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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
8.10 review / reaction 
17th-Jan-2013 09:08 pm

The Good

* I think lowering my expectations for this episode actually helped me enjoy this episode much more than I would have done if I'd gone in excited. I knew we were in for more Cas, angels and demons, and Amelia giving Sam an ultimatum - so I was at least prepared.

* I liked that Sam mentioned Jess and how low it was that Dean used that ploy to lure Sam away in the last ep. Not because it was particularly inspired or anything, it was just great to know that the writers had not forgotten that Sam once did have a life with Jess and so many of the women in Sam's life had died and he thinks about that.

* I did like that Sam and Dean actually communicated in the beginning. (And we got an actual scene with the two of them in it so that was nice).

* It feels like we are at the end of the "past year" story arcs which means they can hopefully move on from here.

* There was a feeling of conclusion. I've been needing that. I've needed to know where they've been heading with all this (no where it seems but at least I know that now).

* I didn't actually mind Cas too much. I know...surprising for me, but there were moments I cared more about him then anyone one else on the screen so that's something. There were glimpses of Team Free Will (remember that awesome little idea a few seasons ago?), but then poor Cas was forced to be bad. Again. So...*shrugs* Idk. Also...I really like it when Cas connects with Sam and he did that a little bit - so yay!

* I REALLY liked the camera work when Sam and Dean were moving through the building looking for the sigils.

* Sam and Dean working together (thank you show!)

* Benny. I felt for Benny. (only it's setting him up for turning "bad" and it will be Dean's fault and Dean will have to kill him and then we'll have Dean angst and it will be hollow because we've seen it all before. Except better *sigh*).

* I am glad the boys are back together. As much as the end was obviously going to happen I'm glad it did. It was an incredibly sad ending and I did really feel for my two favourite characters. It was also sad that there was a sense that they are together because there isn't an alternative. They are trapped in these lives. Together.

The Bad (you know...skip all this crankiness. I only rant like this because I love my show so much. Except when I don't :((( )

* When did show become so joyless? I know we've had a lot of angst and it's not a "happy" show but usually there is at least some urgency and then some sort of satisfaction at the end. Even with the brothers coming together at the end there was no sense of celebration or even contentment. It just was. And it made me incredibly sad. Not just for the characters but for my show.

* This is the episode that cemented the fact that the Sam and Amelia story line meant nothing. It served absolutely no purpose other than to add a soap opera style story line. I would even say that soaps do it better because at least we care about the characters and their dilemmas. We knew the moment the season started that Sam leaves Amelia. We knew as soon she gives him that ridiculous ultimatum in that episode that he would go back to Dean. There was absolutely NO sense of urgency or investment.

I could wax lyrical about how sad it is for Sam that he can't have a normal life with a woman he so dearly loves (::koff::) but fuck that. In fact, I'm not even going to start on Sam and Amelia. I am beyond incensed by that empty, pointless story line - expect to say that what a damn SHAME they didn't make that into something amazing. It could have been. There was potential. But poor dialogue, poor character development and yes, poor acting (by both actors!) makes me want to forget that that ever even happened. Sorry what? Sam ignored the fact that his brother was missing, he hit a dog, fell in love with a women who he didn't seem remotely attracted to, professed his undying love for her and then ran away from it all? Um...no. I don't remember that happening. *lalalala*

* Angel torture that went on forever. :((

* Powerless and ineffectual Crowley

* Some Dean one-liners that fell flat. (Your mother is hot? Seriously Dean? And him hiding porn from Cas? what the...)

* Since when are Sam and Dean stronger than demons? I mean, why didn't the demons just wave their hands (like they used to) and pin them against a wall? Maybe even snap their necks? Are Sam and Dean immune to their powers somehow? A demon punch up is just ridiculous. (stop being lazy show!!!)

* That zoom in of Crowley might just be the cheesiest zoom in the history of the show. It was a shocker. Shots like that make the show look as bad as it actually seems to be becoming. :(((

* Now there's an Angel Tablet. OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not an ANGEL TABLET!!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?!?!?! I wish I cared...

* What's Sam and Dean's investment in all this? Why do they care? I feel like they need to be personally invested in order for me to care about what's happening in the story. They're not, so I struggle to care.

