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VID REC! (and pimp!)

LOOK LOOK at what the supremely talented secretlytodream made for me!! Squeeeeee!!!

It's a most perfect and beautiful Winchester brother vid!! \o/

We Are Infinite

Those who know me (like Loki does!), knows that the brothers and their beautiful, messed up, soul selling, painful, sacrificial love for each other is my favouritest thing ever. It's at the very heart of the show and this vid captures that so perfectly!

Loki's vids always blow me away and this one is no exception. The way she combines voice overs, music, footage and editing to capture the essence of their relationship is breathtaking. Just... *hearts*... it (and her!) so much! <3

Go watch!

While I'm here I'll pimp self rec month at spn_littlebro


We know (we really know!) that people don't like to rec their own stuff. But this isn't just about that. It's about keeping our shelves stocked with new hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared fics and art so people can find them and enjoy them.

To make it even easier we are allowing you to just give us a link to your work (with a little bit of info about it) and we'll post it for you. YES my hurt!Sammy writers! There's no excuse for not understanding html (I know who you are!)...we'll put it on the shelf for you! So help us out and allow even more people know about your creations. :))
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