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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
Variety of recs 
7th-Apr-2014 10:49 pm
Dean Don't make me lick your face
Some stuff I've been meaning to rec for a while (time! that damn elusive thing. One more week and I have a lovely 2 week break).


The awesome crack_impala rec site is back! Isn't it weird how you get to truly appreciate something when it disappears?! We'll it's back - and in style! It gives me heart that, even though LJ is quieter than it used to be, it's still around there are reasons to still be here.

I signed myself up to do some community recs for the other wonderful reccing site rocksalt_recs but failed rather miserably because I couldn't get my act together to rec all the comms I wanted to in time. I managed to rec three comms (all_spn, spn_bigpretzel and spnnightcrawler) but I had some more planned. Namely these:

spn_ontheset (raloria has just announced that she won't be posting any new pics to the comm but it will remain open. If you love seeing behind-the-scenes pics (me me!) then it's worth taking a look anyway).

spnroundtable. This community is much quieter than it used to be but it's still an amazing comm. SO much awesome stuff posted there. Be sure to check out the tags. I recommend "ask the..(author, artist, vidder)", "workshop" and bertee's fantabulous picture posts.

spnkink_meme. Delicious kink for those who love it!

spnstoryfinders. A very well organised comm (the tags are key!). A great way to find a lost fic or finding a particularly type of story that you need to read now.

And my favs - ohsam for all your hurt!Sam needs and hoodie_time for hurt!Dean. ;D

And I have to rec that's very close to my heart - spn_littlebro because the work the other mods do on that site blow me away. <3


I am pretty sure you would have all seen counteragent's wonderful Sam focused vid Radioactive, but in case you haven't I recommend you take a look. This is an important vid, highlighting Sam's possession and lack of body control trauma. It's come at a particularly poignant time in the SPN saga. Sam doesn't get much of a chance to reflect on all the shit that happens to him - luckily we can. Skilfully edited and constructed.

If you want a fantastic perspective on Dean then volta1228 video, Worthy, is a must watch. It beautifully captures the multilayers of Dean Winchester. I don't think I've seen text used this way before either.

And if you want a vid that looks at both brothers then take a look at superkitte's vid Flames. A gentle video that examines this messed up, but full of heart, relationship.


I haven't read nearly enough fic lately. I have quite a few book marked and I will hopefully get to them this holidays. I did just finish reading the WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Restraint by emeraldsedai (Dark Emeralds). I listened to the podfic AGES ago and I was waiting for the last instalment. It never happened and it slipped my mind. Well, I had a light bulb moment and went back and read to the end and absolutely LOVED, LOVED IT! A truly remarkable achievement. If you haven't read this do yourself a HUGE favour - curl up one evening with a warm beverage (or port) and bury yourself in this historical, warm, adventurous, highly entertaining J2 AU.

And if you love the AO3 (which I figure MANY MANY do as there are now over ONE MILLION works posted there \o/), you might consider donating to help keep this brilliant site going.
7th-Apr-2014 11:22 pm (UTC)
HAH!! I am reading "Restraint" at the moment too!!
How fantastic is the language and the awesome world the author has created!!

Went and had a look at "Flames" FABULOUS!!!!
I recc'd it on tumblr.
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