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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
7.19 reaction and review (with pics...) 
21st-Apr-2012 01:45 pm
Becc_j Art

Ok. So that was pretty darn cool. Some of it was a little ho hum (with a few inconsistencies = *handwaves*), but mostly I really enjoyed.

Counting the ways:

1. I'm thinking my response may well be a little shallow because really, any episode that starts with the BOYS EATING ON THE NOT!IMPALA is FINE with me! \o/ (Of course heaps better if it had been the Impala but I can settle for this). Look how cosy and relaxed they are. OH BOYS! <33333333

I'm glad Dean can still get a lot of satisfaction out of food. The world's going to shit (though...um...compared to the pending apocalypse I'm thinking it's not so bad at the moment *shrugs*) but Dean knows he can rely on his taco tasting awesome.

2. Loved this little moment too:

It's curious. Dean's phone rings and Sam checks his pocket. Either they have the same ring tone (awwwwww) or Sam sometimes carries Dean's phone (awwwwww). I'm actually thinking it's something Jared thought as how many of us thinks it might be their phone that's ringing, even if it a different ring tone. Or is that just me. ;/

3. I enjoyed the look inside a ghost's existence. I'm thinking there are probably some inconsistencies there but I've decided to not look too hard at it.

4. Annie was cool. I was a little "um...what?" when Dean spoke to her as though she was a long time friend (we're only hearing about her now?!)... but their explanation satisfied me. I suppose they do know a lot of other hunters. Though it baffles me that any hunter would work alone. Having someone watch your back would be a necessity I reckon.

And OF COURSE SHE DIED!! (Sam did sleep with her after all...*snerk*). I liked the way her death was used though so it's cool. I really liked the house full of ghosts and she was a good match with Bobby. Ghost ghost hunters. Nice.

5. Ok. So. There was just something about this episode that was super HOT. I think it might have had something (A LOT!) to do with this scene:

I mean LOOK A THAT GOD OF A MAN!! JEEZEEEEEEEEEEEE KILL ME NOW! We most definitely need more wet hair Dean scenes!

Who else was hoping we'd get a shot of him actually stepping out of the shower? Seriously!! (I was thinking of that moment in Battleship I have to tell you! *swoon*). But I was equally thrilled with the extended scene with wet haired!Dean. HOT DAMN!

6. I'm sure you were all distracted by the pretty (:koff: me too) but there were some pretty cool motel details lurking in the background. So I just have to point them out:

LOOK AT THOSE SEAGULLS! There's a seaside theme in this room. Lot's of stressed white furniture and blue walls, but what fascinates me is that there is a MURAL in the room the we don't actually get to see. Boo! That kinda sucks. AND THERE ARE THOSE STONE WALLS AGAIN!! (maybe there's some underlying meaning to all the stone walls this season. Something to do with stonewalling, or running into brick walls... or something equally fanwanky *g) Ooh and lots of orange. I'm sure that's significant too. :)

If you can take your eyes of our pretty boys who can see what looks like a sea mural surround by those faux stones. Love it!

And check out that wallpaper!! Crazy!

Ok. Back to episode.

7. I was hoping we'd see the boys having a dilemma about what to do with ghost!Bobby. So I'm glad we got that. As per their characters Dean is very uneasy (even though he misses Bobby dreadfully) and Sam is more open minded to him being around. I'm sure they'll keep him around (maybe even through to next season?) but I'd say they'd have to do something sooner or later. Poor boys. To have to lose Bobby again. (I'm only assuming this will be the outcome eventually).

8. Hee. "Fancy Lady".

9. Hee. Stupid teenagers. Seriously - horror films would not exist without stupid teenagers going into place they SHOULDN'T!!


Nice to see Sam more focused and relaxed. I'm not sure if they plan to do any more with the hallucinations (hope so) but it's a good reprieve for both of the boys. Loved the banter in this scene.

11. And you know I live for the little bro moments. A touch of hurt!Sam (though I couldn't make out exactly what the ghost was doing to Sam), a shout of "Sam!" from Dean (yay) and this....