RIGHT! I WILL STOP NOW! It's becoming a moan fest!!! I AM SORRY! That left me feeling sad and flat. I didn't mind watching it. I wasn't as bored as I have been with some eps so THAT'S A PLUS!!! \o/

The not so ugly:

Both boys continue to look amazing. Sam's hair = \o/ Dean's face = \o/ (shallow yes but at this point in the season there has GOT to be something that is keeps me tuning in, because I can tell you the story certainly isn't). Hee...and I would say Sam's gorgeous bod but I was too distracted that whole scene to fully appreciate it. I will later I'm sure.

The GOOD NEWS iS THEY CAN MOVE ON NOW!! We can get some (hopefully!!!) decent MoTW stories now. The boys are back together (not entirely happily but at least they are back) so they can start being a team again. Maybe they can start moving toward actually wanting to be together because they like each other's company and because they enjoying Saving People Hunting Things. Maybe even because they WANT to watch each other's backs. Unfortunately the lack of trust between them still exists so no doubt that will raise its ugly head again sometime in the future. Maybe next time they will actually sort that out.

I am sure I will find more positives with that ep once I've read some reactions and I've sat on it for a while. I still care. I just want the writers and the producers to care as much.
17th-Jan-2013 01:17 pm (UTC)
I just want the writers and the producers to care as much.

I think you can dislike where the show is going,or think the writers etc are doing a bad job. But i don't know how you can suggest the people who work on this show don't care about it. Do you really think they turn up to work each day and think "hey lets do a half arsed job"?
17th-Jan-2013 03:03 pm (UTC)
This is a good point. We KNOW they care. SPN is their bread and butter! This is The Little Show That Could!

What I think might help is some of the people in important positions need to look at their particular craft--be it director, writer, actor--and decide if they're making the best, most creative choices they can in their role. This was a VERY important episode (returning from mid-season hiatus, kicking off the second half of the story), and for me, it felt kinda phoned-in.

As creatives, we need to constantly evolve to stay relevant. Doesn't matter how long we've exacted our particular craft, if we don't do it with eyes open and self-awareness, we don't flourish.

Boy, that was all existential for a TV show! Anywho, yeah. I'm sure they care. But I certainly think there's room for improvement.
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
17th-Jan-2013 01:19 pm (UTC)
I haven't even seen the episode yet, and I am already depressed. Fans are leaving the show left and right in my corner of fandom - Sam/Dean fans, Castiel fans and SamnDean fans alike are all frustrated with the direction the show has taken in S8. Shallow, non-sensical characterisation for the leads, a stale mytharc, no interesting recurring characters, it all amounts to no emotional investment on my part at all. I even start to resent the characters I see onscreen, and I never thought that would happen with Supernatural. :(
17th-Jan-2013 10:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah - that's how I'm feeling it. I mean, the episode certainly had some positives. It's just weird because I think we were suppose to really be moved by Sam and Dean coming together again at the end. It was moving in that it was bittersweet, but it just felt like they had been manipulating the tension between the boys just so they could have this moment - the end of their respective relationships with other people feel flat (though Dean and Benny's moment was very moving. I was impressed with Ty I have to admit).

I think the end of Sam and Amelia's relationship was suppose to have a major impact but..yeah...*sniff* that really could have been a heart breaker if we believed their relationship was everything they said it was. But maybe that was the point...I just don't know.

But watch it! I'd love to know what you think. :)

17th-Jan-2013 01:44 pm (UTC)
First let me say that your comment about the show being joyless is right on the money. I also have to note that I hope beyond hope that since the Amelia story wasn't handled well that it is in fact pointless and over, because considering the soap opera nature of it, I'm dreading a pregnant Amelia reappearing.

All the characters, with the exception of Cas have been off. I don't care much for Cas, but at least I recognize him. I'm sure you are right about Benny coming back and Dean having to kill him and then we get to go through another bout of emo-Dean and how he shouldn't have left him alone and it's all Sam's fault for asking him to abandon Benny. This season has been a real disappointment to me.
18th-Jan-2013 11:41 pm (UTC)
It's tough isn't it? I mean, on the one hand we are used to the show being full of angst and tough decisions for the boys but on the other hand (and I think this is why I've struggled with this season) this angst feels contrived simply for the sake of giving us the Winchesters in conflict. I'm not sure I get why each of them are so jealous or conflicted by the other having a friend. I always felt that Dean would be happy that Sam found normalcy and a new love and Sam would have been thrilled that someone helped Dean out of Purgatory.

