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New vid(let): I'm a Lucky Man

Title: I'm a Lucky Man
Music by: Just Breathe by Pearl Jam, Groove is in the Heart by Deee-Lite and, er...Vidal Sassoon ad.
Category: Nerd HQ memories.
Length: 1.52m
Size: 29 mb
Summary: Jared considers himself a lucky man.

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for my friend

This is a rather personal vid for me. redteekal was lucky enough to attend Nerd HQ recently and she and her partner took some absolutely gorgeous pictures of Jared. In a recent post redteekal related a story by Jared told about Gen and Thomas and mentioned a song Jared relates to his experience of fatherhood. I thought it might be nice to put the pics together with that song.

I then watched all the Nerd HQ and couldn't helped adding a couple of extra bits. ;)

It's really just a way to try and capture some moments from the event and put the pictures in a video. It also meant I could stare at those gorgeous pics as often as I want *g*.

(And I've earmarked this song for a SamnDean vid. Just saying).
Tags: spnvid
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