Awww Dean. Putting out a reassuring hand. Shame it was such a dark scene.

Overall it was an enjoyable episode. Quite a few tense moments, it answered a lot of questions about ghost!Bobby and ghosts in general. Some nice, relaxed banter between the boys, it had a cool female character somewhat reminiscent of Ellen of and a steamy shower scene. (I can't believe my first observation is that Dean is having a shower with the door open. Which...yeah...of course, but you know where my damn brain went!)

Welcome back show!
21st-Apr-2012 06:00 am (UTC)
Oh i am totally with you on all those little domestic moments! The scene in the restaurant was uber cute (and they did look like they were on a date)! Also - I note on seeing the writing on the mirror, Dean's asks if its Sam. And now I want a fic where Sam leaves shmoopy notes in the mirror for Dean.

And good catch with Sam checking for his phone.

I really loved that they weren't all "Yay Bobby's back" but that it was so much more complex, and sad, than that.
21st-Apr-2012 06:05 am (UTC)
(and they did look like they were on a date)

They seemed so um... close... during the entire episode. They totally looked like they were on a date. :D

AND YES PLEASE! Sammy writing notes to Dean while he's in the shower!! MUST HAVE! (damn.. I'm already picturing the steamy notes.... )

21st-Apr-2012 06:29 am (UTC)
Thoroughly enjoyed this one. ("Foxhole thing" indeed. Heh.) I agree, Dean with wet hair stepping out of the shower was a be-still-my-heart-and-freeze-frame-to-death moment - and I especially liked the way he got his hair together before he caught sight of the mirror. I may have to appeal to some clever person to make a gif of that if one is not forthcoming.*g*

There was nice banter, a few bro moments, and Bobby rolling his eyes at his boys.. so yeah, a seriously solid 40 minutes.
21st-Apr-2012 07:16 am (UTC)
You mean like this?

Snagged from growyourwings's journal! :DD I LOVE IT!

(and I had to look up what "foxhole" meant. I'd never heard of that expression before. But.. hee..yeah.

Edited at 2012-04-21 07:16 am (UTC)
21st-Apr-2012 07:39 am (UTC)
I have to say how much I enjoyed this ep, and the shower scene!wet-haired Dean was to die for (and from a Sam lady). I love seeing Bobby back and really hope he'll stay to help the boys out as before.
21st-Apr-2012 09:23 am (UTC)
Yeah! Wet hair!Dean does indeed test the Sam!gal in me. *thud*

I think Bobby will be around for a bit. I'm curious to see how Dean will react when Bobby starts helping them out...

21st-Apr-2012 09:17 am (UTC)
As you can see I've caved (within 3 minutes of getting online) and looked at your post before seeing the episode. Your lj cut summary was too tempting to resist! I'll live off these screencaps until I can get the real thing, so thanks for brightening my SPN-less evening!
21st-Apr-2012 09:22 am (UTC)
Oh noes! You peaked!

Hee... it isn't a terrifically strong Sam and Dean ep but it does have some rather awesome moments... ;)

21st-Apr-2012 11:56 am (UTC)
The whole Bobby thing is SO HEARTBREAKING, I don't even have words. They loose him, and now they get him back, but only temporarily (can't be anything else, right?) and with such a bitter taste to it and more heartbreak guaranteed down the road. This show is BRUTAL.

But, uh:
I mean LOOK A THAT GOD OF A MAN!! JEEZEEEEEEEEEEEE KILL ME NOW! We most definitely need more wet hair Dean scenes!
Yes, MTE. *gg* One of these "why's-show-not-on-HBO-moments, to be honest.
22nd-Apr-2012 09:49 am (UTC)
Show is indeed brutal. No one seems to be able to die and let the boys rest. (I love the idea of it all though. Plenty more angst of the way I'm thinking..)

