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Teen Wolf

Yes! I have Teen Wolf in the subject and not Supernatural because..dammit Teen Wolf.

I can't see myself ever being totally fannish about TW but I do rather love watching it (and might be just a wee bit hooked!). I have to say though I struggle to know what's going on half the time. Is there a kind of SuperWiki for Teen Wolf? I feel like I need a crash course on the mythology. I have watched every episode and I haven't a clue what's going on in the bigger picture.

Ummm..any TW fans on my flist?

I am liking this series SO much more than when it started. I'm even beginning to like/tolerate Allison. And Lydia is developing into a really interesting and likeable character. Stiles and Scott are probably the reason I watch (along with Stiles and his dad and Scott and his mom and the twin werewolves are grabbing my…er…interest lately) but after every episode I am left wondering what the hell?! Is there a concrete myth arc with this? Are the monsters (yay creepy shadow monsters) all connected in some way? Or are they just MoTWs? And what's with tree stump? (clearly not paying attention with all the bare-chestiness on my screen).

I also wonder with all the sterek shipping stuff how it must be for sterek fans watching the last 4 episodes without them even being on the screen together? And what's with Derek anyway? Why is he so ineffectual? Is it part of the overall all Scott as alpha arc?

(I thought SPN was a challenge to write meta about. I bet TW fans have a harder time with it…)

I do have to say that as male friendships in TV go Scott and Stiles is currently one of my fav. SO uncomplicated. They are just damn good friends - no crappy misunderstandings or manufactured tiffs. They just are. I also like that as a "teen" pitched drama it's handling some issues more maturely than others. And it usually has creepier monsters than SPN. What the…!!

Strangely I have no desire to know "what happens next" as I do with SPN, but I do look forward to seeing the characters, monsters and any discussion that might occur about pack dynamics.
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