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S5 motels and accommodations Part One

Banner by maichan <33

Following on from Wherever I Lay My Hat - Motels and Accommodations of SPN, Season 4, I now bring you Season 5 motels and accommodations. Part picspam, part meta, part trivia fest. :)

I'm doing these not only because I love the motel rooms but because I've been creating a catalogue of accommodation at Super Wiki. It's slowly getting there...;)

Once again the Supernatural set designers gave us some wonderful accommodation interiors (and exteriors) in Season 5.

Let's take a look.

5.01 Sympathy For The Devil

Accommodation: Regent Motel
(Room 35)


Drab and dirty green - that's what I mostly see when I look at this motel room. This, in many ways, reflects the state of things between the brothers at the beginning of Season 5. Sam's just released Lucifer from his cage and is feeling guilty (and used) and Dean has lost his trust in Sam. Their relationship is in a state of disrepair - a bit like this motel room.

That wallpaper is pretty sad - not only the design but the filth all over it. Loving the lamp that's attached to the wall by the bed.

Prop re-use
Bedspread: 2.14, 2.15, 4.06, 7.15
Chairs: 5.05
Bedhead: 4.03
Lampshade: 4.04

5.03 Free To Be You And Me

Three types of accommodation for the price of one!

Accommodation #1 - Sam: Great Plains Motel


This is my favourite of the three. I love how dark it is - with a mix of black and red colours. It's reminiscent of the motel in Sex & Violence. I like the way they use red around Sam. It seems to represent danger, passion, power and blood. The wrought iron divider surrounding the bed is fabulous. I wonder if they were thinking about Sam's cage at the end of the series when they designed this? This is the room where Lucifer first appears to Sam.

Accommodation #2 - Dean: Unnamed motel

In a nice contrast this room is much lighter. It's still fairly drab, but at least it some flowers. *g* I love the Dutch windmill in the bathroom! I really wish we got the name of this motel. There's an attempt at a Dutch theme here. There's even a pair of clogs on the bedside table! Awesome...

Accommodation #3 - Cas & Dean: squat in abandoned house

Cas and Dean then move into an abandoned house. There's not a lot to mention here - it's empty and rundown. I do love the light coming through the curtains.

5.04 The End

Accommodation - Dean: Century Motel
(Room 113)

This is the room Dean tells Sam to "pick a hemisphere". He wakes up in the future and the room transforms to one that is derelict. I love the deep blue and the way it transfers from the walls to the sign outside. The art deco clock makes me think of the war era - which I'm sure is the whole point.

I'd like to the "13" in the room number is deliberate. It's known as the unlucky number but in Dean and Sam's case I think it became a lucky number considering how the episode ended. ;)

Bedframe reused: 1.18, 2.12, 3.15, 4.15
Bedspread reused 5.18

5.05 Fallen Idols

Accommodation: Nite Owl Motel
(Room 137)


This is quite a spacious room. It has an old time feel about it - timber and dado rails. It seems rather cosy and comfortable. If I was to compare it to the state of the boys' relationship I'd say it reflects their growing comfort with each other.

This is the first time in season five we see The Floor Plan used.

Prop re-use:
Bedspread: 1.12 and 3.08

5.06 I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Accommodation: Liberty Motor Inn

With a name like Liberty you'd expect the red, white and blue to be in full force. And it is! The US flag lamp is particularly fetching. There are mini flags on the bedside table, and with a red and white tablecloth and blue walls the theme is complete. I also love the distressed white walls - adding to the pioneering feel.

I would love to be able to meta about what color represents in each of the motel room but it's not really my forte. Instead I recommend the brilliant meta written by zimshan The Balance of Red and Blue: Color Symbolism in the context of Fate & Free Will She talks about the use of red and blue used throughout season 5. It's interesting to me that looking at the motel room colors we mostly see greens, browns and yellows. And yet many of the exterior shots we see the blues and reds. I'm sure there's deep meta there somewhere....;D

The Floor Plan is seen in this episode.

5.07 The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester

Accommodation: Cicero Motel
(Room 8)

I do love the wall paper selections we see on the show. This one is particularly interesting - almost psychedelic. Great use of pink, reds and black in this room. The color scheme is then carried through to this next AMAZING room! LOOK AT THAT BED!

Sadly this is not a room that the boys stay in (can you imagine that!), but I had to include it because it's such a delight! That bed head....oh my.

The outer brick wall scene here in the Cicero Motel is seen quite a few times!
5.08, 5.18, 5.14, 7.15, 7.18

The name "Cicero" has been used in a past motel as "Cicero Pines" - 3.02 and 3.08.

5.08 Changing Channels

Accommodation: Sun’n Sands Motel
(Room - sitcom set)


Day-Z Motel ("real" life motel)


Probably my favourite room/s of the season. I ADORE the way we get to see it in two different ways. Everything is (mostly) the same but so much duller in the "real" version. The comparison between their actual lives (drab, dull but real) and their AU lives (bright, shiny and fake) is striking. It makes a great statement about their real lives. Just by seeing the vivid colors we know this world isn't real. This devise was similarly used in What is and What Should Never Be (2.22), in Bobby's dream in Dream a Little Dream of Me (3.10) and It's a Terrible Life (4.17).

The exterior is the The City Centre Motel also seen in episodes: 2.07, and 4.07

Exterior brick wall also used: 5.07, 5.14, 5.18, 7.15, 7.18

5.09 The Real Ghostbusters

Accommodation: The Pineview Hotel

Sadly, we never actually see inside the boys' room in this episode. We do see quite a bit of the interior though. The hallways in particular.

5.11 Sam, Interrupted

Accommodation: Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital

Such a sterile environment for boys who are used to a life that is full of colour and texture (and warmth). There are certainly times it seems like they belong here (rather fitting for what happens to Sam in season 7) but this isn't right for them. The stark white and blue so different to the usual muted greens and browns we've been seeing this season.

I think venetian blinds are the best invention ever. If only to give us awesome lighting effects! :)

on to PART TWO

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