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An honest to god thought that crossed my mind while the boys were talking to Jesse about his options for the future... I could totally see them talking him to Bobby's along with his mom Julia, and Bobby would have an instant family! I'm thinkin'... yeah, she would be a perfect match for Bobby. And the boys would be his surrogate brothers and teach him the ropes and throw a football around with him, and Julia would be fussing over Bobby and he'd be all grumpy but secretly LOVIN' it and they'd all live happily ever after!. Holy Crap I was turning SPN in some sort of soap!....


Of course he disappeared and so did my little fantasy. *sigh* Though yay! that he picked Australia to come to. I wonder if there are demons in Australia? I figure Aus is often picked as a place to run away to because it's so far away and maybe there is a sense that it's some sort of paradise (which, it is actually). Hee! I can picture the Anti-christ as a surfing hippie dude.....

I really enjoyed that episode. So many good old fashioned moments... the bros being bros, some wonderful laugh out loud moment (god damn! farting noises gets me every time! And Misha FTW!!!), some spooky bits and some gory bits and some wonderful touches on the myth arc. Sam is hurting SO much from his mistakes and Cas throws it in his face. Actually that scene reminded me a little of when they first met. I love that there's more Sam and Cas stuff happening. And props to Show for casting another awesome child. Sometimes children in TV shows make my teeth itch, but in SPN they mostly get this right. And I really felt for this kid. (I'm sure there's some major meta'ish thoughts to be had on the whole anti-christ angle and the role children play in the SPN 'verse, but I'll leave that to someone else).

While I'm here.... major hugs and smishes for the lovely feedback (and rec's) on Hurt. It really meant a lot. :)
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