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Firstly (and most importantly!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY maichan. I hope you have an awesometastical birthday. <33

Speaking of maichan, we posted a vid recently and I want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful feedback. If nothing else, it proves that you are as nutty we are!. :DD

I feel like I can't thank maichan and deirdre_c enough for their input. <3

I remember emailing Dei when the idea came to mind (which actually came from something maichan had suggested in another vid we had collaborated on) and asked her if a US audience would be familiar enough with Monty Python. She linked this fabulous comment fic she wrote and it was enough to make me go for it. (And I know, *duh*.. of course everyone would be familiar because it's them!)

As usual I want to blab about it all but I get that that is pretty boring. IF you had any questions about how sections came about I would be more than happy to chat about them. *nods* But yeah.. that's self indulgent I know. ;)

Aside from that...

I'm off to Sydney in one week. I'm going to try and take a break from LJ in that time (though I'm sure I will fail). I have a couple more posts to make before then. One a "Top Five Things about SPN" post and probably a summing up of my works this year. I do the latter more for my own history and interest. I have no idea how many vids I've made this year. Less than the last two I suspect.

Hope you are all well. I'm on holidays now! \o/
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