ash48 (ash48) wrote,

I never thought I'd do this but..


I sorry but I can't contain myself. That had everything.. EVERYTHING! I wanted to see....

And I will publicly claim that I have fallen in love all over again with Jensen, because I totally BOUGHT his 5 year old self. And how hard must that have been??? He's had to act with "himself" before, but this was a mega amount of acting to someone else. Hats off. I was impressed.

And Jared?! So creepy (um.. could have done without the white suit.. *snerk*) but so un-Sam. Loved it.

And Misha?! <3<3<3 Loved "human" Cas!!

Oh boys! I adore your epic love story... and this made up of the lack of bro!love since.... OMG! seems like ever!

Welcome back.. \o/
Tags: s5 episode reaction
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