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SPN meme... 
9th-Apr-2012 11:55 pm
Becc_j Art
Another post...(you can tell it's holiday time yeah?!)

Firstly... welcome new friends! (how did THAT happen?!) Hi..I'm Sarah Ash. I'm a cancerian, I like to take long walks on the beach and am rather obsessed with a little TV show that friggin' well COULD! (OMG... busting for S8 confirmation! EIGHT YEARS PEOPLE!!). I'm also the world's biggest dag. I'm also an Aussie.

So.... This seems like a good opportunity to do the SPN meme that's going around... (snagged from checkthemargins)

1. Deangirl or Samgirl?

I'm a sammygirl (*swooon*). But only with Dean around...('cause I ADORE Dean also...there's no Sam without Dean)

2. Casgirl, yes or no?

Nope (no issue with those who are though)

3. Favorite season?

Wow... always a hard one...Let's go season 2.

4. Favorite epidsode(s) from your favorite season?

What is and What Should Never Be. Also - In My Time of Dying and Croatoan

5. Season you're most likely to re-watch?

Seven (and S1 because... it's SEASON ONE ! and the boys had higher voices...)

6. Season you hate the most?

Hmmm.... probably 6. I love that Show was prepared to give us soulless Sam but... ARGHHHHH Soulless Sam KILLED ME! I can't rewatch any of those episode. (Though I think Jared came into his own as an actor as soulless Sam. He owned it and I think he produced some of his best work on the show during this season.)

7. Favorite episode of the current season?

Slash Fiction (HOMG...homaging so many other shows and other!SamnDean...*loved*) closely followed by Hello Cruel World (warehouse scene = BEST EVER!). Then there's The Born Again identity (Sam in a psych hospital = HEAVEN), Time After Time (Dean in the 40's = *GUH* and) and Plucky Pennyetc (come on! There was glitter!!)

8. Least favorite episode from the current season?

Shut up, Dr. Phil (the boring factor) and Season 7 Time For a Wedding (the... WTF and whyTF factor..)

9. Favorite angel (besides Cas)?

oooh... can I say Lucifer?! He's an angel yeah? PLEASEEE... he's AWESOME! If not, I'd have to go Zachariah. I love evil characters...

10. Least favorite angel?

I'll have to go Anna for this one. Just something about her....

11. Favorite demon?

Original Meg.

12. Least favorite demon?

Crowley annoyed me for a while there but he's grown on me. Um....idk... I like 'em all.

13. Favorite one-episode character?

Kathleen in Benders.

14. Sam's hair looked best in which season?

Season 1. Floppy hair with a fringe...*guh*

15. If the show would have ended the way Kripke wanted it to, with Sam and Dean battling each other and jumping into the hole together (and God might show mercy on them, idk), would you have preferred that?

NO! I want them to drive off into the sunset and settle down and buy curtains dammit! However, if they are going to die it HAS to be together. None of this - one jumping into the pit and one having to live on... NO WAY! (I think they need to drive the Impala off a cliff - that way we can have a shit ton of fic where they survive and buy curtains and cushions...)

16. Best casted character throughout the whole show?

Wow... um... JDM as John I suppose. He appeared less than a hand full of times and yet he had such an impact. And wow.. he's a Hollywood star now. Though really.....Jared and Jensen were PERFECTLY cast. They are the reason we are looking at EIGHT YEARS of show. Their chemistry can't be denied and their passion for playing Sam and Dean makes their casting the best decision ever made.

17. Do you think Chuck is God?

Who? I can't even remember that silly story line....

18. Who's a hotter psychic, Patrica Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or Sam?

HA! I can safely answer Sam for this one.

19. Freedom or Peace?

Can there be peace without freedom? I think not. Freedom.

20. Dimples, freckles, eye-crinkles, bowlegs, bangs, woobie frowns or jaw clinches?

YES! How damn lucky are we?!

21. Favorite kind of monster?

The ones you can't see.

22. Weapon of choice?

Dean Winchester when his family is threatened.

