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A positive note for S8...(well I think anyway)

I don't consider this spoilery - it's simply Adam Glass talking generally about the boys in S8. But it gives me a chance to think about what I'd love to see this coming season.

I do mention something in the promo so...warning for that.

I know there are some who are concerned about S8 (and I was one to start with) but comments like this give me lots (and lots) of hope. I know I'm harping on a bit about it (and I will probably continue to do so until the first ep!! Because it's SHOW! <3)

"The upcoming eighth season of "Supernatural" is discussed, with Glass explaining the challenges in keeping the series' stories compelling, exploring the changing relationships between the lead characters of Sam and Dead Winchester as well as the fact that they're no longer the young up-and-coming hunters and are now more the experienced, elder statesmen of the hunting community".

It thrills me no end that there is an acknowledgement about them as seasoned hunters now. They are no longer the hunters we met in S1 or S2, even S3 or S4. If we get to see some maturity, a new level of competence and evidence that their journey so far has effected how they are in S8 then that's damn exciting. That's not to say I don't want to see the angst, but I would like to see character development. Glass talks about other hunters looking up to Sam and Dean the way they looked up to Bobby. I would love to see some outsider POVs on that.

Also this...

"(it's about) what's the familiar idea with a fresh take? At the core we have this great show about two brothers who love each other, who've been through hell and high water for each other. It's like how do you look at that dynamic in different ways? How do you continue to push their relationship, push their journey?"

The fact that this is on the writer's table is exciting for me also. After 7 years finding a new way to explore their relationship is indeed a challenge. But it looks like a challenge they are willing to grab hold of. They may revisit past issues (they won't go away - they are a part of what makes them who they are), but in doing that it might highlight where they are now (speculation on my part there).

(promo spoiler).. I also need to add that the promo makes a big point about how long Sam has been alone. DOWN TO THE SECOND! It's gonna be important. I don't know how, but there's no way they'd have put that in the promo if it being a year later wasn't significant. (I'd like to speculate that they are going to play with "time" in some way. That their choice to make another year pass by is relevant).

They haven't forgot what makes this show special. They KNOW what makes this show tick. It's those two boys. Everything else - new OCs, new MoTW, returning characters - is icing on the top!

I can't say I have a massive list of hopes for this season, mainly just satisfying episodes, solid writing, some seriously scary stuff, awesome motels, great new OCs, unexpected twists and turns and lots of bromance. (oh and Jody Mills please...) Hee...not a big ask really. :)
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