21st-Apr-2012 12:47 pm (UTC)
I'm thinking my response may well be a little shallow because really, any episode that starts with the BOYS EATING ON THE NOT!IMPALA is FINE with me! \o/ (Of course heaps better if it had been the Impala but I can settle for this). Look how cosy and relaxed they are. OH BOYS!

Aren't they adorable? I love it when they're adorable. :) Actually I think, given that it was an outside-perspective story, that it was a pretty strong Sam-and-Dean story. It had that wistful sense of Bobby looking in from the outside ... and finding that they're okay without him. It's not that they're ignoring him on purpose, or that they're not grieving or stressed - but they're getting their act together again, and they have all their important conversations with each other, and they work out what's going on by talking to each other, and they spend the whole episode wandering around together. He grouches at one point that they're slower without him, but that's not really it. It's just that if he knew something or had an idea, he used to be able to tell them, because he was part of the group. Now he has to drop these oblique hints and wait while they work things out, because they're the group. Just the two of them.

It's interesting, considering the ghost-Bobby idea, because it comes down to what Bobby really wants. There's no absolute rule that this has to end badly (except maybe the one about the writers liking to make Sam and Dean cry :) ); some ghosts at least seem to hang about for longer than a human lifetime without going mad, and some ghosts have stayed for good reasons, settled whatever they needed to settle and wandered off on their own. So it's just a matter of what Bobby is trying to achieve. He can still help them - Sam would probably be dead if he hadn't - and since the leviathans are probably about to take centre stage there's an obvious 'last job' for him there that he might be said to have a right to take part in. But eventually he has to see Sam and Dean as they are now - that they can work things through and rely on each other - or else he's just hanging on because he can't trust them to be okay, rather than because there's something he's legitimately stayed behind to do. I think that's where things could get difficult.

This is me, thinking things through in comment boxes again. :)
22nd-Apr-2012 07:29 am (UTC)
..."an outside-perspective story": I think that was what I was struggling with towards the end- I didn't know whose persepctive I was supposed to share. All epsiode long I had the feeling that it was all about Bobby, of course with scenes blended in about the boys, but it seemed all Bobby-related. But in the final scenes it was more like I should be upset with Dean and Sam (or what was I supposed to feel?) because THEY were in the center of attention then. Or not? Maybe the recurring hiati damaged my ability to deeply connect with the characters (which totally doesn't keep me from loving Dean to pieces), but I thought that I should have felt either more joy with Bobby on being able to communicate with the boys eye to eye again OR that I should have been more upset on Dean's behalf. (And why is Sam always so Zen about everything?! Like he is mildly amused by all the problems surround him? He needs lo lay off the Prozac for a while.)

I don't think Bobby has to go darkside immediately- he can last for ages, like other ghosts, but eventually he will go crazy as he has no one else left to bond with and will lose connection to the real world. I think that is what his Reaper implied.

21st-Apr-2012 02:39 pm (UTC)
Overly OTP-focused or not, I LOVED this episode for its SamnDeanness. Boys sharing tacos on the notImpala, Dean showering with the door open, protective!Dean's shout of "Sammy!" and that reaching out (so familiar it produces a flood of emotion for me at this point). Even the sleeping with the same woman being totally okay with them (or have I read too many fics that start that way? -- tho most didn't include Bobby in that...) The boys *are* recovering, and leaning on each other like they haven't done since S2. That said, Bobby breaks my heart. That last scene....

23rd-Apr-2012 07:58 am (UTC)
The SamnDeanness was wonderful. They just see so comfortable with each other at the moment. As this is Supernatural I am sure that will change...but I hope not. They've been through too much already.

Yay boys.
21st-Apr-2012 08:52 pm (UTC)
Or, 2. That is not their usual phone. We know they change numbers and phones a lot, so I figured either they're not used to their ringtones yet OR (what I initially thought) that's John's old phone. Now, the logistics of it still running AND being in Dean's pocket? handwave, the writers wouldn't have thought about it, so I won't either. but that's what I'm leaning towards. It also explains how this old 'haven't heard from you in ages/ever' hunter buddy still had the number. your explanation is far cuter though, so I might prefer to go with that :)

I'm right with you on the 'yay Sam&Dean!' and the 'omghot. hot. HOT.' Damn Jensen, you lookin' goooood :P The stubble was back. We haven't had stubble in a while, have we?

