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We have Winchesters!!


theheartofspn theheartofspn theheartofspn theheartofspn

A new comm for SPN fans to gather together in celebrating seven years & beyond of Winchester brothers! As we wait out this summer hiatus for the show's eighth season to begin (on its brand new night even!), let's reinvigorate that Winchester spirit again. Join fans new & old in celebrating the canon of the past, the creative fanworks its fueled, and the exciting potential it still holds!

Signup for the comm's kickoff event, Winchester Summer Lovefest, now thru end of July!

Over the last few weeks a small group of us, led by the lovely zimshan, have been working to put this comm together. Those who know me know how much the boys and their brother bond means to me. (yes, I'm a sap for the bromance!) This is just a way to CELEBRATE that and indulge in some extra bro love. \o/ The mods will be posting awesome little bro delights daily and then YOU GUYS will (HOPEFULLY!!!) sign up for the LOVEFEST and post your amazing stuff also! PLEEEAAASSEEEE!!!! Go check it all out - there's lots of info and we are around to answers questions if you have any.

Also, please fell free to help us pimp! (there's an easy to copy & past pimp box on the welcome page). The more we can get to play the better! *bounces*
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