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The Floor Plan

The Floor Plan Banner

4.04 (Metamorphosis) Willow Tree Motel

(Wishful Thinking) Hotel Chieftan

(Chris Angel is a Douchebag) Patricia Hotel

(Sex and Violence) Lion's Pride Motel

4.19 (Jump the Shark) Kesley Mannor

5.05 Fallen Idol

5.06 I Believe That Children Are Our Future

5.12 Swap Meat

5.14 My Bloody Valentine

5.17 99 Problems

6.12 Like a Virgin

6.13 Unforgiven

7.04 Defending Your Life

7.05 Shut Up, Dr Phil

I also think 5.13 (The Song Remains the Same) and 5.18 (Point of No Return) also use this floor plan but I can't get a good enough cap of it.

I just love that they turn the plan around to mix it up a bit. I scanned through S1-3 and couldn't find this plan used there. They used it 5 times in S4. It appears again in S5, S6 and S7. The hotel layout on 7.05 us slightly different but it looks like they've simply made a couple of trims to the original. :)

It's TOTALLY geeky and a completely useless find but it makes me smile. I love the idea that the set designers had a standard floorplan and just changed the name on the graphic.
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