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Thinking about Sam...

I made this little gif set and posted it to tumblr recently.


I was thinking about how sad it is that Sam ended up doing exactly what he hoped would never happen (again).

As sad as it is I am kind of excited by it because it speaks volumes about Sam and the recurring nightmare of having his body being out of his control. The fact that this connection has been made from episode 1 to episode 9 gives me hope that not only this, but all the issues surrounding it will be addressed in the second half. Yes yes I can hear you say don't hold your breath - but I'm going to *holds*. Also, Dean heard Sam say this. It has to hit home.

Also, I posted some S8 Sam hair gifs which resulted in some very serious meta on how Sam's hair represents his state of being here at supergifs Yep. It's very deep. And short.
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