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just enough to make us dangerous
Bits and bobs... 
20th-Apr-2012 09:30 pm
Oh yeah
HOMG! There's actually an episode tomorrow! *thud* and \o/. We have a straight run to the finale now. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us. Hopefully we'll get confirmation about S8 next week.

Check out the new Super Wiki fundraising badges. We all know how awesome SuperWiki is. It cost $$$ to run so purchasing some merchandise helps (and yay.. they're awesome) or a maybe a straight up donation if you don't want the stuff.

Couple of help requests:

1. Can anyone think of the episode (if there was one) when Dean says only he can "wail on Sam". Or something to that effect. Something about Dean being allowed to beat him up (in a joking sense) but no one else?

2. I'm currently putting together some meta on the boys physically fighting, so I'd love a beta. Someone who can sound me out on my thoughts and pick me up on my S&G. Someone not afraid of the boring thinky...;)

And on a different note...

Sons of Anarchy is CONSUMING me at the moment. I'm devouring Season One. I love it. \o/ As much I spend most of my time drooling over Jax and the club environment it's the women who amaze me. I love 'em all. Remarkably strong in such a testosterone driven environment. Edge of your seat viewing.

And Game of Thrones! WOOT! It actually had some boy on boy action recently. They ain't afraid to go places other shows fear to tread. I have to confess I spend most of it wondering what the hell is going on but the pretty is so consuming I just sit back and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it is. Another show where the women are amazing.

Hope you're all doing well. Last day of the holidays today (boo!) but I have the house to my self over the weekend so YAY! Lots of time for fandom pursuits...
20th-Apr-2012 02:03 pm (UTC)
1. 7.2, where Dean says he's Sam's flesh and blood brother, the only one who can legitimately kick his ass in real time?

20th-Apr-2012 02:27 pm (UTC)
Yes yes! That's the one I'm thinking of! Thank you!


All the best with the BB!
20th-Apr-2012 02:06 pm (UTC)
I may love meta more than anything in the world, so I'd be delighted to beta. Of course, I'd also understand completely if you prefer someone more familiar. :)

As for quotes - at least recently in Hello Cruel World, Dean said 'I am your flesh-and-blood brother, okay? I’m the only one who can legitimately kick your ass in real time', which isn't exactly a joking scene, but is at least along similar lines.

Ah, Game of Thrones. My initial response to that was 'Oh, it's Boromir! Hi, Boromir! Try not to d- ... I really should have seen that coming, shouldn't I?' and now I'm all invested.
20th-Apr-2012 02:31 pm (UTC)
Oooh... I'd love you to beta. Thank you. :D

I'm only half way through but I'm hoping to get a draft done by tomorrow. I'll PM you when it's done. <3

And yes.. that's the quote. Not sure why I thought he said "wail on"...kick your ass is much more like Dean.

And I can't believe that did that to Boromir! I don't feel that any characters are safe now...
20th-Apr-2012 02:24 pm (UTC)
I want to say it's in Hello Cruel World, when Sam went crazy in that warehouse and Dean talked him out of his gun.

Physical fighting? Isn't there only this 2 big fights, one under the spell of the siren, the other, sigh, the one big fight at the end of When the Levee Breaks. And those two times when Dean hit Sam a couple times, and that one time Sam beat Dean up when he was possessed.
20th-Apr-2012 02:35 pm (UTC)
Yep! That's the ep. Thank yo.

And...um...re the fighting - I have complied a tally of the times they fight, when they're not "themselves", when they are, their fighting styles, what the fighting reveals about the characters etc etc. 'cause I'm a geek like that...;)

Actually, I'm amazed how much I'm having to say on the matter. (or..er not. I do waffle on a bit...)

20th-Apr-2012 02:28 pm (UTC)
There is something niggling at the back of my head about Dean saying that to Gordon or to Sam about Gordon. Did you try Googling it?
20th-Apr-2012 02:38 pm (UTC)
I've found the ep (or rather my flist did..*g*). It's when Dean tells Sam he's the only one who can legitimately kick his ass in real time? Not sure why I thought he said wailing...

And it takes me far too long to find stuff when I google. My flist is a wealth of knowledge!

20th-Apr-2012 02:39 pm (UTC)
Sons of Anarchy is CONSUMING me at the moment. I'm devouring Season One. I love it. \o/ As much I spend most of my time drooling over Jax and the club environment it's the women who amaze me. I love 'em all. Remarkably strong in such a testosterone driven environment. Edge of your seat viewing.

Ditto to all of this. Also, I told you so. :D
20th-Apr-2012 02:43 pm (UTC)
Ha! I know you did! I can't believe how much I just want to know what happens next. I don't usually fall for this kind of drama but the dynamic is just to engaging to ignore.

20th-Apr-2012 02:46 pm (UTC)
I LOVE Game of Thrones! And yay for boy-on-boy action. :) And I'm trying SO hard to keep up on where all these locations are and who all these kings are, etc. I figure there needs to be a diagram out there somewhere done by an enterprising fan to explain all the interrelationships. :)

And I just bought a whole mess of those SuperWiki buttons. Couldn't help myself. :)

I keep meaning to watch SoA - it's on my list.

