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I finally managed to re-type my lost S4 motel text and updated the Super Wiki Season 4 Motel entry \o/ and *phew*

I have also been super damn geeky and updated The Floor Plan post as I found more examples in season 5. I kinda hoping they still use it in S6 and S7. I'm haven't checked those seasons yet.

I'm working on Season 5 motels picspam now. I do rather love it when I'm in the geek zone. It's been fun going through some of the S5 eps again. There were some pretty awesome ones in there. Lot's of wonderful broments and some great motel rooms. :))

In other (Ireallydohavealife) news - It was a beautiful day in Perth today (Cas would have loved it I'm sure!) It's the middle of winter and it was a sunny 21 degrees (70F). Perfect day for gardening and washing windows. :)

Hope you are all having, or have had, a great weekend. (4 days until HOLIDAYS!! \o/)

(I need me a motel icon. Time to go looking...)
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