Unless it's show just how screwed up they really are - which I suspect it might.

I felt sorry for Cas. He looks like he's been trying to do the right thing and now he's being manipulated by big meanie Naomi.

It has been disappointing. I am really hoping they are a strong plan for the second half of the season.

(if Amelia turns up pregnant in the future I won't know whether to laugh or cry...)
17th-Jan-2013 01:46 pm (UTC)
I've already had my little rant so I won't clog up your journal by repeating it - but yeah. I'm getting tired of the recycled storylines and incoherent motivation. I always loved that I could take everybody's side. Sam, Dean, monsters, demons - even angels. I could at least see why they were doing the things they were.

At this point ... well, I do kind of want to buy Benny coffee, since Dean randomly abandoned him. But I can also guess where that story is going, so there's not even any point in taking his side.

But if that's the end of the arc, well, at least maybe we'll be allowed some fun stuff in the future. Personally, I want new monsters.
18th-Jan-2013 11:44 pm (UTC)
Yeah. New monsters will be exciting. I figure there's 13 eps to go so at least...hmmm...8 of those will be MotW stories (?). They should be free to introduce some new monsters and case studies...so YAY!
17th-Jan-2013 01:58 pm (UTC)
I'm curious about what's going on in heaven, Naomi's agenda and what's happened to Cas....I want to know the answers to these things so I am still invested in this story. Closing the gates to Hell forever still seems like a worthwhile task and it's one that I'm thinking about long term in respect to S9 and S10 and they must be now thinking about all kinds of story arcs that can lead to the final end of the series.

I'm possibly a little over enthusiastic about that final scene of happiness for me. I'm not sure about how this is supposed to be worked in with a more celebratory/happy vibe from the boys reaching this resolution? I loved the way that final conversation was written between the brothers - it was a solid ending of that soapie-like arc and it felt NATURAL. Dean's "huh" when he realises it's not cut and dried for Sam, and Sam's choice to think about it, take a walk, clear his mind. That all felt right. I wouldn't expect there to be any demonstrative, celebratory, overly happy, big hugging it out on this one. There was the quiet confirmation of the solidity of their brotherhood always topping everything in the end. An exchange of looks (those ones that say more than words ever can) a peace offering of beer and dinner, Dean opening his brother's beer for him. It's where they're at and I loved it.

I don't think there's a lack of trust between them. Sam made it clear that it wasn't Dean he didn't trust, it was Benny. That's just a poor communication on Dean's part and also a poor handling of the situation. Sam vouched for Lenore. If he was able to be around Benny and see what Benny is then I have no doubt that situation would be resolved. But it won't happen & I'm okay with that - because I expect that ;) If it does happen colour me delightfully proved wrong!

Poor Cas is being completely messed up and Benny is no doubt doomed but all that, while it elicits all the usual feelings of sympathy and damn you show responses I can't really be that upset because of the way they fixed the boys in this ep. Left me feeling like a satisfied fan for sure (even if I totally concurred with some of your nit picking up there in The Bad section) ;)
19th-Jan-2013 12:17 am (UTC)
Hey! <3

Before I respond to this I have to generally say that I have been loving the chat that this season has created. Lots of differing opinions but friendly agreeing to disagree (well, what I get here anyway). I can't promise I won't be a bit moany about it all when we catch up on Tues but I am trying to find the positives. ;)

I'm curious about what's going on in heaven

Yeah. Naomi is a curiosity indeed. At the moment I can't speculate because we just don't know enough about heaven. Though that ep revealed that angels are programed so maybe it will end up being about giving angels free will. Sam and Dean will be invested in helping out because I am sure they will want to help Cas (I think! See...that's where I'm conflicted...but I'll take it as read that they will want to be involved in that).

I didn't think about the Gates of Hell being something that would go into S9 and S10. That makes sense - though pulling that mytharc through 3 seasons might just...um...idk - kill me? I suppose if there are new twists and turns it could be interesting.

