there's Ben. But he essentially gave him away with the mind wipe so in many ways he made a similar decision to Bobby. No children. Maybe for the same reason as Bobby. For fear of becoming like John. He was starting to treat Ben just like John treated him (Let it Bleed) and made the decision to not become that to Ben. And of course there's the drinking. I think we'll begin to see more of this in future eps. Dean now has revenge as a motivator but I don't think it will keep the drinking at bay. In fact, it should make it worse. *meep*

The best thing of all.

Bobby really does have children. Boys he is proud of. Loves more than anything. Bobby in heaven is a night watching the boys bicker, eat pocorn, drink beer and watch Chuck (CHUUUCKKK!!!) movies.

*happy, happy sigh*

A meaty, thinky, heartbreaking and fabulous episode. Thanks Show. That'll keep me going during the hellatus.

ETA: Any thoughts on what those numbers might mean? (no spoilers pls). 454895? Sammy will be pondering this for a while I think... Co ordinates?
4th-Dec-2011 04:01 am (UTC)
I JUST finished re-watching this (like five minutes ago), this time with my husband.

The first time = massive denial.

The second time = grief. Like the real thing. Like sobbing real embarrassing tears, all snotty and goopy like Sam, and my poor husband trying to comfort me over my grief over a FRIGGIN FICTIONAL CHARACTER!

But damn, that felt real. Feels real. So sad. But such a tribute to Bobby. I miss him already.

What are our boys going to do next?

4th-Dec-2011 05:03 am (UTC)
Oh yeah. The grief.

I wish I had someone to comfort me when I watched. *sniff* It really felt like he was gone. I think it was a lovely, subtle way to see him dead (lights out) rather than just seeing him flatlining. Of course, he may still be around but I will be surprised if he is.

Oh man. What will the boys do next!? Good question. They will have to do what they always do I suppose. Pick up the pieces and move on. They will have to keep hunting - the show is based on MoTW stories, so we'll no doubt keep seeing that. But I think we might see the boys more driven maybe? Certainly Dean. He may be scary driven, like he was when John died or he may wallow in self pity and some how be brought out of it. I hope it's not the latter. Mopey Dean isn't my fav Dean. I also hope they don't look for a way to bring him back. They KNOW that doesn't end well. Though they may try something and realise they've been down that path before.

Ack! I don't know. Very excited to find out though. I really didn't expect such an emotional closing ep in S7. Show is always full of surprises.

I love it!
4th-Dec-2011 04:18 am (UTC)
UGH, this episode! I think you summed it up nicely for those of us bawling their eyes out in a corner.
4th-Dec-2011 05:05 am (UTC)
*hands tissues* (I had some handy ;) )

Such a sad one. But so worthy of Bobby.

4th-Dec-2011 04:25 am (UTC)
I am ADORING the significance of Sam's hands this season. \o/

Oh absolutely. ABSOLUTELY. I honed in on that too because it was just too perfect. Because his left hand has the injury that he rubs to fend off Lucifer, and now Bobby's written the clue on his right hand. One for the past, one for the future. It's incredibly symbolic. I really really hope we at least get a shot of the two hands together, one with a scar and the other with the numbers. Oh Sam, your whole life story is written out on your palms.

Loved Bobby, love that he adopted them (retcon or no, it's all fine by me) and I looooved the banter between the boys. That that was his good memory, cuz it really is so them.

Le sigh. What a beautiful send off.
4th-Dec-2011 05:08 am (UTC)
Oh yes. Good way of seeing it. Past and the future in his hands.

I just LOVE IT!

I forgive the retcon in this because I'm happy that Bobby did become that for the boys. Losing Bobby feels much more real than when they lost John. SImply because we know Bobby. We know the impact he had on their lives.

And it was a fabulous send off. Sad but perfect for Bobby.

4th-Dec-2011 05:51 am (UTC)
Bobby! What an awesome way to have a character go out. Plus bonus Rufus. So geeky me googled the number. It comes up as a gene on the 17th chromosome of chimps. Maybe the season will end up as planet of the apes after all. I also messed around with it and tried to see what might be in the US at that latitude. It's in the northern portion and it cuts through Minnesota, Michigan, one of the Dakotas, among other places. It's cold here and we get lots of snow. Maybe leviathans like to ski. What's your guess?

