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Accommodations of Supernatural Season 7 (Part One)

Time for an update on the motel posts. :) Huge thanks to galwithglasses for her assistance in helping me compile this. <33


Accommodations Master Post

Season seven had some great accommodations. Rocks on the walls, funky wallpapers and decorations, Rufus's cabin was introduced and we said farewell to Bobby's place.

During this season Sam and Dean stayed in: 11 motels, at Bobby's twice, in Rufus's cabin 5 times and they roughed it in squats 4 times.

7.01 Meet the New Boss
Accommodation: Bobby's House
Location: Sioux Falls

I've always loved Bobby's house.

This is a great shot, giving us a view of Bobby's kitchen from the living room (having Sam's legs in the foreground doesn't hurt either!). The warm red tones add to the sense of security and homeliness that Bobby's place gives them. I also love that nearly every surface is covered in books.

7.02 Hello Cruel World
Accommodation: Bobby's House
Location: Sioux Falls

*guh* look at how rich this room looks. So sad that this is the last episode that we see it in. :(( We said farewell to Bobby's house at the end of the episode when the boys find it burned to the ground.

7.03 The Girl Next Door
Accommodation #1: Rufus's Cabin
Location: Whitefish, Montana

This is the first time we get to see Rufus Turner's cabin. This exterior shot suggests that there are three levels - a basement, main living area and either bedrooms at the top or maybe an attic (?).

Accommodation #2: Bison "something" Motel (we never get a clear shot of the name)
Location: Bozeman, Montana

The first motel we see the boys in this season has the same rustic qualities as the cabin - timber floors, walls etc. It even has an awesome mural! I'd love to know the name of this motel. I wish we got a shot of the name of it. The only hint we get is this outdoor motel sign.

The wagon wheel ceiling light is also used in Rufus's cabin and in 4.08, Wishful Thinking. The lamps are different but I bet the wagon wheel is the same one.

Accommodation #3: Unknown Motel
Location: Unkown

The boys didn't stay in this motel but I have included it because, well…it's a motel.*g* I love that the outside wall is similar to the ones we often see, but not exactly the same.

We also get to see the the name of the motel that Dean drops Sam at - presumably the next one they plan to stay in.

7.04 Defending Your Life
Accommodation: Rainer Hotel
Location: Dearborn, Michigan

I adore this motel! Look at that fabulous lighting in those last two caps. Evening light, followed by morning light. There are some classic SPN motel features in this room - funky floral wallpaper, checkered lino floor, interesting lamp shade and base (I'd love to know where they find this stuff!) and of course the well used Floor Plan. This is the 13th appearance of this plan. The curved bed heads are similar to the one that has been used before. It's the first time I've noticed that there's a single and queen size version of this design.

The picture of the mountains behind Jo was used in young Amy Pond’s house in 7.03, The Girl Next Door. The lamp behind Dean also appears in 7.05, Shut Up, Dr Phil.

Exterior motel sign

7.05 Shut Up, Dr Phil
Accommodation 1: Unknown motel
Location: Unknown (Maple Springs NY newspaper on table)

This motel is more modern than the ones we usually see the boys stay in. There's not a lot to say about it.  That lamp shade was used in the other modern motel they stayed in 6.06 (You Can't Handle The Truth).

Accommodation 2: Prosperity Motel (? hard to make out the name)
Location: Prosperity, Indiana

This room is FULL of prop reuses - the bed head, the orange lamp base (seen in 4.06 Yellow Fever and 6.08, All Dogs Go To Heaven), the outside wall and of course that glorious bedspread. I love that one of the other episodes we see this in is also about witches (3.09 Malleus Maleficarum). It also appears in Playthings (2.11).

The basketball and tyre room divider is significant because they are in Indiana. Indiana is well know for Basketball and Speedway motor racing (Indy 500 and NASCAR). The room is decorated with basketball teams and games.

7.08 Season 7 Time for a Wedding
Accommodation 1 (Sam): Becky's House
Location: Pine Creek, Delaware

Sam's new home. Instantly we can see it's not somewhere Sam belongs. It's full of bright colours - matching Becky's personality - bright and bubbly. The flowery kitchen wallpaper was last seen in 3.15, Time is on My Side.

Accommodation 2 (Sam): Becky's "family cabin".
Location: Loon Lake

I love the name of this place: Loon Lake. Very appropriate name - loonatic behaviour if there ever was any. Becky's family cabin is a nice contrast to Rufus's cabin. Beautifully manicured lawn and an attempt at being rustic with the distressed furniture, flowery wallpaper and fishing themes bedspread. Another place Sam clearly doesn't belong.

7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters and 7.10 Death's Door
Accommodation: Squatting in an abandoned cabin
Location: Hammonton, New Jersey

This is the squat Dean moans about…"Weeks, guys. Weeks. We've been living with cold showers, cold Hot Pockets, cold freaking everything. I mean, this is the bottom that we're living in". It certainly looks pretty dingy. I suppose they're lucky that it does have functioning table and chairs. I love that we get to see the green cooler again. And the Coleman light.

7.11 Adventures in Babysitting
Accommodation 1: Rufus's Cabin
Location: Whitefish, Montana

We get a really good look at the cabin in this episode. The first high angle shot gives us a good look at the wagon wheel light fixture. This awesome light fixture (with different lamps) is also seen in 7.03, The Girl Next Door and 4.08, Wishful Thinking. I find the skeletal remains of hunted animals on the wall interesting. It's a reminder of the traditional kinds of "hunting". The red sofa adding the only bright colour.

Accommodation 2: Unknown motel (Sam only)
Location: Possibly Dodge City, Kanas (where the case is)

We only get this tiny glimpse of Sam in this unknown motel. The bed head is definitely familiar, we see that one a lot and I'd say both the lampshade and the painting have been used before.

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