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just enough to make us dangerous
I do have some thinky on this ep, (believe it or not) which I will… 
11th-Feb-2012 11:39 pm
Becc_j Art
I do have some thinky on this ep, (believe it or not) which I will bore you with post later but in the meantime....

Poll #1818246 7.14 reaction

I thought the episode was:

AWESOME! (There were clowns & a unicorn & sparkly sparkles & bromance & SMILES. \o/)
Pretty damn good! (They certainly knew what they were doing when they called the big bad Dick).
Not bad. (Sam was beaten up, so there's always that. *g*).
Meh. (There's that pesky "you-reflect-my-childhood" child again...)
Disappointing (I really wanted to see the boys RIDE the unicorn dammit!).
YUK!! (Are you kidding me? There was a unicorn shitting rainbows... Fan service much?!)
WHAT!?! There was an episode with clowns & a unicorn & sparkly sparkles & bromance & SMILES. *runs off to watch*

I was lucky enough to watch this with redteekal and zebra363. It's the first time I've watched a first viewing with other people and it was FUN!!! \o/ Insta!discussion and sharing laughs and aaawwwws FTW!
11th-Feb-2012 03:42 pm (UTC)
I had to pick meh, because it couldn't be disappointing given my low expectations, and the rainbow-shitting unicorn was one of the parts I did like.
11th-Feb-2012 03:55 pm (UTC)
I had no expectations going in - though I heard sounds of squeeee around the place before I watched.

I saw your post and I agree that D&L have delivered some pretty dire episodes (well, Yellow Fever mostly for me). I was worried when I saw they had written this, but I actually got a lot of enjoyment out of it. Not sure how it fits in with the character arcs this season but I did some hand waving with that this time.

11th-Feb-2012 03:49 pm (UTC)
i went with "meh", as well, because hello filler episode. pretty much nothing happened (though i laughed SO HARD with the unicorn - i love it when they refer to the older eps and they did it brilliantly here). i have to say, though, that dean laughing about sparkly!sam is probably one of the most beautiful sounds i have ever heard and i love that sam seemed to think the same thing. the last two eps were better on the brotherly bonding than all of season six was. that makes me happy.


Edited at 2012-02-11 03:50 pm (UTC)
11th-Feb-2012 03:58 pm (UTC)
Yeah. Definitely filler. But it definitely had some awesome bromance and crack! :DD

Haven't seen the promo. I'm one of those damn spoilerphobes. *g* (Though I'm glad it looks exciting! )/

11th-Feb-2012 04:02 pm (UTC)
It was a solid story (even if a filler and it didn't really progress the overall story arc) that was packed out with too many desperately needed moments of light heartedness and smiles and brotherly bonding and bickering and bantering to not be described as AWESOME. Seriously Sam was smiling at Dean within about 15 seconds of his opening scene with him - dimples so loud you could even see them as he tried to hide his grin by looking down. And the smiles continued! Dean full on body laughing, his big brother advice that became Sammy's mantra, the slinky present, the total bonding over the weird that is their lives. GAH!!! Just too much fun stuff to not be awesome. Think this may move into my Season 7 top 5. I need to review that list I think. Thanks for sharing it with me today.
12th-Feb-2012 12:47 am (UTC)

So much awesome in one ep. It was a really good episode to share also - so much to laugh and swoon over.

I worry (though, not really..*g*) that this might be the calm before the (angsty) storm.
Bring it!

11th-Feb-2012 05:05 pm (UTC)
I chose pretty damn good, the last scene with laughing Dean made me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I'm torn about the unicorn shitting rainbows and all that stuff. On the one hand, it was hilarious, on the other... fan service much?
12th-Feb-2012 12:48 am (UTC)
The warm fuzzies at the end were super awesome!

The unicorn was most definitely for us. I mean, what kid has a fear of rainbow shitting unicorns? Hee..
11th-Feb-2012 05:13 pm (UTC)
I voted AWESOME - because? I've been so bloody depressed for them, so maybe it didn't make that much sense from the gloom and despondency of last week, however, just watching them arse around and smile and joke with each other, to have fan humour IN the show rather than aimed out at fans, to have Sam covered in colourful glittery shit with a matching grin, a full out laugh from Dean and a rainbow shitting unicorn ON THE SHOW? Yeah, made me smile, made my day - AWESOME it is.
13th-Feb-2012 05:43 am (UTC)
Yeah! So good to be able to smile along with them and get to see them not being so troubled. Though I love that as well. A balance is a good thing. We need to see some reasons why they just don't end it all. There are times I think it would be just easier for them to just give up. (Which they can't do of course!)

11th-Feb-2012 07:25 pm (UTC)
I chose AWESOME cause that ending existed. I can't even remember the last time the boys shared a LEGIT laugh together. And because it's pretty much a honking neon sign, as it always does with this show, that they're gonna rip our hearts out next week. And I'm always for that. :)
11th-Feb-2012 10:56 pm (UTC)
"And because it's pretty much a honking neon sign, as it always does with this show, that they're gonna rip our hearts out next week."
What Zimshan said.
Unicorns, sparkly!Sam, Arnie quotes and Dean wants a giant rainbow slinky. I had to pick 'awesome'.
Also, my hearing's terrible, but did Frank imply that Fred Savage has gonnorhea? Faith in show restored.
11th-Feb-2012 09:45 pm (UTC)
best. poll. ever.

I'm okay with the fan service because unicorns shitting rainbows out of their asses originated in canon anyway, so it's all good :) that was what the eps used to be like! the ones we love and miss....
12th-Feb-2012 05:58 am (UTC)

Yeah! I love that they referred to something way back in S2. In fact, 2 somethings. Sam's fear of clowns and the unicorns. Though I know fandom really picked up on the unicorns after that. I'm sure they are lurking around our journals... ;)

11th-Feb-2012 11:47 pm (UTC)
I picked awesome! Best scene in the episode for me was the whole motel room scene with Sam on the phone freaking out as he 'not remembers' the Plucky place, and when Dean brings up his fear of clowns, the noise Sam makes is priceless. I really felt bad for Sam and I actually started developing a fear of clowns myself while watching Sam! LOL!

Besides that whole ending with Sam trying not to laugh as Dean laughs was icing on the pudding! :D I love those two *draws hearts around them*
12th-Feb-2012 05:59 am (UTC)
Oh yes! I loved that scene too. So fabulous brother moments in this one.
12th-Feb-2012 08:52 am (UTC)
I'm one of the many "awesome"-voters! \o/ :D
13th-Feb-2012 05:39 am (UTC)
Yep! Awesome seems like the majority. :DD
12th-Feb-2012 10:07 am (UTC)
I chose "pretty damn good" and wondered why I didn't choose awesome aftwards. Probably because "awesome" is my equivalent for tragedy. *gg* Plus, I totally laughed at the rainbows, they were proving Dean right, but on the other hand... I don't really know how to judge this fanservice?!

Spare a cowboy, ride a unicorn?!
13th-Feb-2012 05:41 am (UTC)
HA!! Ride a unicorn! Icon may well be needed for that. :)

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