ash48 (ash48) wrote,

Flowers that bloom in the Spring...

My garden has some beautiful flowers in it at the moment. I just love looking at them.

Knowing that they will disappear soon I asked my 12 year old daughter to take a photo of each flower. I decided to try my hand at putting some of them into a small montage in Photoshop. I have never used this program before...and, it's not easy! I have utter admiration for those of you who know how to use it. So please excuse how crappy this looks. But (as I said with my first ever vid!) you have to start somewhere.....

Anyway - here is a snap shot of my back yard. This represents only about a third of everything that is blooming at the moment. And of course I had to include a shot of Charlie. And the chooks...

Tags: blog, rl, vidding
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