23. Favorite death?

Sam's in AHBL. That WHOLE SCENE was amazing and I've probably watched that more than any other scene in the show.

24. Favorite minor character's death?

Hmmm... Probably Bobby's because it was so worthy of a character who was (is) a major part of the show. Though Jo and Ellen's actually made me cry. Though Bobby's did too. A tie then.

25. Pre-apocalyptic, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic?

hmmm... I'll have to go post-apocalyptic because The End was awesome.

26. Scariest episode?

Family Remains

27. Best song that mattered for a scene? (you can't choose Carry on Wayward Son)

Oh god.. the end of Nightshifter. How awesome was it when Renegade by Styx start up. PERFECT!

28. Best and worst young versions of characters?

Colin Ford as young Sam = best! Um... casting young Dean seems to have been difficult... though I have appreciated their attempts, so both young and teen Dean as worse. Young Mary and young John were pretty good also.

29. Characters I ship like crazy?

SAM AND DEAN! (and J2! )

30. Favorite female character?

Jodie Mills (and Ellen and Pamela)

31. Best and worst season intro and finale?

Best intro = In My Time of Dying
Worst Into = The Magnificent Seven

Best finale = Devil's Trap
Worst Finale = The Man Who Knew Too Much

YAY show!
9th-Apr-2012 04:03 pm (UTC)
*smishes this list* almost the same as mine
10th-Apr-2012 01:20 pm (UTC)
Yay! :DD
9th-Apr-2012 04:34 pm (UTC)
We have much overlap! Your answer to best weapon is the best and I should maybe steal it.

And, hi! I'm one of the random friendings. There weren't as many ep reactions on my flist of late as there once were, and I liked lurking on yours, so I decided to de-lurk.
10th-Apr-2012 01:31 pm (UTC)

Yes we do! Your Sam comment is the best EVER!

The ep reactions have become pretty scarce these day I've noticed... I do love chatting about my fav show ever...

Yay for de-lurking! :)
9th-Apr-2012 05:40 pm (UTC) - hi! I am Xenia :)
I saw your comment at no_one_sleeps post, and found out that you are the one who makes fantastic vids and then I have instantly friended you :) My answers to the questions above would be totally different, but it is still nice to have sane people to talk to even if they have totally different opinions and preferences :)

10th-Apr-2012 01:44 pm (UTC) - Re: hi! I am Xenia :)
Hi! Thanks so much - so happy to hear you like my vids. :)

The thing that often confuses me in fandom is that some fans don't like others to think differently to themselves. I love hearing other points of view - especially when I post my ep reactions. I have my passions, but I'm aware that others have theirs. Yay show!! We love you in different ways! :))

Thanks for popping by. <33
10th-Apr-2012 02:23 pm (UTC) - Re: hi! I am Xenia :)
I love to get to know other people's thoughts, but there are too many people who think that there are their opinions and the wrong ones. :)
9th-Apr-2012 06:20 pm (UTC)
Love your answers to 20 & 22. Oh heck, they're all fun to read.
10th-Apr-2012 01:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks hun. That was a fun meme to do..,

Oh man... anything to do with the show.. ;)
9th-Apr-2012 06:59 pm (UTC)
There is something about the way you wrote your answers that gave my a happy giggle. *giggles* ;)♥
10th-Apr-2012 01:54 pm (UTC)
Hee.. I was in a fun kinda mood when I answered these. Glad that came through...
10th-Apr-2012 01:54 pm (UTC)
Oh cool!! \o/ :D
9th-Apr-2012 08:45 pm (UTC)
I'm so sorry, my English fails me at translating this right (and my online dictionary is of no help either)- there is no confirmation on S8, right? Busting means you are eagerly awaiting it?

Other than that, I like reading your answers to this meme. Some answers might as well be mine ;-).
10th-Apr-2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
Oh yes yes.... busting meaning "I can't hold on"... We are so close to getting a "yes" to S8 (they even have a new show runner for next season), but we haven't had the official "yes" yet... So I'm WAITING!

The meme is fun. Anything to do with the show.. :DD

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