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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
Would I go quietly...? 
7th-Oct-2012 09:42 am
There was a time (about 3 or 4 years ago) that hearing a fan say they are no longer enjoying The Show made me feels all sorts of sad. I even used to try and convince people that it would be ok and DON'T GOOOOOO! "but just wait...it will get better for you..." (/o\)

But recently (particularly since S8) I don't have that reaction. I mean, it is still sad to see flisters move away from the fandom (all that wonderful fic or art and chat no more :((), but trying to convince someone that a show is still worth sticking around for is just silly. When the time has come to move on, the time has come. You can't change someone's mind unless they are actively looking for it to be changed. It's like trying to convince someone that Sam (and his hair!) is amazing or that Dean and Cas is the best thing ever. If you don't believe it you just don't. No harm, no foul. (But come on! Sam and his flowing locks...<333) The show works because each of us finds something different to love about it.

I sometimes wonder if my continuing love of the show is mostly because I desperately WANT to keep loving it (because fanning is such fun! especially when it's enriched my real life so much) or whether it's genuinely still got me hooked. Writing posts like this (and working on a post on scene choices from 8.01 at the moment) tells me I'm hooked because the show is still delivering me something I want from it. I'm still ridiculously invested. The latest episode cemented that even more.

But I get it. If the show isn't doing that for you it's just...not. It's sad, I imagine, because letting go of something that at some point would have held your heart would be..well, sad. I'm not looking forward to that day (if it ever comes) for me, but I will know it's happened because I just won't care that there's an episode to watch, or there's some meta to read, or discussion to be part of. Though I think if that happens I might go kicking and screaming. If show makes me not care any more about it I will CARE about that. So will probably not go gently into that sad night...;)

I hope that doesn't happen to me but I can appreciate (much better now) that it can and does happen.

No idea why I spewed that all over my journal. I just felt like getting that off my chest.

(I love the new "collapse". Thanks LJ.)
7th-Oct-2012 08:16 am (UTC)
I lay awake for an hour after the premiere just *thinking* about it, trying to make sense of it.

Yeah - that's a sure indicator isn't it? :) I sometimes wonder if I will just stop caring or starting getting annoyed with the show when (or rather if) I stop caring.

And I think it's true that many are leaving the fandom (or moving to other platforms) but it's great to see new people around or others still remaining dedicated...:) Like us! :))
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