Also, I loved the introduction of self-aware ghosts. Aware enough to know that they're ghosts, and what their significant objects are. It was fun to watch the writers play with it, especially since I spent so much of my last big bang trying to figure out just how far that ghostly self-awareness could go :)

I wonder if they boys will have to fight Bobby over the flask, depending on what they decide to do with that. I think it could be both awesome and seriously gut-wrenching. Having to kill their only friend twice? Low blow.
23rd-Apr-2012 08:03 am (UTC)
Q2: Ahhh. Yes - that would make sense. Even beening John's old phone could work, because yeah... how would she have been able to reach them. Hmmm... *handwaves* that one..

I noticed the stubble also, so maybe it is back. I'd have to go and look. But hot damn he's looking fine.

The self aware ghosts are interesting and I imagine that because they are hunteres and know about these things it's easier to accept. Maybe it took the ghosts in the house longer to accept but after a while I suppose they figure it out.

I am very curious to see what they do now with the ghost!Bobby dilemma. Deep may feel weird drinking out of it now and if they don't want Bobby with them they could always leave it somewhere. Ack... poor bobby. He will be at the mercy of the boys I think and I'm not sure how they are going to feel about having a ghost around them all the time.

Great idea though.
23rd-Apr-2012 08:04 am (UTC)
I know! It's NOT FAIR! He's just to beautiful for words...
22nd-Apr-2012 08:11 am (UTC)
I've seen it! I really liked it, and wasn't disappointed by any of the things I was spoiled for. (You'd already warned me that some of the ghost stuff didn't make complete sense.) I'm always going to be happy when Sam and Dean seem so comfortable together.
22nd-Apr-2012 09:47 am (UTC)
yay! And I'm so glad being spoiled didn't ruin it. And it's so wonderful watching knowing the boys aren't fighting. I've been looking back at S4 and 5 and remembering how painful so much of that was.

22nd-Apr-2012 09:01 am (UTC)
The Sam and Dean parts were glorious - although I didn't get the same impression as you over Dean's tacos, I thought he was being a little sarcastic there - but whatevers...

I too adored how Sam was checking his pocket when the phone rang - that's such an instinctive thing to do, even if the ring tones are different, I expect they change phones often enough not to put specific ring tones on them any longer and probably do often pick up each other's phones.

Hee - yep, now canon, boys shower without closing the door!

Am I right in thinking that was 2 different motel rooms? Annie's was the one with the pale walls, wooden floors and distressed furniture, while the guys had that cheerful wallpaper, the bright coral coloured bathroom and the intriguing wall mural that we only got a glimpse of.

I enjoyed this one, but I - *sigh* - I don't know what it is lately, maybe because every peril possible has already played out on this show, but I miss the intensity of emotions I used to get from watching them. It's absolutely in character now for nothing they come across to actually surprise or effect them strongly - it's right that now they're more on the same page that they talk about this stuff and I so like to see them working things out together and just being brothers again, but it feels flat just lately, as though their overall depression is leaking out of the screen and making everything, sort of monotone, I personally miss that connection with them because of it.

But it was an episode of lovely shots and insights, so I'm happy.

23rd-Apr-2012 02:39 pm (UTC)
You know.. when Dean was biting into that taco I thought he was going to screw his face up and spit it out, especially after the lead up to how awesome the food was going to be. But he didn't, so I figured he actually really liked it.

If he was being sarcastic (with a touch of irony...."home cooking" is the food he gets on the road, which is his home...it's consistent the same way home cooking would be....) I would totally heart that!

I think it was the instinct nature of him checking that I loved. It just seemed so normal... and incidental.

Am I right in thinking that was 2 different motel rooms?

