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vid thanks, break, rec, and ponderings

1. First up I have to say how thrilled I've been with the response that 9 to 5 received. I gotta say I just didn't expect it. Particularly as a lot of the feedback was about the song choice and the feeling that it wouldn't suit Supernatural, but that somehow it worked. So, thanks! :)

2. I have one more vid to post (next week) and then that may be it for a while. My hubby's family (from England) is descending upon us soon so the next 3 months are going to be pretty hectic. And me sneaking off to vid just won't look good. I mean, it's all good, we all get on, but life changes when visitors are around. I am hoping though I will have more opportunities to watch some vids and hopefully do some rec'ing. :) and any wee opportunity will see me opening my editing program no doubt!

Also, I have nothing screaming at me to make at the moment. I have a few little ideas floating about but nothing that feels urgent (like it usually does).

3. I have had a few requests to make a Castiel vid. I would like to but I don't know what angle to take on this angel. I mean if I could come up with something like THIS (Smile Like You Mean It), I would be pretty damn happy. This is a wonderful look at future Castiel and as much as anything shows what an incredible performance Misha gave us. All smiles and no happiness. Wonderful.

*koff* If you have any ideas you'd like to see me try let me know..... I can't ship Dean/Cas because it messes with my Sam/Dean OTP. (Though my crackish Dean/Cas vid might make it to air one day if I can figure out how to work some of the lyrics to "Wind Beneath My Wings".... "you must have been cold there in my shadow"..? nah, got nothing. Brainstorm anyone? *g*).

4. While I'm here, meta rec for 5.04 because bardicvoice writes wonderfully concise and insightful meta whenever she writes and this is no exception.

Phew! That's the longest blog yet I reckon. I must be gaining confidence! :)

PS: To those going to Wincon have an awesome time. Even though it would probably scare me to death I would love to be there to meet you all.
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