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Motels and Accommodations Season 6 (Part One)

S6 Motel Banner pic

Season 6 of Supernatural gave us another wonderful assortment of accommodations.

In total, Sam and Dean stayed in 11 motels, at Bobby's 4 times and squatted in abandoned houses twice. Dean starts off in a real house though...

6.01 Exile On Main St.
Accommodation: Dean: Lisa’s House
Location: Cicero, Indiana

The season opens with Dean living in an actual house. I like how obviously different this is to living in a motel - comfy bed, a large kitchen and matching crockery. There's a garden and all those things we associate normally with "home". I find it particularly interesting that Lisa's house is similar to the one the boys lived in before everything went pear shaped.

6.02 Two and A Half Men
Accommodation: Mid West Motel
Location: Battle Creek, Michigan

It's not long before we get to see the first motel room of the season. I love the matching bedspreads and curtain - the patterns! I'd hate to wake up with a hangover and have to look at those. The room divider is a pattern of primary colours - it makes me think of children - which works nicely with an episode that has a baby in it. The diaper box is curious. I never made the connection before but I figure the baby changed itself after seeing the picture on the diaper box. Magic Fingers makes a return (seen before in (2.13) House of the Holy and in (3.04) Sin City) as does the outside wall.

Bed head also used: 2.09, 2.11, 2.14, 3.10 and later in the season - 6.09 (Pics here)

6.03 The Third Man
Accommodation: Unnamed hotel
Location: Easter, Pennsylvania

Usually the boys stay in motels (motor hotels) but here they are in a hotel (definitions).

The coolest thing about this hotel is the wall paper. I love it when they use huge flowers on the wall. They've used them a number of times. Check them all out here

The bed heads are a sorry sight - look at how shabby they are! They're ripped, faded and dirty. Curious considering how neat the rest of the room looks. I love the way they add an element of dinginess the scene. (This is the room Sam starts off in when we see him paying a prostitute).

We also get a shot of the Exterior and the bathroom.

For those who like to get a REALLY good look at the details in a motel I've added this shot. Here we can see the blinds, the brick wall, the bed (with a book on it - Sam has been reading) and what looks like a "no smoking" sign on the cabinet. Not much else to look at really. Oh - there's the TV, I suppose that might be interesting. Yeah...that's about it.

6.04 Weekend At Bobby's
Accommodation: Pack 'em Inn Motel
Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin

Unfortunately, we don't get to see much of this room. It's a pity because it has some great features. And I think this might be one of my favourite names for a motel - "Pack 'em Inn". This motel is a whole theme based on the local football team, the Green Bay Packers. Their colors are yellow and green like the room. There's a football scoreboard in the photo on the wall. Jerry Wanek is from that part of Wisconsin. The team is enormously popular and the fans are called Cheeseheads (that can go for any Wisconsin native too) and they wear foam triangle cheese block hats on their heads. The divider is made up of the cheeseheads. That's also why Bobby talks about the lamia ganking on cheeseheads. (information from galwithglasses <33)

The bowl of M&Ms on the table is interesting - I wonder who got the bowl out, opened the packet and poured them in? I can't really see either of them doing that. Maybe they were complimentary. I can't believe there's still a bowl full.

6.05 Live Free or Twihard
Accommodation: Nite Owl Hotel
Location: Limestone, Illinois

Yay! More flowers on the wall. I like the way this room really suits this episode. Dark and almost gothic - the lamp, chairs and bed heads lending themselves to this feel. The floor looks like it been recycled from the one in 6.02. In fact, this entire room reminds me of the one in 6.02. The ripped and torn wallpaper is similar to the ripped cloth bed heads. I often think the rooms reflect the state of the boys' relationship. At this stage in the season their relationship was rather tattered. There's a lot of muted greens, browns and reds in the rooms this season.

This is called The Nite Owl Hotel (hotel name card. and exterior hotel name). This name has been used twice before. Once in season 5 - Fallen Idols and later in season 6 when we visit inside Sam's brain in The Man Who Knew Too Much. I love that we get a glimpse of the exterior neon sign, which is the same design as in 6.22 and 5.05. (The geek in me loves that stuff!)

As a side note, it's great to see the familiar blue rose make a return (except it's the Black Rose this time). It was also seen in 2.10 (Hunted) and 4.09 (I Know What You Did Last Summer). See them here.

6.06 You Can't Handle The Truth and 6.07 Family Matters
Accommodation: Abe's Calumet Motel
Location: Calumet City, Illinois

We get a great shot of this room - we can see the overall layout. This room is looking pretty neat and clean - especially compared to the last couple we've seen them in. This actually looks like a modern motel room, one you'd normally find when traveling about. I love the mural depicting a serene landscape. Murals have been used a number of times before in motel rooms.

6.08 All Dogs Go To Heaven
Accommodation: Over the Barrel Motel
Location: Buffalo, New York

Wow, this room features a lot of red and brown. There's a lovely continuity of colour running through everything in this room - particularly in the pictures. I'm loving that round light shade! The art and lamp look like patchwork. I think it's also poignant that there's a wire fence in the back ground - we've just found out that Sam's soul is still in the cage.

The motel name was very hard to make out and after some investigating by quickreaver we have confirmation that it is called "Over the Barrel Motel". This is likely to be a reference to the attempts made by daredevils to go over the American Falls (picture in the broucher) in a barrel.

The lamp was also seen in (4.06) Yellow Fever and (7.05) Shut Up, Dr Phil.

6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe
Accommodation: unnamed motel
Location: Elwood, Indiana

Room divider! \o/ How awesome is that?! This is the episode that some scenes in a corn field and we are constantly reminded by that room divider made of win.:) I love this room. The funky fifties formica dining table, the bedspreads (which we've seen in at least 6 other episodes, along with that bed head) and that wonderful mural. This is the fairy episode so I wonder if that forest is meant to represent the fairy realm? I think all the green in this room is definitely there to evoke that feeling. The orange and green bedside lamp is cool as is the other standing lamp (I love the lamps in this show!).

Bedhead also seen in: 2.09, 2.11, 2.14, 3.10 and earlier in the season - 6.02 (Pics here)

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