Yikes! I better check that... I know the boys are in a motel room with white distressed furniture but was that Annie's room? Where they were having that research??...ooh... I have to check that. (though there is a white piece of furniture under those seagulls...?)

maybe because every peril possible has already played out on this show, but I miss the intensity of emotions

I hear ya. It's perhaps lost its urgency, a goal or means to an ends but I'm still so damn hooked and wrapped up in it all. I'm actually really enjoying them just being brothers again. With any other show I would probably be totally over it but...I just can't...*clings*

I have to say I'm not feeling the depression though. I mean.. there is definitely a feeling of tiredness or weariness, which I suppose goes with the territory of everything they have been through. Hmmmm... I'll be interested to see where it goes from here. It's hard to imagine them ever being in the same mental place that they were in say....well, every damn season so far!! (which both pleases and worries me....)

22nd-Apr-2012 11:21 pm (UTC)
The one inconsistency I couldn't ignore is the flask. If they burned Bobby and he's connected to the flask, that means there's some essence of him left on the flask, right? I mean, based on what we've seen ghosts do in canon. So wouldn't Dean feel guilty for carrying it around and knowing Bobby is still attached to it? Wouldn't he want to burn it or whatever to put Bobby to rest? I know Bobby explains that he chose to stick around, but then why is his ghost attached to the flask?

That was my major issue with this episode (there were many others, like why did Bobby and Annie need to find the secret candelabra to enter the head ghost's room to find the bodies? Why not just walk through the wall?)
23rd-Apr-2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
Oh wow... now here's a set of questions...;)

Hmmmm... what about that girl in the mental ward with Sam? Her brother was tied to her bracelet yeah?. I can't remember what the story was with his bones though. I know they have often come across ghost who didn't have bones to burn. My feeling was that Bobby decided to stay and had to attach himself to an object and that was it.

So wouldn't Dean feel guilty for carrying it around and knowing Bobby is still attached to it?

Dean has only just found out that it was the flask that was keeping Bobby tied to this realm so I don't think he's had a chance to decide what to do with that yet. I think that will be a future dilemma.

Wouldn't he want to burn it or whatever to put Bobby to rest?
Ay. There lies the rub. I think this will be the whole point. Bobby has chosen to stay to help his boys. Will they decide that they don't need him and be rid of the flask?. Curious...

but then why is his ghost attached to the flask?

I'm thinking mostly because it's an important object to Bobby AND to Dean. It's a personal object.

My major issues were things like...how could Bobby drink Dean's beer in that really early ep and yet couldn't pick up an object in this one?? Why did Annie not face her reaper? She chose to be at rest but why did she have to tell Bobby that and not her reaper? The whole ghost thing opened up a lot of questions.

And yeah.. the whole walking through walls was weird. I suspect that was only there to build the tension - having to pull the candelabra.

I think I mostly handwaved a lot of those questions. (I often do...) I mostly latch onto the essence of what they are trying to tell us in an ep. Here I felt it was the problem of what to do with ghost!bobby. And how sad it is that Bobby decided to hang on...
23rd-Apr-2012 03:55 pm (UTC)
This episode made me happy. I would have liked Annie to stick around, but hey. At least she went out hunting.
24th-Apr-2012 01:07 pm (UTC)
Yeah - she came and went in one ep, but at least we got a chance to see her a bit and learn something about her.

I wonder how many other awesome hunters they know...lurking about the place...
28th-Apr-2012 03:28 pm (UTC)
Late comment is late, but . . .

Who else was hoping we'd get a shot of him actually stepping out of the shower?

Show is SUCH a tease!

LOOK AT THOSE SEAGULLS! There's a seaside theme in this room

I thought no one else had noticed those gulls, what with Dean being all naked in the background, so yay! And you know, I have my own theory about the presence of those gulls, what with the town they were in being named Bodega Bay and all. :D
28th-Apr-2012 03:35 pm (UTC)
Oh that theory is perfect. I totally buy that. And when I finally get to the season 7 motel picspam post I must make mention of it.. :). I always think that everything is there for a purpose. And i reckon that would be it. Good catch!!
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