The final scene - to be honest I'm not sure why I was so down on that scene when I watched it. IT THE PERFECT SCENE FOR ME!! I live for this stuff. It's the reunion after the separation. Maybe I'm confusing my overall sadness for the boys (because that scene wasn't really a happy one) with my sadness with the show.

Everything you said there works for me and I am beyond thrilled that they are at least talking and back together. I think because everything that surrounded them coming to this point felt unnecessary (in that their jealousies were particularly unfounded) it clouded the moment for me. But yeah - I watched the opening scene and the final scene again and it's all about them finding the solid ground to work on again. And it looks like they have for the moment. (only with no real resolution so maybe we have that yet to come).

Sam made it clear that it wasn't Dean he didn't trust, it was Benny.

Yeah - but I read that as Sam not being able to trust Dean's judgement about Benny. I think Sam trusts Dean with his life but doesn't trust his judgement on a vampire he met in Purgatory. I get why that would be - Dean when he came out of Purgatory was a little changed, but I'm surprised Sam didn't at least give Dean the benefit of the doubt when he pleaded his case.

I really hope the trust issue has been solved. It probably was miscommunication - or something. Ack! I'm confused about how I feel about them now (as in where they are at). Maybe I just have to let it be and accept that they are back together and that's great. :)

Cas is messed up for sure (and I did find my self actually caring about that! yay!) and Benny's story can only be a sad one because he's a monster.

For me...if I can just get past being bored (as in uninterested) during an episode I know I will be back to being squeeful again. I'm sick of eyerolling and saying to the screen..."get on with it!" or "he wouldn't do that!" (hee..and "for fucks sake!"...) But I know that's purely personal. I am sincerely worried that I'm losing the connection with my darling show. I'm not seeing it the way you and MJ are and it UPSETS ME!! (seriously...I cry whenever I think about it. Like now.) (and I shouldn't be because essentially the whole season has been about the screwed up relationship these boys have and that should be making me happy!)

I figure if the next ep doesn't do it for me I might just be a lost cause - because the next ep looks awesome!

(sorry for the rant...)
19th-Jan-2013 12:59 am (UTC)
i loved that they choose to be together but they both didn't look happy about that

Yeah. That was it. It was more a resignation of - we can't have outside friends so we'll just have to make do with each other. It was very sad (as I think it was meant to be) but I need to see little moments of joy from them at times to make me feel like they actually want to be together. I'm hopeful that that might be on the way...

I think all those unresolved issues will remain like that. Mostly because I think we (the fans) are the only ones who have issues with those things. The reverse exorcism was just handy (silly, but handy to the plot) and Sam and Amelia's story is just..well - I don't know. Their similarities existed because that's what brought them together. I think the idea was to bring two people together who lost someone. I've been hanging onto the person watching outside Sam's house in the beginning of ep 1 as being still left unresolved, but I figure that was Don. Don was meant to actually be important I think (as in create real angst for Sam deciding to leave Amelia), but it fell completely flat for me.

just either let them air out all their issues and then grow from their mistakes

It's the growing that seems to be lacking. I don't mind all the issues between them if there's a pay off at the end. Perhaps the growing is yet to come (i wonder if they'll ever voice how screwed up they are. At least acknowledge that...yeah, we can't have other friends because the other one gets too jealous...). Maybe Dean admitting his jealousy over Sam being "able" to have a normal life was growth? Not sure....

Cas was a nice balance and I did love him saying "stow your crap".

And never apologise for ranting!! I reckon it's good to get this stuff off our chests. We only do it because we love and care for the show. <33
17th-Jan-2013 03:14 pm (UTC)
* What's Sam and Dean's investment in all this? Why do they care? I feel like they need to be personally invested in order for me to care about what's happening in the story. They're not, so I struggle to care.*

You nailed it here. When their motivation stopped being personal, the show stopped being compelling.
17th-Jan-2013 03:29 pm (UTC)
I don't know, I actually like it that they are not the focal point of supernatural power struggle. There is no reason, these couple seasons, for heavenly and hellish hosts to pay that much attention on two mortals.

