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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
State of me... 
16th-Jul-2012 04:08 pm
Becc_j Art
Of all the days to have slooooow Internet speeds. I've caught glimpses of pics of the boys at Comic Com and caught a couple of spoilers. Can I just say YUM!!! Oh Jared ...*dies* (redteekal I am seriously jealous and envious of you right now!!!)

I have to say some of the spoliers I've seen have given me faith that we will be in for a good year!! carver acknowledging the show is all about the boys bond makes me SQUEEEEEEEE \o/. (that's not a spoiler because WE KNOW THAT!!! (I want to chat more about the spoilers but not here...;D)

I made a fannish "to do" list last night and it's looking a bit daunting.... /o\ All do-able (I think) just not possible until I return home to my real computer. The iPad is great, but not for actually doing stuff. wheeeeee-- new comm \o/, recs, meta, s5 motels (nearly done!), friending meme prep, vid roundup for roundtable , editing - like for realz editing, mini picspam. All fun stuff and I'm itching to get started. :)

Hope you all are well and enjoying the comic com stuff. ooooh... add that to the list - nerd HQ to watch and read ALL the spoilers and see ALLL the pics and die from ALL the HOT!!

Oh and get ready for Term 3 of school. There is that...
16th-Jul-2012 06:45 am (UTC)
You may have avoided it due to spoielrs, but in an interview where Jensen was asked about why dean hasn't forgiven Cas, but he forgave Sam...he talks about how "family don't end with blood" (yes he quotes it!) so people like Bobby and Cas are family...but also that Sam is "the closest thing he has to a companion" ;DDD

Also i think I have developed a deep erotic fasnication with jared's hair!
16th-Jul-2012 10:50 am (UTC)
Unfortunately due to the dl speed I haven't had a chance to see and read much at all. I've seen a few Jared pics (and I AM DEAD from the HOT) and caught a couple of tiny spoilers on twitter. I am wanting MOAR but will have to wait until I get back to Perth.

and YAYA Jensen saying that!!!! That is sooooo perfect. COMPANIONS until the end!!! That's why I never get worried about love interests or time apart because it always comes back to being all about THEM! (hee...mini meta on the way about that....;D)

JARED'S HAIR!!!!!! \o/. HOMG! (I just had to show my mum the recent pics to show him his gorgeous hair!!)

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