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Who said fandom was dying on LJ?!! Did you see the Newsletter today? CHOCK FULL 'o goodies! \o/

The Supernatural Shake vid is made of win!! (no need for me to link because I know you ALL would have seen it a million times by now). What I LOVE is how much it confirms what an awesome set SPN is. Everyone keeps saying it's a great place to work and seeing stuff like that just confirms it. And double YAY to Jensen for suggesting it. *hearts* him.

If you're interested in the machinations of putting an episode together (in particular Trial and Error) be sure to check out missyjack's interview with director, Kevin Parks. It's very interesting and insightful. We are so lucky that the crew are prepared to give us their time like this. They obviously appreciate the passion we have for the show. I

Boo, no show tonight. Though it actually ended up being a good thing. I was able to work on some fannish projects that I've been wanting to get finished. :))
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