21st-Apr-2012 01:32 am (UTC)
I've also been wanting to see a diagram. I found this which has a nifty relationship chart toward the end. It says there are no spoilers so it should be pretty safe to check it out.

And yay! Buttons. I think they're great. It would be fab to see people wearing them at the cons.

And SoA is pretty meaty. Not fluffy TV by any means...but great viewing. ;)

20th-Apr-2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
I was put off watching SoA for a long time because I wasn't sure about how they would depict the women. How wrong I was! Some of the best-written and strongest female characters on anything I'm watching right now, I love (and hate!) them.

Kurt Sutter himself said in a recent interview, "To me, the interesting thing is that at the end of the day, we’re telling this story about this hardcore motorcycle club, but I’m realizing more and more for me, I’m really telling it through the eyes of the women."

I've just finished watching S4 (the finale aired here on Wednesday night), and it kept me on the edge of my seat right to the end. I can't wait to see how S5 is going to deal with what they've got set up!
21st-Apr-2012 01:41 am (UTC)
Yes! At first I was worried also but ....wow. It's interesting watching the dynamics and the power games. Women have to be strong and smart to survive the culture. I'm especially loving the female agent (June).

Oh that's a great quote. And I can see that. I mean, I've only just started it but that makes sense.

Ack! I've still got a heap more to watch before I'm caught up, but I'm slowly getting there.

Thanks for that.
20th-Apr-2012 03:34 pm (UTC)
Yay for metaaaa :) looks like you found your beta, but you know I'll always volunteer. I think all those meta-thoughts are the underlying fuel of fandoms, and sometimesit's fun to peel away the fiction and see how it all works :)
21st-Apr-2012 01:44 am (UTC)
Hee! I hope it ends up being something worthwhile. At the moment I feel like I'm spouting some nonsensical rubbish. ;/

And thank you! I was going to ask but then felt greedy as you've just done the motel one../o\

Thanks hun. <3
20th-Apr-2012 04:10 pm (UTC)
SOA! \o/ God, I love Gemma so damned much it's ridiculous. I remember back when I was watching S1, I made an LJ post that was basically a love letter about her, trying to get people to watch the show. Tara is strong, too, and she gets stronger and stronger as time goes on.

And then of course, there's drooling over Jax *G* That's always good, too.
21st-Apr-2012 01:48 am (UTC)
Yay!! I adore Gemma and I'm loving the hell out of Agent June. I'm loving Tara also and I'm keen to see where they take her character. I love getting all those little bits of information about their backgrounds as the show unfolds.

And I am LOVING your fic. I started it recently (once I got a bit more of a handle on the characters) and WOW...

(I'll more feedback once I've finished it...;D)

20th-Apr-2012 07:15 pm (UTC)
SoA will consume your soul. The women are badass and in many different ways, and oh just you wait. There are eps where the tension is excruciating. Also I'm struck with how violent and messed up it all is yet so much hugging and bonding and I-love-you's. It's brutal!
21st-Apr-2012 01:50 am (UTC)
It's SO brutal. That combination of love and hate and pain and loyalty and DON'T MESS WITH THE CLUB.... argh....

Man, they can be soul brothers one moment and then burning the tattoo off a x-members back the next (that scene.../o\)

20th-Apr-2012 07:58 pm (UTC)
I'm on Day 2 of my course in NZ and I wish I was home today to watch the episode!

I only have very limited internet access where I am now, but I stayed at a hostel in Akaroa a few days ago that came with 500MB, so I can always drive back there when the course is over to get the episode. What's 250kms here or there.

I thought of you the moment I opened the door to my motel room. It's quite a bit nicer and less interestingly furnished than Sam & Dean's usual!
21st-Apr-2012 01:54 am (UTC)
Hey hun!

I thought about you and wondered if it was this weekend.

HA! yeah.. only 250kms... but it is SHOW and it DEMANDS to be watched! I hope you manage to get a dl. If not, it won't be long until you are home. You'll just have to stay off the nets so you're not spoiled.

Catch ya soon.
21st-Apr-2012 01:23 am (UTC)
Fly by post. SLauveng recommended this SoA vid as the best she'd ever seen. So maybe you'll like it. :)
21st-Apr-2012 01:56 am (UTC)
Thanks hun. I'm having to be careful with vids at the moment. After watching a few from the last post I realised I had spoiled myself. Not that I was watching the show at the time, so it didn't matter. But now that I'm HOOKED I'll have to wait until I'm caught up to check out any more vids.

I'll bookmark it though. Cause once I'm up to date I know I'll be looking for some good ones. <333

21st-Apr-2012 05:23 am (UTC)
WOOT WOOT welcome new SOA fan. epic show is epic akhskjahs
21st-Apr-2012 05:48 am (UTC)
YAY!! Ooooh... have you made any SoA vids? I mean, I can't watch any at the moment due to spoilers but if you have I'd definitely book mark them! :D

(Looks like I need me some SoA icons..*g*)

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