The thing about the number is that Bobby missed the last number when he wrote on Sam's hand. Who knows if they meant it that way.
4th-Dec-2011 06:57 am (UTC)
The thing about the number is that Bobby missed the last number when he wrote on Sam's hand. Who knows if they meant it that way.

That's a great pick-up, which I completely missed! I've just added it to the Wiki entry. Do you have a Wiki username? I absolutely don't want to steal your thunder, but wanted to fix what I put in the transcript last night and didn't think I should mention your LJ username without permission.
4th-Dec-2011 06:19 am (UTC)
indeed, an episode full of emotion! (even though when I heard Rufus said how Bobby had to go deeper I instantly thought 'Inception!' ;D) XD and I agree with you, Dean saying 'Walk away from me. Now' was awesome, not just in Jensen's acting, but the camera angle also made it so, so dramatic!

also, who knew, that ripper that looks like Prophet!Chuck has a sense of humour (you're the only guy with a genetic bullet to the head or sth... ^^;)

but lol! DEan likes licorice... I agree with Sam: gross.

my opinion is that Bobby does die, but he sticks around.. at least for a while, to help them (he beign an honorary winchester, is safe to asume he's afflicted with the same codependency thatn the others) but I'll have to consider your otehr theories.

thanks for such a dynamic review!
4th-Dec-2011 07:24 am (UTC)
I heard Rufus said how Bobby had to go deeper I instantly thought 'Inception'

Oh, yes. I missed that. But I think that totally works.

We know have some new canon. Dean likes licorice and Sam doesn't. :D

Yeah. I can't decide re Bobby. It just feels like a farewell to me. We shall see. But ack! We have to wait FOREVER!

And thanks. I'm glad you liked the review. :D
4th-Dec-2011 07:07 am (UTC)
WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More of my respected opinions flist thinking Bobby is dead or should be within the context of this episode.

I just don't know about this - "There is NO DOUBT that we will see Bobby again. We pretty much see all dead characters again. It's just means the boys won't have Bobby anymore. No one to call when they need help, no one to ask advice from and no one to tell them to pull their heads out of their asses. That's the sad part. It's also the exciting part. We are truly seeing the boys alone. Together. And I am intrigued with how this will play out."

WHY would they kill Bobby off? I discussed this with Mr Redteekal Tim and as far as he's concerned they either do it for one of two things 1) To progress the over arching story forwards or 2) Shock value - lame!
He doesn't think Bobby is dead because Bobby is such a crucial character for the boys, killing him does not progress the Leviathan story (in fact it just makes it more complicated for a possible Leviathan solution) and leaving the boys all alone will just make writing the stories harder in terms of resolution. He is the one character that has been in the boys lives since before the series started. They could kill John off because they HAD Bobby.

I truly don't think he's been killed off, I think he will be unavailable to the boys for the rest of the season mostly because the whole idea of the boys on their own ENTIRELY (whilst this pretty much terrifies me and fills me with a horrible sense of foreboding) is indeed intriguing (and petrifying) ultimately I think there will be someone or something stepping in to bring him back into their lives again, whole and human. Whether that happens at the end of this season of the beginning of the next remains to be seen. He is too much of a lynchpin for so many plot points. It makes no sense!!! But as I said to Tim - I'm not so sure that Supernatural has ever backed away from killing off characters just because it makes no sense. No point in taking the path of least resistance with this show afterall. LOL!!

Of course Jim Beaver has not breathed a word on his twitter because I daresay the writers/show makers have decreed it to be this way in orde rto engender this speculation and fandom freak out.
4th-Dec-2011 07:51 am (UTC)
Hey you! I was thinking when I was watching that I needed you there so we could NUT THIS OUT!!

Ok. So. Let's try this. (but you know I'm totally open to other thoughts!)

WHY would they kill Bobby off?

My question is why wouldn't they?? They have killed off EVERYONE ELSE. Why shouldn't Bobby be in the firing line? I'm amazed it's taken them this long to be honest.

Why did they killed Ellen and Jo? Cas? Rufus? Pamela? In many cases it wasn't to forward the story line. For me, it's about creating a world where the boys don't have anyone to call on. The whole 'verse revolves around them being alone so it makes perfect sense to me that Bobby could be gone. Mary first, then Jess, then John. Thus begins a pattern that keeps repeating.

Also, I see his death as rather essential in progressing the Leviathan story line. Dean needed back in the hunt. This will do it.

They could kill John off because they HAD Bobby.

