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I didn't give up! New Vid - Violence & Sex

Dedicated to _sharvie_

Title: Violence & Sex
Vidder: Ash
Song: When Doves Cry by Prince
WARNINGS: WINCEST, mm slash, violence, NSFW
Rating: R
Category: Wincest, AU, angst
Length: 2 mins
Size 16.5 mb
Summary: Dean desires Sam but sublimates this need with violence.

As this is AU here's more of what's happening: I've tried to show what's going on in Dean's mind while he is hitting Sam. There's a suggestion that he's jealous over Sam's need for women. He confronts Sam and Sam responds....

banner by _sharvie_

Download: mediafire
Download/stream: sendspace
Or Watch:

I had trouble uploading this onto streaming sites. The song is very protected it would seem. Password is: ash48

My thanks
There are not enough words to thank _sharvie_ for her dedication to this vid. Not only her detailed beta notes but her constant encouragement throughout this project. She also provided the "other" ;) footage and my wonderful banner. And during all this she helped me with this post about vidding. It's been a full on month! Thank you so much hun. *smish*

Cheerleading and brainstorming were key to me finishing this vid and the lovely deirdre_c and the wonderful maichan helped me with their feedback, ideas and support. Thank you SO much ladies. I am actually thrilled that I finished this and you guys help make that happen. *hugs*

Vid notes
No. I won't bore you with how hard this vid was for me. Well .... maybe a little bit. There are a lot of firsts for me here. Not only the subject matter but the use of out-sourced footage, effects I've never used before and the fact that I never thought I'd make an AU vid in my (vidding) life. It's damn hard and I have immense admiration for vidders who achieve it.

I primarily wanted to explore the links between violence and sex, the power play between the brothers and how they communicate their desires.

I know there are flaws here. And I could probably work on it for another month to iron them all out, but enough is enough. I'm happy with this. It's ended up being more than I imagined when I started out.

Feedback will be cherished. *bites nails*
Tags: spnvid

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