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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
Vid snippets progress grid 
3rd-Feb-2012 10:29 pm
Dean & vid camera
This is my way of organising those awesome vid snippet prompts. I'm making this a sticky and as I complete each section I will mark them off in some way. I will post them when they are ALL complete. It will help me make sure I keep on track!

For counteragent

A Jody Mills vid to a song tbc
For mithborien

Repeated moments to Wheel in the Sky
For redteekal

Frontierland crack tribute to Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy DONE!
For linda3m Sam/Dean to Thunder Road
For bertee

Winchester injuries to Machoism Tango (or Evil Characters to Be Prepared)
For devon99

Sam and Dean's childhood to After the Storm
For zebra363

A Sam/Dean (or Sam&Dean) curtain vid to Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head OR Still the One
For denyce

Three options that I haven't decided on yet.*g*
To I Touch Myself or We Look After Our Own
For bythedamned

Lord King Bad Vid to I Would Do Anything for Love, but I Won't Do That
For deirdre_c

Wincest vid to Prove My Love
For secretlytodream

A Sam vid to Skin
For ash48

Wild Card! (thinking maybe #1 Crush or Troy)
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