See. I don't see it like this. Bobby was (apparently) only meant to be in that one episode. I don't believe he was brought in to replace John (I might be wrong but from what I've read he only became the father figure later on). There's been cries of foul over the retcon in this ep.

For me, it makes more sense for them to kill Bobby than not. It's consistent. It's what they do. Sure, it never makes any sense but with more and more deaths they begin to make more and more sense. (Rufus's death was one that just didn't make sense to me at the time).

All through S1 they didn't have Bobby. I feel that they can get through without him now. It's bloody sad and I think this will be a catalyst for a whole heap of future issues. So I see it very much as moving the story line along.

But. I have no idea. In some ways I would like to see Bobby return. Maybe even as a restless spirit. That could be quite interesting. Would the boys salt and burn his bones? Assuming they haven't already (if he's dead). If he's in a coma will be around as Dean was in IMToD?

To be honest I really don't know. Possibly, they are just playing it for the emotion. A half way closer ep. They have left it unconfirmed so the chances are that he will still be around. Otherwise I'm not sure why they wouldn't be more definite. Maybe so we have something to stew over?

Nothing has leaked out that Jim is leaving so on that alone I feel like he's not actually dead. But he will probably be gone for a while so they can play out the boys all by themselves story arc,.

Yikes! Blab blab. Hee.. you know me. <33

Edited at 2011-12-04 07:51 am (UTC)
4th-Dec-2011 07:10 am (UTC)
I'm embarrassed to say that I've never seen a Chuck Norris film. Let me know if I should fix that, and if so, rec me one!

(I looked up those DVDs and I think the second one is redundant, since "The Delta Force" is part of the "American Hero Collection". Correct me if I'm wrong!)
4th-Dec-2011 08:03 am (UTC)
No no. I'M embarrassed to say that I have. My hubby gives me no end of grief of it.

And to be honest I can't rec one because his films are so...um... gun ho American and cheesy. He isn't exactly known for his acting skills either. It's all karate action and for some unfathomable reason I loved him! There's just something about him.

This will show you something of him. But it will only serve to demonstrate that I am rather strange:


/o\ No judging! :D

I actually don't own any Chuck DVDs, but it makes sense if Delta Force is part of a "Hero" collection.

4th-Dec-2011 11:39 am (UTC)
I tried to get online this morning after finally watching the ep to post my thoughts, but LJ was having one of its ever popular meltdowns. I get on here and I see that you basically said everything I wanted to say (minus the whole Chuck Norris thing... *g*). It was a superb episode, the best of the season I think. And yeah, Sam saying to Dean, "Because it's real," then sitting there driving his thumb into his palm with his eyes just saying everything...

Great moment.

Great episode.
4th-Dec-2011 12:29 pm (UTC)
Hey you! *glomps*

LJ has been particularly painful lately. I feel for them, but still, it's frustrating.

Hee! What's that? Except for the Chuck Norris thing?? Really?!! tehe... *g*

And of course! Sam saying "it's real". Good pick up. :)

It really had some fabulous moments.

*hugs* I hope things are going well for you hon.
4th-Dec-2011 11:48 am (UTC)
When we saw Bobby on the phone with John about him playing ball with the boys I remembered how they introduced Bobby to us. That he had had a falling out with John. And I like the idea that it might have been over the boys. That John didn't like what Bobby had to say. That to me created a bridge from this fare well ep to the very first we saw Bobby in. :)

Bobby tends to always have something up his sleeve. So maybe he dies, goes up to heaven and manages to pull some strings to bring Cas back. Or finds info up there how to kill the Levis. ;D
However, one part in me still hopes something unexpected will happen and Bobby won't die. I guess I just can't bear the thought of him gone. (sniff)

I loved seeing Rufus in this. I've always found him rather cool and it was somewhat appropriate that he would be the one helping Bobby.

Your picspam is lovely. Such special moments. ♥
This was an incredible episode for sure. :)
4th-Dec-2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
I totally believe his argument would have been over the boys. I'm sure when they first wrote that they wouldn't have even thought about what it could be about but I think they've worked it in really well. That phone call to John in this ep really signals how the shotgun incident could have played out.

Yeah. I'd like to say I'm sure the creators have something up their sleeve for both Bobby and Cas. The idea of Bobby going to heaven to somehow bring back Cas is interesting. I know Bobby is HIGHLY motivated so he'll probably find a way to help them in the future. (though I'd secretly love to see them manage for themselves. A little bit. :) )

I'm glad you like the picspam. I'm trying to flex my picspamming chops. It's something I would like to get better at. I have a picspam in mind for the future so I'm trying different things. :)

Coding those tables for the pics is something I'm trying to get the hang of. The coding is /o\! (but fun!)

