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8.02 picspam: Subtle but deliberate.

I think exploring the visual story of an episode helps me come to grips with it a little more. I'm probably stretching some of the suggestions behind why a certain shot has been used but *shrugs* it's just for fun.

Picket fence

I rather love the choice to have Sam, Dean and Kevin surrounded by a picket fence in a cafe. It really emphasises a trapped feeling - especially for Kevin. It's interesting that each time Kevin is framed the picket fence is seen, but when Dean or Sam is in the frame it's not very prominent. Poor Kevin is having a hard time convincing Dean to visit his mom.

I also wonder if it might be there as a kind of mockery of a "normal" life of the white picket fence - which seem to be always out of reach for the Winchesters.

I really love that back shot of Kevin (pic 2). It shows him caught between Sam and Dean. I think these are subtle but deliberate shot choices to help create a closed in feeling. I also included the shot of Sam because well, DIMPLES *g*, but also Sam and Dean share a private moment here and I think that also enhances the feeling of Kevin being on the outside.


I'm going to totally jump on galwithglasses's observations about the use of flowers in Supernatural (hope you don't mind hun!). She suggests that flowers signal danger (particularly pink ones!). Here we have an abundance of flowers - including a massive flourish of pink ones. We also have Mrs Tran in a blue floral top. I love that we have the juxtaposition of beautiful flowers surrounding the house, along side demons. Mrs Tran's top is a sure sign that things won't work out so well for her (did we even think they would anyway?)

Neighbor, Michigan. I think they are having fun with the names this season (unless that is a real place? Google tells me it's not...)


I love seeing places (and props) reused. This motel is very familiar. It's been used in a couple of other episodes - Usual Suspects, Changing Channels and It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester (pictured right).

I want to stay in this motel!

Door framed!Sammy

It's completely geeky, but there's just something about Sam being framed inside a door frame. They did it last episode also. (shudup! IDEK!)

(you just know I'm going to be looking out for "framed" Sammy from now on.../o\)


The cutting between Dean "interrogating" the monster and the guy in lock up is fabulous.

I've put in a cap of Dean holding a knife to Mr's Tran's throat because I think the early scene helped us believe that Dean could really do this. Both times he held back. All is not lost for our Dean (just yet...*meep*).


Love the variety of two shots we had of them. I'm not exactly sure what this says, I just love that the director chose to do them. There was a sense of them being joined at the hip in this episode though, so maybe that helped create that feeling.

Also... GUH! Jeez... Hot!boys are just killing me!

Just 'cause

I love high angle (or low angle) shots. This is a beauty. Also, that ceiling light is very familiar - we see them quite often.


PURGATORY LOOKS AMAZING! I love they way they are treating Purgatory. The high contrast, desaturated look is fabulous. *drools*

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