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Motels and Accommodations of SPN S4 (Part Two)

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Wherever I Lay My Hat

Motels and Accommodations of Supernatural (Season 4)

Part Two

Episode: 4.12 Chris Angel is a Douchebag

Accommodation: Hotel Patricia

For me the most interesting detail in this room is that room divider. I love the geometric shapes. I also love how the divider is used during the episode. Characters are often shot through it or beside it. The wall paper is pretty funky too. :)

Episode: 4.14 Sex and Violence

Accommodation #1 Unnamed motel

Unfortunately we don't get to see a lot of this motel. I do love the parts that we do see though. The wallpaper is fabulous (the designers sure have a thing for flocked wallpaper) as are the two styles of lamp. The colouring is quite distinct - greens, blue and reds.

Accommodation #2: Lion's Pride Motel (room 109)

Isn't this brilliant?! Look at all that red! Check out the matching room divider and wallpaper. (squeeee) This motel is aptly named "Lion's Pride", (hence the lions on the walls and divider) emphasising the overall theme of this episode. I love the mix of sinful red, mysterious black and royal gold. Such a fabulous mix in a room where the boys' issues are laid bare. I had to include a shot of the motel hallway. Imagine walking to your motel room surrounded by those blood red walls. Brilliant!

Red lamp also seen in 2.08 (Crossroad Blues)

Interior: Motel name

Episode: 4.15 Death Takes a Holiday

Accommodation: The Broken Saddle Motel
(Room 208)

There are a few curiosities about this room. With a name like "The Broken Saddle", I'm surprised there isn't some sort of horse theme going on. Instead we have a rather rustic, run down theme. I'm not sure if it's stylised or this motel is actually this run down. The rubbed-back paint on timber was fashionable for a while. However, the oak (?) table looks new and therefore I'm thinking this room has been purposely made to look "broken". The pressed-tin (I think that's what it is...) walls add another layer of grunge (though it might just be the way it's shot that makes them look so dirty). I ADORE the mirrors between the stressed wood. If you look closely you can see the shower reflected in mirror. That door behind the table serves no purpose other than decoration (it has no door knob).

(and that shot of Dean's crotch is totally objective. Just look at that bedspread he's lying on *g*)

Interior: Motel Name
Bedhead re-use: 1.18, 2.12, 3.15

Episode: 4.16 Head of a Pin

Accommodation: Unnamed

Thank you Show for giving us a full shot of the room. (Shame you didn't give us the name of the motel - particularly as there's a massive motel sign just outside the room.

There's a horse theme in this room (I wonder if it was meant to be in the previous episode?) There are horses on the bedspread, a horse picture above the bed and HORSESHOE room divider (woot!) but the rest seems a mishmash of decor. I'm drawn to that awesome 50's table and chair setting. I love how the horseshoes are arranged to create a flower. I feel there's a deliberate juxtaposition with Ruby framed next to them.

Episode: 4.17 It's a Terrible Life

Accommodation: "Fake" Apartment

*bounces* It's great when we get to see the boys occupying an environment that is completely different to anything they are usually in. The colouring is notably different. Bright, clean (happy) colours. I particularly enjoy the detail of Dean's apartment - I love the mini gym, with ready to use, rolled up white towels next to it. Check out the golf trophy on the top shelf. I wonder if that's actually one of Jensen's.

Episode: 4.18 Monster at the End of this Book

Accommodation #1: Unnamed motel

We only see this room briefly but the designers have still gone to the trouble of giving us something interesting to look at. Matching bedspreads and curtains, ornate lamps, Dean sprawled all over the bed, reading a book, and those twin bedheads that have appeared in a number of episodes. We even get that awesome wall paper from the disco room from Provenance.

Bedhead reuse: 2.08, 3.03
Telephone also seen in: 4.03, 3.08

Accommodation #2: The Toreador

I think this is my absolute favourite room this season. The decor is outrageous. Just look at that wallpaper!! (If you recognise it, it was also used in 2.10 (Usual Suspects). It's been turned upside down to trick us. *g* This is the motel that Sam mentions is "pay by the hour". It's also known the "Red Motel". I'm sure it's not my imagination that the wallpaper is rather (wonderfully) phallic. For both genders!

Motel Sign: The Toreador Motel and as The "Red" Motel
Motel Exterior

Episode: 4.19 Jump the Shark

Accommodation #1: Impala

Another reminder that the boys have to sometimes sleep in the Impala. I love how normal the simple act of brushing teeth is here (Sam even has mouth wash in his toiletry bag). Also, it seems Dean takes the front seat when bedding down and Sam takes the back.

Episode: 4.19 Jump the Shark

Accommodation #2: Kelsey Manor

Another fabulous room. I think the full wall mural really brings this room to life. It would be rather plain without it. There seems to be a fishing theme here. The mounted fish on the wall and the paddle and floats room divider. If you look closely you can see "KM" printed on them.

The room is called Kelsey Manner, which is in honour of Kim Manners. The picture on the room card is in fact Kim Manners sporting a mustache. At the Salute to Supernatural L.A. 2009, Jensen and Jared mentioned that in honour of Kim the crew had undertaken a mustache growing competition. Also, Kim looks like Sonny Bono (from Sonny and Cher fame), hence the inside joke.

Motel: Exterior

Episode: 4.20 The Rapture

Accommodation: Unnamed motel

Another motel we don't get to see much of. But wow - look at those bedspreads! And that wallpaper! (More flowers).

If that wall paper looks familiar it's because the same pattern appears again in episode 5.08 (Changing Channels). It's a different colour though. The designers must have liked it so much they bought it in different colours. (I reckon they'd be on the look out for anything garish or floral!)

Episode: 4.21 When the Levee Breaks

Accommodation: Unnamed motel
(Room 623, The honeymoon suite)

This is another one of my season 4 favourites. We get to see such a lot of this room. It's much classier than anything they normally stay in. I can't say I find the decor particularly appealing (all that brown!) but there are features that really stand out. I love the repeated octagons for example (the room divider, the window and doors) and the floral wall paper. Floral wallpaper is fast becoming a Supernatural motif I think.

And now (as a special treat for making it this far) the best accommodation of them all:

Accommodation: The Panic Room

Location: Bobby's House - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

(Warning: Spoilers for season 6 in description)

The Panic Room is a quality establishment, reserved for a select few.

It features good ventilation with natural light, refreshment upon arrival and has a unique decor. For no extra charge there is the opportunity to experience bondage or perhaps a chance to discover your inner self. For those who can afford it (it is rather expensive but well worth it), there is a re-souling service. (Prior booking is essential).

Notes and thanks etc.

It never ceases to amaze me how much detail the set designers and decorators put into these motel rooms. They obviously have a lot of fun and I have to say I've had a tremendous amount of fun exploring them.

This has been a pretty steep learning curve for me. I'm not a graphic expert, so instead of doing this (like any sensible person would) in Photoshop, I have created this with a series of tables (arghhhh....). The screencaps are from Homeofthenutty (thank you!). I have coloured and cropped them caps in Aperture. As frustrating as the tables have been, the exploration and the fact that I've actually done this has been very rewarding.

I must give massive thanks to galwithglasses all her help. For allowing me to pick her brain on issues of prop re-use and for picking up any details I missed. (She's also responsible for the Panic Room entry *g*).

Also huge thanks and *hug* to bythedamned for the text beta and helpful suggestions. <333

Thanks also for lilly_the_kid for help with the motel research. *smish*

Feedback is awesome. I can always update the entry if I've missed something.

Season 5 Motels

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