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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
This song is calling to me... 
16th-May-2014 06:52 pm
Actually, this song has been on my vidding list for a while. I imagined it for Sam once, but now it's definitely speaks Dean. I don't know what's going to happen in the finale but if the thing I think might happen then this song would be even more perfect.

Only problem is it's incredibly long (and even with trimming it would be long) and very dark. But with those chorus lyrics...*thud*. The tone of this song also fits how my heart is feeling about the show atm. There's a darkness that's grating but with an underlying desperation and passion. And wincest too (my hubby pointed this song out to me a few years ago and said - I think these lyrics will suit your show. Hee...and he doesn't even watch it).

And thanks for chatting to me about the last episode. <3 I am mindful of being ranty due to frustration - being negative isn't exactly fun. I'm not sure whether to feel comforted that many felt the same way or sad that many did. With news that this season is the highest rating one in 4 years means they'll probably stick to what's working for them. Angels and demons and brothers at constant odds might actually be a drawcard. We'll see. By all accounts the finale is meant to be pretty big so...yay?
16th-May-2014 11:23 am (UTC)
You're right -- it IS long. And dark. But PERFECT. (and hey, the more minutes we get of an Ash vid, the better! DOOOOO EEEEET!). :D

Angels and demons and brothers at odds

*unhappy sigh*
Definitely not the show I fell in love with. Really hoping you're mistaken on that point.
16th-May-2014 11:30 am (UTC)
haha! i don't think I've made a vid past 3mins in ages - let alone one 4-5 mins. I'll see what we have in the finale, but if it goes a certain way then I might just have to give it a crack.

I hope I am mistake too!! I am so happy for the show that the ratings are up - and looks like we are in for at least another 2 years (Js just signed up for S11) so we'll have to see what happens. Hopefully they'll be put back on track soon and we'll be able to look back and marvel at the overall story arc. :))

16th-May-2014 12:15 pm (UTC)
Js just signed up for S11

Wait, what? Computer woes kept me offline yesterday, so didn't get the great news. WOOHOO!!

Edited at 2014-05-16 12:17 pm (UTC)
16th-May-2014 12:23 pm (UTC)
I was reading about it on Twitter after the Upfront. And SPN is going to be paired with The Flash on a Tuesday night. Oh and...the boss man wants to try another spin off. So yeah, lots of info about yesterday. ;)
16th-May-2014 05:14 pm (UTC)
Wait, what? The Js signed up for S11? How did I miss this?
17th-May-2014 01:23 am (UTC)
Ok. So looks like I was reading a "non official" tweet about it. But apparently the source is pretty reliable. But yeah, I think the boys will keep signing as long as they want to keep making it. And they'll do that if people keep watching it. :)
17th-May-2014 01:25 am (UTC)
Yeah I agree they will keep signing as long as they also keep on getting a bit of work/life balance.

I think one or both of them said something at Vegas about starting to have talks about S11 contract and that they would both be interested.
16th-May-2014 01:21 pm (UTC)
Random fly-by comments. I'm happy that SPN is paired with the Flash. I thought they'd pair the Flash with Arrow - but I'll take it!

I've been thinking lately about something you mentioned just now about the ratings. If you take all the folks who were fans since season 1-5, and subtract the ones who left because it isn't what they're looking for any more, and then add in the new fans... you get what we're seeing. An audience that primarily likes what Carver et. al. are doing and TPTB have little reason to worry about what *we* longstanding fans want. What they're doing now is, to their number-crunching, working just fine.

To be honest, I'm ready for TPTB to declare that this is the last season, so the writers can develop one perfect send-off, instead of always trying to escalate the tension and big bad. But as you say, if they've signed for season 11, they'll continue in this fashion.

And I imagine I'll keep tuning in till the very end and just lower my expectations. (I really want a spin-off where they can send Cas though. I like him fine in small doses, but all the emphasis on the show being about the three of them now rubs me the wrong way.)

Times like these, I wish we lived in the same continent so we could talk in person!
17th-May-2014 11:11 am (UTC)
Hey honey

SPN being paired with Flash is a good move I think. Apparently SPN will be up against SHIELD though - so may struggle to find the same sort of audience.

I think you could be right about the ratings. Though, tbh, I would't have thought the 1.7 - 2.3M they get is actually that big - but perhaps for The CW they are.

