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9.09 ep reaction/review

Thank you Show! You did not let me down.:D That was an epic mid season ender. Answered a HEAP of questions, gave us some (mostly) great moments and left us wondering…what next?!

I was worried that Ross-Leming and Buckner couldn't deliver the mid-season ender so I was mostly relieved that it gave me a lot more than I expected. Sure, it lacked fineness (but I am past expecting that), but it hit a lot of what I needed going into the hiatus. Mostly answers.


Did any one else yell out "single perfect tear" at the end?! Oh man, I know it was a sad moment (and I did feel a pang of sadness) but I was hanging out for the Single Perfect Tear and I wasn't let down! I actual said out loud "there it is!". Kudos to Jensen though because I really felt the depth of his utter realisation of how much Dean FUCKED UP! But maybe I should have been bawling my eyes out? Have I been watching this show too long?

I gotta say Kevin's death came as absolutely no surprise to me (hey! It's Supernatural!). To be honest, a lot of that stems from feeling that he has worn out his usefulness (in terms of his character). I thought the episode did him justice though. He was a used and a rather abused character and his death empathised that. Sad, but I have to admit I'm not going to be mourning his lost that much (*yikes* sorry). I love Osric (such a passionate supporter of the show and seems like a genuinely lovely person), but Kevin's storyline ran out a little while ago so him dying was totally on the cards (and set up from the beginning of the season). Also - we'll no doubt see him again in some form ;D.

Jared must be suffering whiplash after that ep. Great transitions between his characters. Really loved the work he was doing. Initially Gadriel (Gadreel?) came across as somewhat sympathetic (I think it was Jared's puppy eyes) but then noooooooo……..oh so evil…..(with perhaps the potential to redeem himself maybe?). (The card on the body was a bit cheesy mind…)

The angel war is rather ho hum to me - but I wasn't exactly bored by it. I think it was kinda epic enough to move past my "oh, just get on with it". I recognised a bigger pictured needed to be told, even though I really don't care that much about it. Two sides equally awful? Hmmm….

But WHY are angels such dicks? I wonder if they'll ever address that? Maybe too much paradise is bad for you. Or something.

I was going to rant about Sam not saying more about "missing time" when he got back from the long beer run, but by then Gadriel was well and truly in charge so yeah - I LIKED! (in hindsight)

I LOVED Dean's confession to Sam and then I HATED that Sam didn't actually hear any of it! (though I suppose we'll find out how much Sam is aware in future episodes).

I LOVED that not!Sam (Gad!Sam? Samdriel?) mentioned "choice". Even though it wasn't actually Sam I love that the whole issue was addressed and that it suggests that Gadriel knew Sam VERY WELL, so he knew how to be Sam.

Once again I'm all over the place with Cas. Seeing them all together again was actually nice (and boy do I CRAVE Sam and Cas interactions…we never get much of that. What we did get in this episode was so warm and genuine. I liked it a lot. Dean and Cas on the other hand is always just so damn murky. That "profound bond" sure adds a weird layer to everything. Seriously, remove the destiel stuff (and I don't mean that in any way other than trying to look at these two without that added layer) and what goes on with these two? There's equal levels of awkwardness and fondness. It actually confuses me. But then, I think the way they are writing Dean this season is a little confusing. It's almost like the Sam of last season. The first half of last season set Sam up to be the "wrong" one because he didn't look for Dean. This time it's Dean's turn maybe? Perhaps Dean is all over the place because of him decision to let an angel possess Sam without his consent….or something. I don't know.

I do know that I'm still really REALLY invested (damn you Show!). I like the tangled web of messiness. There's a sense of epicness that I'm appreciating but the nature of humanness and being flawed is shining through.

I like that as much as it isn't the show it used to be it's still so very (very!) much the show it used to be (and yep, I'm going to be posting about this at a later date…).

Summing up in brief:

Metatron is beyond slimy and how anyone trusts him is beyond me.
Cas without the trench coat makes me happy.
Cas has another angel's grace… O_o (back to instant problem solving?)
Cas working an angle to get out of danger = clever. Thank you.
Cas torture made me uncomfortable (looks like I can only tolerate Sam and Dean being tortured. what the…?)
Dean's bossy when Sam is in danger
Dean's just plain bossy
Kevin's dead (for which he might actually be thankful for- but what was that about Kevin's mom then?)
Sam is screwed
Dean is screwed
Cas is… ? God knows! (maybe he actually does?)
Gadriel is curious. I'm looking forward to knowing more.
Malachi has potential - but will probably die before we know more
A lot of vessels died :(
Religious institutions are taking a hammering lately
Faith seems to be respected - "institutions" not so much. I'm ok with that.
Not a lot of SamnDean, but it's all about SamnDean so I'm ok with that (and we've had a LOT of SamnDean and I knew we were heading here so that's ok).
No demons? Probably saving for later.
Gadriel has been imprisoned and so has Sam. Nice.
Sam is, once again, not in control of his body. Not so nice, but could be interesting!
"Sam" killed Kevin. He didn't but man, how Sam survives this is beyond me.
What's gonna happen next?!?! *FLAILS* Still so much potential. (I have to say I had a moment when I thought Sam had actually made the choice to embrace the angel within. That would have screwed with my head I have to say- probably in a good way! Or bad -I DON'T KNOW!)

So yeah. I liked it. I enjoyed watching - which counts a lot for how I react to an ep. I figure there's a bigger discussion about how we are doing this far into the season but I can't gather my thoughts about it right now. Or what it means for Sam to be possessed by something he doesn't know about. What I do know is that I am in a much better place than I was this time last year. :)
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