4th-Dec-2011 01:08 pm (UTC)
I'm on the road this week - barely time to see the ep and briefly check my FLIST later and then hop offline. So I'm glad you posted your thinky thoughts, because I loved them and agree!
4th-Dec-2011 11:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks for popping by even though you are so busy.

4th-Dec-2011 04:16 pm (UTC)
Your thinky thoughts are always so awesome....

WHAT A FREAKIN' AWESOME EPISODE - Every detail was perfect right? I won't rehash all of it cause it's all been said but what stands out for me the most is now they boys have absolutely nothing and no one. They have to start over from scratch. This should be interesting. John and Bobby did their part to get them this far and now it's up to them to carry on and fight the good fight.

I listened to Jim's podcast last night and he left the door open for Bobby to come back, not in so many words of course. After all nobody really ever stays gone on Supernatural :D

I want Bobby back so bad though. I adore him more than I can say and seeing what his childhood was like and what he's lived with for all these years I understand him more, that he wasn't just a grumpy drunk hunter. I just wish the boys had the benefit of this knowledge about him. If he doesn't go with the Reaper and stays as a spirit he can help the boys. They can salt and burn his bones when the series ends to set him free, assuming the boys go out in a blaze of glory. Or they can work with Crowley again to figure something out to get him back. Or even Death could come back. Lots of scenarios they could go with.

So many wonderful moments for the boys - the hospital scenes about killed me...and I was a mess when it ended. I haven't rewatched yet because I know I'm gonna cry again and even harder since I know what's going to happen. When I do though I'll have my tissues handy.

Poor boys, how will they deal with the last of their loved ones gone? It's going to be fascinating to find out! This season is killing me worse than any other and I didn't think that was possible.
4th-Dec-2011 11:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks sweetie!

And Jim did a podcast? That'd be awesome. I actually loved the subtly of his death. I was left with no doubt that he died - after all, all his brain cells shut down. But then, I've been reading that he may not be dead, because he may not have gone with the reaper. But it just didn't feel like that to me.

Or they can work with Crowley again to figure something out to get him back.

Oh man. That would be interesting but I think I'd have to shoot them if they did that! I'm thinking that they may well consider ways of bringing him back. Hopefully coming to the understanding and realisation that NOTHING GOOD COMES OF DOING THAT! We'll see! Lots of possibilities.

I have no doubt, whatsoever, that we will be seeing him again. Even if for a flashback ep or alternate universe ep. :D

It's funny, (or rather sad..) I was looking through an old vid I'm digging out and there was Bobby. *sniff* It actually made me feel teary and it made me realise just how long he's been around.

5th-Dec-2011 12:51 pm (UTC)
human drama with the supernatural and humour mixed in.

Oh yes. I love it when they get the mix right. Personally, I love the adventure, thriller, horror aspect but I particularly it when they deal with the human side of the boys.

hopefully this is the catalyst for Dean to become motivated and determined and have that spark back.

Oh yes. I do miss the spark in Dean. I've felt he's really needed something to draw him back in to the hunt. I am sure there will be lots of trauma associated with this loss but both boys will need to find reasons to keep hunting.

I CAN'T WAIT to see what happens.

5th-Dec-2011 12:51 am (UTC)
5th-Dec-2011 12:54 pm (UTC)
Hey sweetie!

Hope things are going well for you.

5th-Dec-2011 02:42 pm (UTC)
No idea about the numbers. It's John's phone number! He was alive this whole time! Well, probably not.

It's pretty cool that they can make us feel FEELINGS and keep us guessing after all these years.
12th-Dec-2011 12:18 pm (UTC)
Hey! Sorry for the late reply.

Hee... john's phone number. How cool would that be. :D

And YES! After all these years we can still speculate and feel stuff.
11th-Dec-2011 09:47 pm (UTC)
You know, I didn't really think about the significance of Bobby writing on Sam's hand, until you pointed it out. And now I feel even sadder!

Those pics you ended the post with, oh, my heart. BOBBY.
12th-Dec-2011 12:21 pm (UTC)
I am loving Sam's hands and the way they are using them this season. It just seemed significant that Bobby wrote on them rather than paper. :(( Oh Bobby.
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