I thought S10 would be it and it would end Carver's 3 year plan. I'm curious to see how they will continue this story though. I'm not sure how much more horror our poor brothers can suffer (or us!).

I would love to see Cas in a spin off. he could visit the boys occasionally, but for those who love him can watch him in his own show (though, I'm not sure, as a character, there's enough there to carry a whole show).

I would LOVE to be able to meet up in person. I gathered with some peeps today and we were talking about TV (including SPN) and it's such fun to chat in real person. :)) Maybe one day. I dream of a finical windfall which would allow me to travel and meet everyone! :DD
16th-May-2014 03:06 pm (UTC)
I have decided that you should most definitely do this.
It will be your Magnum Opus!
How utterly perfect is that song! OMG I just want to roll around in it!
There are three distinct sections in it so its just three 1:50 vids...in one.


I may or may not be badgering you about this later : ) x
17th-May-2014 11:13 am (UTC)
It will be your Magnum Opus!

Oh I do like the idea of that! :))

There are three distinct sections in it so its just three 1:50 vids...in one.

Ha! That is one way to look at it. It's a good point though - if I tackled it my sections it may not seem so daunting. I can already see this a Sam AND Dean pov vid - perhaps even using the way the show is mirroring their addiction story lines. Hmmmm....

Every time i listen to the song I roll around it in! :DD
16th-May-2014 04:06 pm (UTC)
I think any song that calls to you is one that should be made. Great song, perfect for a dark and angry vid, about where everyone is right now. Long vids though can be hard, I know I'm very unlikely to tackle anything over 2 - 3 minutes these days, but you have a huge amount of source and maybe once you started laying down clips and getting a story and a theme going, you never know, don't let the length put you off, trim where you can and I think you'd be fine.

And season 11? Really? I honestly don't know about that, a lot depends on this season ender and a lot depends on how they handle the hornets nest they poked with a huge stick at the beginning of season 8 getting some logical resolution next week, I know them announcing a different direction would add to my interest, I'm mightily sick of the angels and demons and yet I still want to love this show, I've loved it for so long it's hard to let it go, but if this formula is making the ratings, I don't see much chance in getting out from the Heaven and Hell wars and the Winchesters bit part players in their own show.

Honestly I think they've picked up so many new fans with Tumblr style attention spans, those of us left who relished the beginnings and depth of emotion that resonated for us in the show are mere drops in the ocean.

Maybe, I can watch show but withdraw attachment and wallow in the older parts of fandom? Might work for me better.
17th-May-2014 11:20 am (UTC)
Long vids are very hard and I haven't made one that would be like this one in ages. I'm not usually in favour of vids over about 3mins because I think it's hard to keep a story or a theme going for that long. Maybe I'll break it down into sections and it won't seem so daunting. Or something.

And yes, S11 would be quite a thing and I'm not sure how well they could pull that off. I am assuming it will be S10 that will tie off many of the wound/storylines that have been opened since S8 so maybe S11 will be something new once again.

I was watching an earlier episode yesterday - Bloodlust I think - and noticed the time they took in allowing a scene to play out and get those real depths of emotion. I do think they've lost that touch, but maybe, so you say, that's what the audiences are wanting now.

Maybe, I can watch show but withdraw attachment and wallow in the older parts of fandom? Might work for me better.

It's something I'm hoping to be able to do. I suppose a lot will depend on this finale and where it picks up in S10. I'm hoping to still love it, but maybe all good things do come to an end.
17th-May-2014 12:59 pm (UTC)
I was watching an earlier episode yesterday - Bloodlust I think - and noticed the time they took in allowing a scene to play out and get those real depths of emotion. I do think they've lost that touch, but maybe, so you say, that's what the audiences are wanting now.

I've lost hope in getting what we've lost back - the engaging serious and scary stories, lightened by situational humour, just aren't in this show any longer. I'd watch though until the end, even with the sluggish plots, the retro fitting of canon and the dire angel wars IF only I could like the Winchesters again, felt drawn to their plight, could worry about them, sadly that's what I'm missing most, even their most intense scenes these days feel flat and engineered to a formula and I feel I can see right through it and it sucks all the emotion out.

Anyway, we have a season finale and a whole hiatus to get through yet, hopefully it won't be one full of hate for one brother or the other and fandom will settle into anticipation for next year. *fingers crossed*
16th-May-2014 05:06 pm (UTC)
Oh my god. This is one of my go to SPN songs. By now, it would fit both of them so perfectly, or even the momentary state of their relationship (I'm not thinking about the finale yet, I'm not) so is there any chance of making it multiple POV instead of just Sam or Dean? And I second the squee above - it would probably a ton of work for you, but I'd love every minute of this as a vid of yours! The longer the better :).