And I like it that they are making it the Winchester business. And I like it that they are concerned about their angel friend, to make it their thing to find out and fight.
17th-Jan-2013 03:24 pm (UTC)
I think the Amelia story line works for me in this episode, because it says when pushes come to shoves, Sam will give up a girl who he cares about, a lot, to be with Dean. I think it's more complicated and tangled up than, you know, what they'd have you believe with all the soft lights and saturated colors, which is freaking me out. He is not happy about it, though, that is expected.

But it's weird that Amelia and Sam really don't have much chemistry. I mean, back in season 4, Dr. Cora Roberts had more heat with Sam. With Amelia, it's lukewarm at the best. They're more like roommates than lovers.
19th-Jan-2013 01:54 am (UTC)
Sam will give up a girl who he cares about, a lot, to be with Dean.

Oh yes - very much. There was never any doubt that Sam would go back to Dean. I mean - he already had. He didn't have to stick with Dean from the beginning- when he knew Dean was back from Purgatory but he did.

But here's the thing for me. Just say we felt that Sam was really (and I mean REALLY) in love with Amelia. Let's say we felt like she was the next Jess for him. Instead of seeing scenes of her being snarky and rude to him, or scenes where he is out of place (ie dinner with dad) we saw a wonderful bond - an almost soulmate connection. Sam will still have had to make the same decision but it would have been so heartbreaking. It would be like watching him leave Jess. It would have been an amazing feat if they had written so the audience actually WANTED Sam to stay with the love of his life. In many ways I am glad Amelia wasn't a cliched "perfect" love. But on the other hand (I think) she needed to be Sam's "perfect" love for us to see how really hard that decision was.

As it was (well for me) I felt so much more for Amelia being dumped by Sam than actually feeling for Sam. And I want to feel for Sam.

I think it's more complicated and tangled up than, you know, what they'd have you believe

Oh man, I'd really like to continue to believe that. I held on to that hope for the longest of times but now I know there's nothing more there - it was a story line about Sam having to make a decision (again) about sticking with his brother or having a "normal" life. The colors in the flashbacks were to emphasis the "happiness" in Sam's new found life and worked as a nice contrast to Dean's purgatory. SPN is shot in muted colors generally so the change of color was a way to symbolise how is life is different to usual.

If there IS more going on then I will happily eat my words! :)) I'll be curious to see what colour palette they will use when Amelia comes to Sam with his baby....;D (kidding! speculation not spoiler...;D)

They're more like roommates than lovers.

Ah. Yes. Interesting. Hmmm..so maybe, for Sam, it was about choosing the better roommate. She was rather similar to Dean so maybe the choice was either being with Dean and going back to hunting, or staying with Amelia and being safe and content (rather than because he was truly in love...) Hmmm.....

17th-Jan-2013 03:35 pm (UTC)
As always, checking on your ep reaction! I am probably not going to watch - haven't watched the last several - but am hoping to jump in next week again and that I'll just be able to pretend that the first half of the story arc didn't happen. Seems like that might be possible. After all...when was the last time we heard about that little ol' hell-wall?

Amelia? Who's Amelia....?

(Really and seriously haven't given up yet!)
19th-Jan-2013 01:58 am (UTC)
YES YES!! I am hoping to jump in next week and start afresh and rediscover my love for the show. I am well and truly OVER grumbling about it. Of course I could make the choice not to grumble but I can't help it - I need to vent. I also like to hear from people it IS working for so I can at least be happy that it's working for someone...

Such a shame about Amelia. Man, that could have been a devastatingly good story line. As it was...*sigh*...

(Really and seriously haven't given up yet!)

17th-Jan-2013 03:43 pm (UTC)
*sneaks carefully up to your journal to test the waters* LOL ;)


I didn't actually mind Cas too much.

Oh good... ;)
Well, if Cas was himself again and in control there would be no story for him. Just him popping in and out of the picture, doing magic tricks for Sam and Dean. And also, this time he is not bad as such as he doesn't even know what he is doing. Totally brainwashed. Poor Cas. (You know I love him. lol)


Do you think they go that round again? To me it seemed as if they were both done with Amelia and Benny in the story now to be able to move on with this odd angel brainwashing stuff.

It was an incredibly sad ending and I did really feel for my two favourite characters. It was also sad that there was a sense that they are together because there isn't an alternative. They are trapped in these lives. Together.

