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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
11th-May-2013 05:42 pm
Bad Cop
...on previous post.

I'm not sure I can edit a poll post (polls are weird like that I think) so my edit to add is going to happen here.

The irony isn't lost on me that a poll asking to see if I should open up a contentious issue for discussion, is generating discussion. Good. But. Please play nice (so far so good). I was aware that could happen of course but I trust that everyone will respect anyone's opinion (I know I am ridiculously naive at times, but I am also hopeful that if you choose to say something you'll be respectful).

I don't believe that just because something is "too hard" it shouldn't be open to a frank and lively discussion (what did I say about being naive?).

I'm off out (going to see "Into Darkness" yay!). I look forward to answering some of the comments when I get home *g*)

11th-May-2013 02:14 pm (UTC)
You know when I first saw the notification of your post that said poll and discussion and I clicked to open. Before I actually saw what the post was about, my first thought was how your LJ seems to be one of the few places left where people can congregate to enjoy, discuss, and yes even vent, about Show. You are the hostess with the mostess. Everyone wants to come to your "place" for the squee, gifs/vids/images, and discussion. So thanks for being you I guess. (Oh man I so did not mean to get so...idk...sappy? Just wanted to give a moment of appreciation. :) )
11th-May-2013 02:47 pm (UTC)
Oh wow thank you sweetie. That's so nice. <33

I keep thinking that posting that is going to backfire any minute now. So far, so good. I am constantly impressed with my awesome flist and their thoughtful comments. I also love getting a variety of responses because it broadens my view and helps me understand where different fans are coming from. As long as it keeps civil I'm happy.

Thanks again honey. Your words mean a lot.
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