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Yep! I spoiled myself...

Let's get excited!

Spolier article here

I usually don't spoil myself but I just can't wait another 2.5 months until the show starts to not take a peek! So I'm going to read them and SQUEE! I've promised myself not to let anything get me down ('cause even though they are spoilers nothing it set in stone as we know and what they tell us and what we get can be different...). So here's my positive take on them all!

Will season 8 hinge on Sam trying to save Dean from Purgartory? "No," Singer answers. An amount of time passes before Dean finds his way back from Purgatory (not specified how long). They're planning on doing various flashbacks through the season showing what happened and what Sam did in that time while Dean was away.

No matter how many times I read that I can't really draw anything from it. This could mean ANYTHING! We have no idea in what condition Dean will return or what condition Sam will be in when he returns. There's no indication how Dean gets out. The flashbacks mean their stories will unravel over time (yay! mysteries) and the need for flashback means Dean's time away has had some sort of impact on them both. GOOD!

Why use flashbacks? Because fans usually hate it when the brothers are separated, so that's why they're being reunited quickly.

Hee! Fans are heard! (which, we know....;D) I know some fans wanted the boys to actually be apart for a few episodes and to be honest I suspect we will still get this at some stage. If they are doing flashbacks we will have episodes with them apart no doubt. The fact that we see them reunited straight away could mean we get to see a hug sooner rather than later! And if we don't get that hug (maybe they pick it up sometime after Dean has returned) it just means they are going to draw it out. In the flashback we will see the EPIC MAN HUG! (because they listen and they know we WANT HUGS!)

What about Castiel? They're still framing that out, but Cas will be back a number of times.

It will be really interesting to see what direction they take his character this season. With his garrison gone he may be more dependent on the boys. Or he may have to make new allies. Regarding a comment below he might be back to looking for Dad. ;)

Will Kevin the Prophet be back? "Kevin is an integral part of the year."

Oh wow! The thing I like about this (other than really liking Kevin) is that it means he was introduced at the end of the season FOR A REASON! It bugged me a little that he suddenly appeared at the end of the season (easy solution) but if it holds weight for this season then that holds promise.

What does Crowley want with Kevin? The King of Hell needs someone to read the word of God. "Every year we start with a theme -- this is our "Raiders of The Lost Ark" year. This season-long story will be a quest. It's about Kevin and the tablets and the Word of God."

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK!!!! \o/ QUESTS!!! (ooh...someone on my flist wanted quests! HERE THEY ARE!) YAY! Promise of adventure! *bounces* And ooohhh... Word of God sounds intriguing!! This one excites me the MOST!!

They would like guest characters like Sheriff Mills, Charlie and Garth back, but nothing is concrete yet. "And there's one new character that we're talking about. It's a monster that Dean meets in Purgatory."

YAY!!! I love ALL THESE CHARACTERS!! \o/ And Dean and a monster sounds super intriguing! An ally maybe? A nemesis?! *rubs hands gleefully*

Who will be the big bad this season? It's another angels and demons year. "It's not apocalyptic but about who can gain control and keep demons in Hell or angels in Heaven."

Ok, ok... I'm having a liiiiittle harder time being bouncy about this one but if done well it could be interesting. Maybe there's some new things to learn about the angels and demons. Crowley has grown on me. And even for those not excited about angels and demons we KNOW that not every episode will have them in it. The MoTW eps usually out number the myth arc ones. 'nuff said until I see what shape this will take. :)

Former producer Jeremy Carver, who exec produced the U.S verison of Being Human, is returning to Supernatural as your new co-showrunner. Will fans notice anything different?

"No. Jeremy gave us a couple of years on the show, so I do think this season will be a little less earnest and a little more the kind of stuff we did in Seasons 2 and 3, before the weight of all the mythology got us."

I know "a little less earnest" will upset some but if we remember S2 and S3 were pretty dramatic but had some levity as well. So this could be a great mix. Quests and adventure, less "end of the world" gravity and the bros being together!

I think there's plenty to be excited about.

BRING IT!!!\o/

In other news... I'm off to Sydney tomorrow for a week so I will be around less. I'll have the iPad so will be (hopefully) catching up on some Big Bangs.
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