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Murals of Supernatural

(Supernatural Wallpapers)

So many awesome murals! I get very excited when I see a mural used on a set. They cover a whole wall and add another dimension to the room.

1.17 Hell House

2.17 Heart

3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

3.11 Mystery Spot

4.08 Wishful Thinking

4.19 Jump the Shark

5.17 99 Problems

6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth

6.09 Clap Your Hands

6.12 Like a Virgin

7.03 The Girl Next Door

7.19 Of Grave Importance

8.06 Southern Comfort

8.16 Remember the Titans

The mural in Heart (2.17) is really hard to spot and it's a shame we never get to see the whole work. It looks amazing though.

The mural in A Very Supernatural Christmas (3.08) is reminiscent of Thomas Kinkade (they are staying in the Kinkade suite). Jared played the artist in A Christmas Collage in 2008.

The flamingos painted on the wall in Mystery Spot (3.11) behind the beds add such a playful feel, even thought the episode is dealing with quite dark matters. It seems poignant that they appear carefree and oblivious to Sam's predicament.

The realistic mural in Clap Your Hands (6.09) makes it look like the boys are actually in the forest. Love it!

It's an absolute travesty that we never get to see the full mural in 7.19 (just this little peek) :(((

Screencaps from homeofthenutty, Supernatural Screencaps and me.

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