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New Vid: Hurt

banner by geckoholic Thanks! :)

Title: Hurt
Vidder: ash48
Song: Hurt by Johnny Cash
Category: Character study, angst
Length: 3.24m
Size 27.6mb
Summary: Dean's hurting in more ways than one.

Links: Watch: You Tube
Downloads:4shared (.avi) sendspace (.divx)

vid_the_grid prompt: angst/saddness

Thanks as always to _sharvie_. This was fantastic fun to work on together. Lots of meta discussions and talks about colour use etc. Thanks darlin' for your support as usual and for a fantastic beta job.

Big hugs and thanks to maichan, secretlytodream and Toni (tiggeratl1) for their encouraging feedback and support. I submitted this to premiere at Winchestercon 09 so needed a wee bit of hand holding before I sent it! Thanks so much guys. *hugs*

Vid notes:

This song was first performed by Nine Inch Nails and later covered by Johnny Cash. I love his rendition and when I was tossing up whether to actually make this vid I heard it on the radio 3 times in one day AND happened to see the Johnny Cash music video, (which is very simple but powerful) and I figured it was a sign and went for it. :)

Angst vids are always my biggest challenge, but one that I thorougly enjoy. For this one it was primarily the lyrical interpretation. Some were quite straight forward but something like "the needle tears a hole" doesn't strictly relate to Dean as he's not doing drugs, so I chose to interpret the "needle" as Sam and the hole he's tearing is through Dean's heart, which then led to "the old familiar sting" and I saw this as being a feeling Dean has felt before and asssociated that with time when Sam has either betrayed him or has shown his darker side. I also wanted to link all those moments with shots that were associated blood (which appears again later in vid). There's more of course, but I won't bore you with the details! :)

I finished this before Season 5 started and worried that it might be a bit dated for Dean now, but in fact I think Dean is still carrying the guilt of not being there for Sam when he needed him most. Well, to me anyway.

No money made but feedback is gratefully accepted (and treasued in fact). If you do watch and are unsure on what I am trying to say with a particular interpretation feel free to ask me about it. :)
Tags: spnvid
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