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Dear Robbie,

You are my hero. You gave me an angel and demon episode that I actually LOVED! Thank you. <3

Yours forever.

So. Here's the thing. In one episode Robbie as given a deeper, richer, more interesting Meg than we've ever seen before (I know early Meg was awesome but only in a kickass kinda way. Here she actually had a depth that rounded out the character for me). I'm thinking there's probably irony involved in them deciding to kill her off just when we can (finally!) see why she needs to stay.

Hats off to Rachel Miner for giving Meg a soul and hats off to the show for giving her a decent episode to leave on. I am neither here nor there in regards to them killing her off because I have long realised that THAT'S WHAT THEY DO. I have no issue with them killing off secondary characters because they do it all the time - it's almost a motif (I think I can use that word for it). There are times I'd rather they didn't but in Meg's case I can see that there may not be a future for her story line. Though after that I would love to have seen her return. She would have made a great addition to Team Free Will. I am just glad they gave her an amazing send off. (*clings* to Jody and Charlie. I might throw a little tanty if they off them...)

She was certainly given some great lines. My absolute favorite (in reaction to Sam's story):

You fell in love with a unicorn. It was beautiful, then sad, then sadder. I laughed, I cried, I puked in my mouth a little.

HA!! It's like he visited my brain for a moment there. I seriously laughed out loud and applauded his observations on that story line. But it wasn't totally cheap because he allowed Sam to acknowledge that he had that time and it meant something to him.

But mostly I loved that we could see her as a tragic (non-) hero (I'm sure there's a proper name for that). Her story is immensely sad. She'd been tortured and neglected and in the end no one really cared. Except for Cas. *guh* I loved that SO MUCH! That scene between them was perfect. I really felt they had something special (as a side note, I've always considered Cas asexual. Looks like that little bit of head canon has been blown out of the water with that scene...;D)

She has been heroic in the past (she's protected the Winchesters a number of times) but, in the end, for no real reason. Knowing that Sam and Dean didn't even try to look for her was so sad. I felt like saying...don't worry Meg, Sam didn't look for his own brother so don't feel so bad (and no, that's not a go at Sam. Even Jared acknowledged that Sam would have looked for Dean...*sore point*).

A mix of other things - (I'm finding it hard to be coherent at the moment):

Mostly I loved how well rounded that episode felt. Robbie managed to squeeze in so much without it feeling rushed. We had some awesome broments (I LOVE LOVE where Sam and Dean are at at the moment). My hurt!Sam, protective!Dean kink is being completely sated. I CAN'T EVEN!

The Meg/Cas pairing is made of win. A good demon and a bad angel (I am hoping we get some fic out of that!).

I am sure the Dean and Cas shippers will have a field day but for me I just enjoyed seeing a friendship tested. I admit to squirming a little during Dean begging Cas for his life and the "I need you" was a little much for me - mostly because I struggle to believe that Dean really needs Cas. For me it's part of that whole telling us that they have this profound bond without ever really seeing it. Though I do believe Dean when he says Cas is family. So maybe it's about having another family member - someone else he can call on.

I also liked how Cas had to be conditioned to kill Dean. That opening scene was pretty powerful and to then have that scene repeated was poignant. The crossing between earth and heaven was fab. Hats off to Misha for selling a conflicted and two distinctively different Castiels.

I even found Crowley more believable. I actually felt that he was threatening and horrible and possibly a real threat. I'm not totally convinced - he could have just snapped Sam's neck - but I felt totally creeped out with his handling of Meg. I can't WAIT to see the boys smite him. PLEASE SMITE HIM!

Sam and Dean's stories were both acknowledged and well handled. Sam really is beginning to look sick (I hope that's not just the way Jared is looking at the moment) and there's an edge to him that gives Sam an added weight on his shoulders. I thought Jared really played him beautifully in the episode.

Dean's tiredness with being lied to really came to the fore. I just love that we can really see that Dean should be trusted. Dean is a solid guy everyone. TRUST HIM! I know why Sam didn't tell Dean he was sick but I love that we got Dean saying - can you just stop with the lies now. It's time to come clean. I felt that Sam meant his apology and I hope that they allow Sam to remain honest from now on. Dean's concern for Sam shone through - I live for moments like that. Jensen also brought a wonderful weight to his character - not so heavy that's he's drowning but just enough to show us the water rising.

GUH!!! So many feels.

I am thrilled that the whole Naomi thing is busted open and Sam and Dean know what's been going on with Cas.

I love that Cas is back He's doing something meaningful and angel like - protecting the angel tablet is a cool thing to be doing.

The end was FANTASTIC! Cas on a bus is great because it harks back to when his vessel, Jimmy, was on a bus deciding what he future will be.

I loved the directing. There were some beautifully framed shots. The end one in particular was gorgeous. The whole episode was very tight.

YAY! Bat Cave! I continue to adore their new home. So many things to explore (though Dean should know better than to open up strange objects!).

OMG! Meg actually mentioned possessing Sam. That's all sorts kinda awesome. Robbie has done his homework and I love him EVEN MORE for it.

I shouted out "WOOT" when Cas said Sam was damaged beyond his ability to fix him. Now I am completely intrigued with what's wrong with Sam. If he's like this after one trial what's he going to be like after the third?! *bounces in anticipation*

Cas reminding the boys that he is a celestial being. THANK YOU!! I like snarky Cas.

(Ummm...I've said I've liked Cas a few times haven't I?! What the hell...?!! I blame Robbie!!)

Dean telling Sam that he will carry him... BE STILL MY HEART!!!! <3333333 And then them making a joke about it...SO VERY WINCHESTER!! I just love it.

Dear Robbie,

Can you please write all the demon and angel episodes from now on?


Only nit pick. The demon vessels continue to be ignored as actual people. I need to move on from that I know, but it kinda bugs me.

Overall a solid, entertaining, well rounded and satisfying episode. I look forward to seeing where they are taking all this. I am certainly feeling more invested in these trials now that they have become more personal to the boys.
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