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just enough to make us dangerous
9.06 Episode reaction/review 
13th-Nov-2013 10:02 pm
Batcave Sam reading

I admit to going in to this episode with rather low expectations. All I knew about it was that Cas was in it and therefore it was going to be an angel episode. I was expecting to see some bumbling Cas (from the pics I had seen) and so I resigned myself to be pretty unimpressed (and bored tbh). Maybe it's because of that the reaction I have is: pleasantly surprised.

I think it was a pretty solid episode. I mean, it wasn't very exciting and there wasn't nearly enough SamnDean-ness for my liking, but it kept my interest and I was strangely intrigued by some of it. I also thought it held together fairly well.

One of my main hopes for Cas this season is that he would somehow learn how to be a decent angel. That his journey will lead him to discover the very thing that the angel race seems to have lost. Compassion. It looks like that's what they are doing (probably not a surprise) and so far I don't mind how they are handling it (as long as Cas continues to move forward and not remain totally naive to all things human).

I was surprised that Cas had a job (apparently easy to pick up work in the US without ID), but it showed how resourceful he is and how dedicated he can be when he puts his mind to something (which, I suppose we already know, considering he decided to become God once). Aside from stuffing up the slushy machine he seemed to be doing pretty well (thankfully).

I think it took Dean kicking him out of the bunker to force him to get his shit together.

Speaking of Dean. It's hard to watch Dean and not think of him constantly digging this giant hole for himself. His lying and sneaking around must take its toll soon. In the meantime we had a chance to actually see Cas and Dean being more like friends. Dean giving Cas dating advice was perhaps the closest we've seen to them being mates (maybe). Though his comment about being "proud" seemed to put Cas back into either little brother or son status. It's hard to see them as equals (and maybe we're not supposed to) and many of their scenes emphasised this divide.

I thought Dean was a little hard on Cas about his job. I'm not sure exactly what Dean was thinking Cas would be doing. He saw the state Cas was in when he got to the bunker so I'm surprised he thought Cas would be out there looking to help angels (is that what he thought he should be doing? *head scratch*).

There's probably heaps I could say on Cas - we got a lot of development for him in that episode, but I suppose I'm just not that invested to dig too deep. I think Misha did a fine job (the scene with the baby surprisingly affecting). I did love that we got to see him being a little bit BAMFy - looks like it took protecting a baby to bring that out in him.

As much as I wanted to get the next instalment in the Zeke saga it was quite nice not to have to worry about him in this episode. I enjoyed the Sam, Kevin and Crowley scenes without that added Zeke angst (though I was really hoping to see Sam start to question what's been happening to him, but I think this episode was deliberately devoid of Zeke, so if they're going to do that it will come in another ep I suppose).

Crowley was strangely intriguing. I think I like this character much more with these layers - rather than purely as a shouty evil demon.

I keep expecting him to do something underhand though. He seems to always be playing for a way out (and why the hell did Sam leave those needles so close to him? I mean, I know why after seeing the end scene, but Sam would know better than that).

The most intriguing thing is Crowley injecting...um...Kevin's blood. (I assume that's what was happening there?) It actually makes no sense that there would be blood still in the needle and Sam would leave the needle behind. Surely Kevin only took enough to fill that bowl. We either have to "hand wave* that whole thing and believe that Crowley is continuing the purification process (that's how I read it) or we have to believe that Kevin actually left it there for Crowley. I don't know. My feeling is that Crowley likes the feeling of having human blood in his veins (like Sam enjoyed the demon blood) OR it's something else all together. What I DO like, it that it adds another layer of mystery.

Wow - I sure did cringe when that needle went into Kevin's arm. That did not look right. I wonder why Sam didn't help Kevin draw the blood (properly!). Would have made more sense (and, er, smaller needle maybe…).

Crowley's "phone call" was rather hilarious. Bad connection, being put on hold...

Nice to see Abaddon again. She always adds level of awesomeness to everything.

Crowley throwing the paper in Sam's face was kinda hilarious. It's like….Ooooohhh, you big baddy! Is that the worse you can do? (hee..yes it is).

The girl crying over the break up was just too close too home. Not that my daughter has broken up with her boyfriend, but that level of drama….YES! I COULD IDENTIFY!

Pink splatter. Weird choice of colour I thought. Almost had a comic sense about it, so I'm not sure what that was about - there was certainly nothing comic about it. Maybe pink = angelic.

Cute baby (man, I never say stuff like that…). Confession: I hit fast forward during the Cas and baby scenes because I seriously wasn't that interested. Then I went back (in case I missed something important) and even though they weren't that exciting to watch, they did show an interesting side to Cas. And him singing the theme tune to The Greatest American Hero was worth the re-wind. I used to love that show.

New type of angel (Rit Zien) - wonder if they will make more appearances in the future. Probably just there as a MoTW.

Interesting to get confirmation that Cas has only been on earth a few years (maybe Show explaining why he's still so inept when it comes to humans?). I always thought he'd been around longer for some reason.

I'm not surprised Cas thought Nora was asking him on a date. That's how it sounded to me. I actually felt sad for him when he realised the truth (does this Cas have a Forrest Gump feel to him? That's how he's coming across to me at the moment).

The writer is new to SPN (Robert Berens) and I think he did a pretty good job. It must be hard coming into a show with so much canon and history.

And as I love this kind of stuff I leave you with the wonderful Castle Storage sign. This is the name of John's lock up. I assume there's a few of them around as these aren't the same locations. I'd love to say that there's significance in it being used again, but I rather think it's just a handy sign they have in set storage (also, it's pink. So maybe not a coincidence).

5.01 Where they confront Zach and Dean is told he is Michael's vessel.

6.22 Inside Sam's noggin.

9.06 Abaddon's telephone booth

So yeah. A solid ep. Won't be in my rematch list, but certainly not on my least fav list either. :)
14th-Nov-2013 07:23 pm (UTC)
Just saying I agree with your last paragraph. I'm not watching the ep for exactly this reason. There's no way I wouldn't spend the whole thing just dreading every scene they're in together. I'll content myself with ep reactions from people I trust.
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