I felt just like you about the ending. *hugs you* But I think there is some great truth to it and I did like this ending. It was a good bye for both of them to their fav dream realites they would have liked to have. If the show now really moves on from here and leaves this story arc behind I'm satisfied.

Your bad points are something that I have been noticing, too, but decided to ignore since there is nothing I can do about it. However, the writers, producers (and whoever else has a say in this) should watch out that they don't water down the show (creating horrror just by making us watch ongoing torture doesn't seem the right way IMO) losing the intense mix of supernatural horror, humour and the kind of relationships that come from that. This is not a show for little girls. Unless they are called Lilith.. ;)

19th-Jan-2013 02:09 am (UTC)
*sneaks carefully up to your journal to test the waters*

Hee...yes. My reviews have been more like rants lately. I seriously don't want them to be but if show keeps annoying me like this I can't help myself! Though I did mention the good points too. ;)

Benny - I definitely think he'll be back. He's a monster so there's no happy ending for him. I am pretty sure he'll have to turn to killing humans and Dean and Sam will have to hunt him. I'd like to think it could be more interesting than that but I think Carver and crew are sticking to run of the mill (safe) story telling at the moment so he'll be there to ramp up the angst. At least they've giving Benny a decent backstory and make him...er...human. Kind of what they needed to do with Amelia. If they'd made her more "real" then I think that story line would have had more impact.

I wouldn't be surprised if they BOTH return in the future. Amelia has yet to announce her pregnancy so we have that to look forward to...;D (kidding...)

The ending was really sad. It was meant to be I know, but it's still hard to take when there just isn't any happiness in their lives. At all. Even from each other.

I wish I could just ignore the bad points. I think because they are what seems to be driving my passion (not good passion) I can't just ignore them. Some are certainly nit picks, but some are major issues that if they continue to have I can only see more despairing ahead for me. *thinks positive*

ALL WILL BE FINE! Next week looks like fun! <3333
17th-Jan-2013 03:52 pm (UTC)
I don't disagree with anything you say here, but the last scene felt more satisfying for me than it did for you. Yes, things are dark and dismal (as they usually are...) and so there's not overt happiness in the scene, but it did feel to me like the boys chose each other as much as the mission. They each gave up their 'other' person - Amelia and Benny - to make a commitment to the mission, but also to each other. They communicate that solidarity subtly - opening a beer for each other, bringing food to each other, that one meaningful look, the comfort between them that hasn't been there in SO long. That's always been the way the boys communicate best, and it felt genuine and significant to me. I felt relieved - that they were together, that Amelia was gone, and while I felt bad for Benny, glad he was gone too.

I sort of interpreted both of them deciding to have 'both feet in' as coming from a more personal reason than the angel tablet or whatever (is bad with plot...) - it felt like Sam is back in because something is very wrong with Cas, and Dean couldn't be there for Benny because of the same reason. I would be so much more invested in them trying to save their friend than 'the world'. I hope they take that path, because while I'm not a huge Cas fan, I could get behind that and I could believe that both the boys really *care* about him.

That episode really cemented for me how much Sam and Amelia never had an ounce of chemistry. Ouch.
17th-Jan-2013 05:01 pm (UTC)
I'm going to use this comment as my head-canon for what I missed over the last several episodes and where they're at now and am now hoping to watch again next week. It may not even be a promise of better things to come (maybe more like a harbinger!), but I like your take on this episode (which I didn't even watch, mind you).
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
17th-Jan-2013 07:04 pm (UTC)
This show is on the bubble for cancellation.

Nooo! Say it ain't so! Actually, I've heard the opposite, but a show only has a certain shelf-life; this we know. Reinvigorating the show will prove difficult, but working towards giving it a fitting, potent conclusion isn't a bad goal. I hope they don't drop the ball in the end.
(Deleted comment)
17th-Jan-2013 05:22 pm (UTC)
I don't get it really the thing with Sam and Amelia. There was no point at all and we still don't know what happened to Sam immediately after Dean went to Purgatory. Guess we won't find out. I'm just happy that the soapy storyline is gone... hopefully forever. I so could have done without the sex. Even though it gave us shirtless!Sam/Jared. That was nice to look at. ;)

I'm not sure about the storyline with the tablets. I mean I like Kevin and closing the gates of Hell could be interesting. But right now how they're going at it isn't really working all that well for me. I do like that Sam and Dean care for what's going on with Cas and that they bonded over that again.

