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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
supernatural 30 Day Challenge 
21st-Sep-2013 07:50 pm
Day Nine: Favourite overall villain

So many awesome baddies! I've already listed Lucifer as a favourite character (well, angel) so I'm going to chose a few next favourites. I'm thinking "overall" means a major myth arc type villain. I loved the YED in season 1 and 2 because he really drove the plot in those seasons. Ruby ended up being amazing - she had this wonderful endgame that kept us guessing. Alistair was as creepy as HELL. Meg was all sorts of interesting (loved her in Shadow!). I also loved the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (especially Death and Famine) and I loved Dick Roman.

Ack! Pick one, pick one...as I probably can't pick Gordon (can I? I'd pick him if I could because he was FABULOUS!) I'll go....(as second fav, cause Lucifer would be my first)...um....probably an unpopular fandom choice and say DICK! Dick was so deliciously WRONG! I loved the way he represented corporate America (and the world really). He was smarmy and charismatic. I particularly loved scenes between him and Crowley. He was on of the few characters that could put Crowley in his place. :)

I gotta learn to write one word answers. /o\

(and I know I have some comments to respond to from the last post -I'll get there. Thanks to everyone for being so...um..civil. :))
22nd-Sep-2013 04:14 am (UTC)
Azazel was wonderful. I love the personal connection he had with the boys and how he's essentially been in their even before Sam was born.

And *nods* to all the runners up. I particularly love how clever Ruby was.
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