I already know it'll rip my heart out if you do this, but I want it. So bad.
17th-May-2014 11:23 am (UTC)
I really like the idea of multiple pov for Sam and Dean - and that's actually made me think of how Dean story mirrors Sam's past story and I might be able to blend the two, to suggest they are fighting go the same thing. Or something like that.

I think the show is at a point where this could really work. It might just have to be my hiatus project. :)
17th-May-2014 04:04 pm (UTC)
Exactly. There has been so much material in both of their storylines that could fit this, it will be epic if you try to mix and match them! Ngh. I already have goosebumps just thinking about what you'll come up with, how both of them lost themselves to their cause, how they both hurt each other in the process and how they both (I hope!) helped each other through it in the end, maybe? Ack! Another tearjerker for sure!

I'd love it if you could find a semi-positive note to end this with, but I'm not sure whether the finale is going to give us that. I'm also not sure I actually want to see the finale. /o\

Please make this your hiatus project. We will all cheer you on and bake you cookies and such. *nods*
16th-May-2014 05:16 pm (UTC)
You could pretty much clip the song at about the 4:00 minute mark and not lose much. I think you've got the potential here for it to be from the perspective of both boys. So dark but there hasn't been much light in the show in years. There's certainly enough show to get clips from.

I don't know if I'm up for season 10 let alone 11. I'm glad the Js will have jobs because employment's a good thing but it's weird to think it could have a longer run than M*A*S*H. Hopefully the seasons will be more than 'Sam comes back without a plotline and Dean's a grade-A psycho but they sure look hot.'
17th-May-2014 11:27 am (UTC)
Yeah - it would need clipping at around that point. And yes, I think it would work better with both Sam and Dean's povs. In fact, with the mirroring of the story lines it might be interesting to mesh the two.

I was just looking at the lyric interpretations and the drummer said it's a song about fighting for something you love. And also fighting to come out into the light rather than staying in the dark. So even though it would be a very heavy vid, I would probably try and end it on a positive note. Hee...if I could. :)

Wow - running longer than M*A*S*H. There's a thought. I think a lot will depend on how well they go into S10 and if they keep their audience. It will be up against SHEILD, so it might be a challenge.
17th-May-2014 01:58 pm (UTC)
MASH did 11 seasons so they'll be close.
16th-May-2014 08:40 pm (UTC)
Wow! Love this song!! What a vibe! This is so perfect.. you MUST vid this! (Because I said so. lol) I do hope you will, but I will still love you if you don't. Maybe...
Lol, ok it's late here, I'm tired and should go to bed instead of writing pesky comments. haha ...
But.. you know... VID IT!!! :D *runs out of your page and heads for bed*

17th-May-2014 11:29 am (UTC)
Ha! It's great isn't it?! I really do want to vid it and there's been enough encouragement here to give me extra motivation. :) I already have some ideas so I might just have to give it a go (though wow, it's been so long since I've made a vid like this it will indeed be a challenge).
17th-May-2014 03:51 am (UTC)
Omg my favorite band and the perfect song - you have to do it! (Yes, for me. I'm selfish like that)

Also, I have so much trepidation about the season finale! Anticipation too, but trepidation. I guess that means I do still care :)
17th-May-2014 11:32 am (UTC)
ha! For you I'd do it!! :D I am pretty keen to have a go at it actually. It might be just the thing I need for the hiatus break.

I am nervous for the finale also. And I KNOW I still care - even if I don't want to! I can't imagine you ever not caring either. I think even when the show frustrates us or we get ranty about it's only because we care so much. The day I think it's awful and don't care - that will be the day I know it's all over. ;)

18th-May-2014 02:29 am (UTC)
that's an awesome song never heard of it, i too would love to see you vid it.
20th-May-2014 08:43 am (UTC)
LOL, radiophile suggested I make a Wincest vid to this song back in 2009. I can totally help you edit the audio down, even with tricky things like skipping entire verses. You know how to find me if you want help.
20th-May-2014 12:49 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, I'd totally take you up on that if I went ahead with it. I have a feeling I might need to do it to work through my angst over this last season.

Thanks for the offer. :)
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