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Clipping is so friggin' tedious. I need a break.

Actually I'm happy to have the time to vid but I'd rather just get down and make the darn thing rather than clip, clip, clip.

I've decided that vidding is like doing a giant jigsaw - "I need just the right piece..." When it doesn't fit it's like tearing your hair out and when it does there's that moment of "yes!!". In fact, I'm sure it's those little moments that keep me at it.

I'm 1/3 way through my OC tribute vid and I'm kinda liking it. It's weird though. I know not many peps want to watch vids about the "other characters" that make up a season but I really like reflecting back and taking a better look at these guys. They each have their own story to tell. I was tossing up whether to include Adam. He's only in one episode but he was important I felt... so yep. He's there. :)

I am now itching to start Wind Beneath My Wings. I've since learned that such a vid is called a Lord King Bad Vid and it fills me with glee that such a thing exists with a name. \o/ Of course, I suspect it might be harder than it seems - so I'm looking forward to the challenge (OR it's what I've been doing all this time and so nothing will be different! :D)

I'm on holiday at the moment... which is brilliant beyond words. I often hear people say that teachers get too many holidays. I gotta tell you... we need them! It's ridiculous how burnt out you feel at the end of a term.

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