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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
15th-Mar-2013 01:17 pm
Thinky thougts
I wonder if it's deliberate that Sam doesn't haven't any male friends.

I mean, I figure he had good friends at college (we know there was Zach and Brady), but we've never seen him with a male "buddy" like we have Dean. We see Dean bonding with other males - Bobby, Gordon, Frank, Cas, Garth, Benny and even John, but Sam is seen as either butting heads with them or being downright enemies of them (Lucifer, Walt, Roy, Gordon, Kubrick, Greedy).

I know that Sam was close to Bobby but not in the same way that Dean was. Same with Garth and Cas. Both Garth and Cas attached themselves to Dean first, then got to know Sam. I figure they are as close to "friends" as Sam has in the show, but they're not just his friends.

I wonder if that's because Dean fulfils that role completely? Maybe Sam doesn't need anyone else (whereas Dean possibly does?).

I'm sure not if this is because there's never been a story line that has allowed Sam to develop a male friendship or because they have deliberately made this part of Sam's character (like his disastrous relationships with women).

It's not a complaint - just an observation.

Hmmm. *hugs* Sam. Maybe books are his other companion.

This is what happens when I enjoy a day off (yay back to 4 days a week!) and get my hair done. :)

I hope they don't use Cas to miraculously "fix" Sam this time. Surely the effects of these trials can't be fixed with a mere touch to the head (I mean, they could if they wanted them to be, but I hope they can't).

That is all. :)
16th-Mar-2013 02:15 pm (UTC)
I'm not really sure how to respond to this as I can't really agree with it. I appreciate your viewpoint of course, but, as a die hard Sam!gal, I've never felt that Sam has been treated as a secondary character. In fact, of the two, I think Sam has been given the more rich and varied journey. I think Sam and Dean are very different and therefore have to be treated differently. There's no doubt it would be good to see both characters move forward but with 1, if not 2, seasons more to come they need to keep some of their issues open for them. Whether everything will be "fixed" in that time it's hard to say but I think it leaves options open.

I think their relationship with each other is very unhealthy - for both of them - but for me that's what makes them so compelling. The show has to be about the two of them so they have to keep finding ways to keep them together. I admit that sometimes they get that wrong (*yikes* the beginning of this season) but , for me, they mostly get it right. I feel that Sam not having many male friends is part of his charactisation and as many have pointed out here there are good reasons for that.

I most certainly can't get into any character bashing because it's not what I'm here for. I can get mighty pissed off with the show at times but I've never felt one character is given more than the other. And I love both characters equally - just in different ways. :)
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