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New Vid! Supernatural's Flying Circus

Title: Supernatural's Flying Circus
Editing: ash48
Animation/Graphics: maichan
Expert Monty Python Consultant: deirdre_c
Warning: Some crudity. Probably NSFW (PG-13)
Category: Crackity crack! Like whoa!
Length: 4.10m
Size: 70mb
Summary: Monty Python meets Supernatural

For watching, downloading and commenting please visit our post here

I mentioned this idea to maichan and deirdre_c a while back. We had some brainstorming sessions and over the year the vid has developed.

HUGE thanks for maichan for her cracktastic graphics and fab animation. I know how long and tedious animating is and I truly appreciate you taking the time to make the opening title sequence. PLUS all the fab text and sound effects. *hugs* <333

Another HUGE thanks deirdre_c for the fantastic ideas and beta notes and cheerleading! Thank you SO SO much for allowing me to borrow your fantastic crack brain.

Vid notes

No notes. It's just a heap of silliness. :DD

Though it probably helps to know Monty Python, Supernatural and spn fandom. ;DD

Feedback is lovely. Even if it's to tell us what nuts we are!
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