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New Vid: Supernatural: At the movies

Title:: Supernatural: At The Movies
Vid by: ash48
Graphics by: maichan
Beta by:_sharvie_
Music: Various artists
Category: Movie Montage
Length: 4.10m
Size 34 mb
Summary: Supernatural is not just one genre...

Streaming: You Tube
Download: sendspace (.divx)
Download: 4shared (.avi)

Graphics Post: For a better look at the wonderful movie posters please pay maichan a visit HERE and squee over them like I have.

Credit where credit is due:

Many people helped make this video a reality.

maichan Wow. Where do I start? The movie posters, the opening and closing title sequences, the movie names and some song suggestions. There is no way this video would have happened without her valuable assistance. Thank you SO MUCH hun.
_sharvie_ My awesometasical beta. Quite a bit of research went into this one and _sharvie gave me much needed assistance with that. Not to mention her wonderful ideas and incredible eye for detail. Thanks as usual darlin'.
deirdre_c For her suggestion of slapstick - it never occurred to be until she mentioned it. Also for her valuable feedback on that section. *smish*
dinalori For her suggestion of using movie posters to transition the genres. This vid was dead in the water until that idea. :D

Vid notes

This idea came to mind when Jensen mentioned that Supernatural was like a Western. My thought was "yes, as well as many other genres". I've been sitting on it since October last year, never really sure how to make it work. Recently I decided to have another play and when maichan agreed (again) to help me with the graphics I was inspired to go back to it.

I haven't included all the genres I could have. I was gazumped by "Monster Movie" for Classic Horror so I didn't re-visit that one. And I'm sure there are a few others I could have done but 6 was enough!

No money made but comments are always gratefully (and warmly) accepted.
Tags: spnvid

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