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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
15th-Mar-2013 01:17 pm
Thinky thougts
I wonder if it's deliberate that Sam doesn't haven't any male friends.

I mean, I figure he had good friends at college (we know there was Zach and Brady), but we've never seen him with a male "buddy" like we have Dean. We see Dean bonding with other males - Bobby, Gordon, Frank, Cas, Garth, Benny and even John, but Sam is seen as either butting heads with them or being downright enemies of them (Lucifer, Walt, Roy, Gordon, Kubrick, Greedy).

I know that Sam was close to Bobby but not in the same way that Dean was. Same with Garth and Cas. Both Garth and Cas attached themselves to Dean first, then got to know Sam. I figure they are as close to "friends" as Sam has in the show, but they're not just his friends.

I wonder if that's because Dean fulfils that role completely? Maybe Sam doesn't need anyone else (whereas Dean possibly does?).

I'm sure not if this is because there's never been a story line that has allowed Sam to develop a male friendship or because they have deliberately made this part of Sam's character (like his disastrous relationships with women).

It's not a complaint - just an observation.

Hmmm. *hugs* Sam. Maybe books are his other companion.

This is what happens when I enjoy a day off (yay back to 4 days a week!) and get my hair done. :)

I had one other little thoughtCollapse )
31st-Mar-2013 04:57 pm (UTC)
That's because SPN is mostly seen through Dean's POV. Like, we know that Sam is in pain because of the trials, but we don't know how he feels about it emotionally. Instead, we see how Dean feels, like when he prays for Cas to watch out for his little brother. We rarely get Sam's pov, unless it has to do with Amelia or him wanting a normal life. So, it's Dean who bonds with other characters.
1st-Apr-2013 06:51 am (UTC)
Yeah, that could explain it. Though we have had times where we've seen Sam doing things outside of Dean. I'm sure Sam is capable of bonding with other males (or characters), but perhaps we don't see it because the show is predominately Dean's POV.
26th-May-2013 05:11 pm (UTC)
You're right, there's times when Sam does things outside of Dean. Even when he's on his own, we usually don't get a look at his headspace. And so many times, Sam is separated from Dean, so Dean can have his "moments" with the guest star.

I'd love for things to be more balanced, so we'd get Sam's POV, too. I'm thrilled that we finally got some of this in the last eps of the season. :)

On one hand, I want Sam to have friends, just like Dean has. But they could just have each other, and I'd be happy with that. <3

Edited at 2013-05-26 05:12 pm (UTC)
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