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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
We have an answer!!! \o/ 
16th-Mar-2013 09:08 am
Charlie dancing
The extra cookie goes to quickreaver for investigating this mystery and getting an answer from Perry Battista:


That artwork is awesome. Hee...the place even has a hot tub!

What's the meaning do you think? I mean...there's gotta be a meaning right? Situations often have the boys over a barrel - so I suppose it could be a reference to that.

Woot! I am ridiculous happy about this. Fans rock. The crew of SPN rock!
16th-Mar-2013 09:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the catch on the falls. Looking at it again, it doesn't have the curve of the Canadian falls. I've only ever been by the Horseshoe ones and didn't look too closely. I really can't believe anyone survived going over in a barrel or anything else. They're just so massive and there's so much water. The roar of the water is enormous.
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