I haven't been a fan of Cas since season six, but I have to admit that I'm slowly warming up to the character again. Slowly, very slowly. ;) But I did like him in this episode and I liked that he didn't take Sam and Dean's crap and told them to cut it out. I don't really like what they're doing with Naomi, though. I mean we've had bad!Cas already, so I do not want that again.

I felt a little bad for Benny. I mean seeing him like this we all know what'll happen, right? And Dean will have to kill him and for once I hope they won't make him freak out about that. Benny is a vampire and even though he did a lot for Dean, Dean should be able to kill him without diving head on into an angst fest when he starts killing again.

Best thing about this episode was the end. I did think that the last scene with them getting each other a beer and something to eat was hopeful and the little nod they shared told me that they'll be okay (hopefully this isn't just wishful thinking) and still love each other very much. Now they can work on their trust issues.

So yeah, overall I liked the epsiode, even if only for the last five minutes. :)
20th-Jan-2013 02:12 am (UTC)
It was a weird ep for me because I did actually enjoy watching it. I thought there was a lot going on and we finally had some closure on the past year.

I think because it was the end of all that I look back and feel like it just didn't really have a point. Sam not looking for Dean didn't have a satisfying conclusion (I was really hoping there was something a little more there) and Sam's romance didn't seem to add anything to it all. I think if I believed he was really in love then it might have had more of an impact. So even though I enjoyed watching it I came away feeling disappointed.

I have a hard time with Cas also but I did like him in this one. (He seems to have so many "states" of being). I particularly liked that he got Sam because he knew Dean would need him on this hunt. It looks like he is going to have to battle Naomi for his free will and it will be good to see the boys helping him out.

The end was bittersweet and the more I watch it the more I feel that there's hope. I mean, it's wonderful to see them back together - it was just so hard to watch them come together by having to breakup with their significant others. It cemented the fact that they really can't share themselves with anyone else. Of course that's AWESOME because we love our boys to be so tangled up in each other but it's also remarkably sad.

Show. Still breaking our hearts after 8 years.
17th-Jan-2013 06:54 pm (UTC)
joyless I think you hit it for me. Joy is the thing I've totally been lacking. Sam has been entirely joyless - even in the supposed loving flashbacks it seemed fake - We've seen joyful Sam - we know what it looks like and this season isn't it. When Dean has had a moment of joy it's always solitary with a side of angst from someone else. (Kevin in this ep. and I get it - the world needs saving - blah-blah - but you can take whatever joyful moments present themselves along the way. I would argue that you in fact need to to retain your drive and sanity.) At this point that's all I really want is some joyful; moments (especially ones that Sam and Dean share. I didn't expect that from the final scene - they are both too hurt, but there has been little of it at all this season and it's hard to watch on an ongoing basis - part of what I loved about SPN is the ability to find humor (or even dark humor) amidst the horror and pain.
19th-Jan-2013 02:54 pm (UTC)
Yes. It's tricky because I know they have very little to be joyful about. Their lives are extremely tough.

Even when Sam had supposedly found happiness he never really looked happy. It could be argued that he was still feeling the loss of Dean but I think we needed to see that Sam had actually found some sort of happiness with Amelia.

The end was soooo sad because usually when they return to each other its with some sort of relief, but here it really felt like it was inevitable and there was a feeling of being trapped in a cycle that they will never get out of. I know we WANT that (for them to always be together) but it probably isn't the best for them - not when it seems they have to sacrifice so much for that to happen.

The was definitely a lack of humor - I could see there was an attempt (hiding porn, mom's hot etc) but, idk, it just fell flat for me.

I'm thinking that now we are past these two story lines (though I'm sure Benny will be back) they might be able to show them actually enjoying being together again.

We shall see! :))
17th-Jan-2013 07:20 pm (UTC)
Yep, yep, yep. Yep, yep, yep. Uh-huh, uh-huh. [/channels Muppets]

Edited at 2013-01-17 07:20 pm (UTC)
19th-Jan-2013 02:56 pm (UTC)

though I expecting a new direction now and a new lease of excitement! :)

*forever hopeful*
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