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Vid dispute.... 
30th-May-2012 11:13 pm
Becc_j Art
Ack! I posted a vid on YT and it was blocked EVERYWHERE (except 18 small countries) due to copyright. I researched all the copyright info and felt that it really did qualify for fair use so I disputed it. But it's still pretty scary because I really don't want to lose my account if they decide I'm, idk.. a bad person or something.

I once disputed a vid (the same song as now) and I got a strike against me. My account is back to "good standing" (which I hope means I can risk a strike) but it's still worrying.

I will say that this post on You Tube Removals is very helpful (more so than the YT info). Worth bookmarking if you want to know about this stuff.

I know that the solution would be to not post to You Tube but ...hmmm....I like posting there because I have some loyal subscribers and it's a good place to get some feedback and chat to people.

Let's see what happens. *bites nails*

ps: I will be posting the vid(let) to my journal - tomorrow probably.
30th-May-2012 03:18 pm (UTC)
LOL! Poor you :) I hope it works out in your favour!
30th-May-2012 03:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks hun. Me too.

It the continuing issue of using music to create stuff.

30th-May-2012 03:50 pm (UTC)
Blah, that's discouraging. I love youtube, and being technologically idiotic, it's mostly what I use to watch vids, so I'd be heartbroken if the ones I love (like yours) couldn't play there. I'll never really understand why TPTB don't realize that many of us discover new music through vids. I would never have purchased half the music I have, if I hadn't fallen in love with a song/artist through a fanvid. Why do they not get that??

Good luck, bb.
30th-May-2012 10:25 pm (UTC)
It's a pain, that's for sure. I mean, I get the copyright thing but I agree with you totally. I have discovered (and bought) music through watching and making vids. I'm just hoping the dispute holds up.

Thanks hun
30th-May-2012 04:37 pm (UTC)
YAY! You're posting? I have my HUGE box of tissues ready. *sniffles*

Best of luck with the dispute, I've contested a fair few vids now but it always makes me a bit nervous and my account is not in good standing, hasn't been for a while now - eek!
30th-May-2012 10:28 pm (UTC)
Hee...well, I'm trying to. I'm hoping to post it tonight - just waiting to see what YT does with my dispute.

I did have a strike against me (for disputing this very song once before - that's why I'm nervous), but I checked just now and it's says "good standing" again. So maybe they reset it with all the new changes?
31st-May-2012 01:00 am (UTC)
Good luck. Crossing my fingers. Can't wait to see it!

31st-May-2012 11:18 am (UTC)
Thanks! It's still up so far...

And I just posted it to LJ. No idea how long it will remain available though...

31st-May-2012 01:25 am (UTC)
I had contested one a couple years ago and had a 'strike' as well. Now that I'm able to mark them not-public, I tend to do so.

*shakes fist at YouTube*
I look forward to the day when AO3 hosts.

Good luck!

Is this the spn_pretzel vid?? I need to finish mine
31st-May-2012 11:22 am (UTC)

No, not the pretzel vid - a small one I have been playing with in between. Just need to some tweeks on the pretzel and I'm done. (I have a feeling I might be calling all happy, feel good vids "Pretzels" from now on.. *g*)

So...not public? Does that mean only your subscribers can see it or something? I haven't tried any other options on YT. I have disputed quite a few vids and only received one strike for it. I think because I accidentally disputed the same vid twice.

I'm looking forward to A03 hosting as well. :))
31st-May-2012 01:23 pm (UTC)
Not public (I think their term is actually 'UNLISTED') means that only those with the link can see the vid, but it does allow you to embed to places like LJ, AO3, etc. I don't think subscribers see them without the link either, but I"m not sure.

I don't use the social side of YouTube all that much, so it works for me. It does mean people won't find my vids idly browsing through YouTube though.
31st-May-2012 07:20 am (UTC)
Ooh.. and I thought it was just blocked in Germany again. I saw your vid in my inbox just when you had posted it and thought, great, I'll be the very first one to watch and comment on it. The 0 views looked so beautifully 'untouched'. As I ran over to the vid it turns out to be blocked. *headdesk* By the time it was free to watch I certainly wasn't the first viewer nor commenter anymore. lol
I hope they let it go and just leave it unblock, or take a year to make a decision. ;)
31st-May-2012 11:24 am (UTC)
Hee.. I got a message to say it was blocked in some countries and I checked and it listed 229 countries! 18 were still available... So I decided to dispute it and see what happens. It may remain unblocked for a little while and then they could put the blocks on again. Just have to wait and see. I just hope I don't get a strike because of it.

2nd-Jun-2012 06:11 am (UTC)
According to my media professor, once you take the original source of a text, such as a TV show, and transform it into something else (by putting the content in a different order, or adding music, etc., as you do in a fanvid), that constitutes fair use. So yes, you should be able to qualify for getting your video unblocked. But I guess youtube is worried about being sued. You could point them towards the definition of best practices as outlined here to help your case. Also, you might try creating another account or posting it on Vimeo as a backup. Good luck!
2nd-Jun-2012 11:31 am (UTC)

Thank you. There are quite clear guidelines for fair use and after reading through them I feel like this vid (and any others) qualify for fair use. Though yeah... it all depends on how YT scared they are in getting sued. I've won quite a few disputes but I received a strike against my account for disputing this very song before.

I do have a Vimeo account and I have used it in the past when YT have blocked a vid. :)

Thank you! It's still up so far. I'm waiting to see what the ruling will be.

(icon! yes!)
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