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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
Spoilers! Sort of... 
19th-May-2014 09:13 am
Jared blah blah hair
So I'm home sick today. Well, more like I'm just poorly with a cold. I'm snuggled up in bed with hot tea and my computer and I suddenly had the urge to play "speculation".

There's been so many spoilery comments from the actors and crew around - especially on twitter or tumblr. They've left me very perplexed (and excited actually). They don't say "this is what actually happens"- they're more like....

They're more like actors saying things about the last 5 minutes like "the end made me cry", "they actually went there", "fans are going to freak out, it's chilling and disturbing","it changes the SPN landscape" and Jensen's: “The moment the screen goes to black. The last second. There are multiple characters involved. There’s a predicament now.” and Misha's: "I was definitely shocked. I thought, ‘Can they do this?’". I've also read there's a intense brother moment also.

I can't even with all that information! Mostly, I just can't imagine anything happening that will measure that level of "shocked and disturbing" (well, maybe if they do decide to of go the Wincest route. I figure that would be pretty shocking (and surprising!) and I'm sure some would consider it disturbing also. But nah, there's no way they'd go there).

I've always thought that one brother will kill the other. It makes sense of the story line (Cain and Able) and possibly ties into the opening episode. I figured that in order to "save" Dean, Sam will have to kill him. Or that Dean is so possessed that he kills Sam.

But that all seems to obvious and not nearly "landscape changing" enough. Death of a Winchester is almost formula for a season ender, so I don't think it fits the "we've never seen this before" comment from Jared.

We've already been to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory so them all being transported to a new dimension seems off the cards also.

I can't think of who could be introduced as a new big bad. Not sure what could top Lucifer rising. Though of course God making an appearance would probably top that (especially if he looked like John Winchester ;D).

Dean could turn demonic. But I don't think that would be a huge game changer. I mean, it would set up story lines for the beginning of S10, but ultimately he'd be back to Dean Dean so...yeah. Not sure what that would achieve (other than extra hot demon!Deanness).

That's really got me scratching my head.

I'm certainly more excited about the finale than I was - if only now to find out what on earth all those spoilery comments could be referring to.

Whatever happens it sounds like we're going to need to cling to each other.
19th-May-2014 01:17 am (UTC)
I'll accept nothing less than "I love you" between the boys in the last scene to make up for all the crap we've endured for the last two seasons.

My wishful thinking knows no bounds!

Hope you're feeling better, hon. <3
19th-May-2014 01:31 am (UTC)
Actually an "I love you" would be pretty "shocking" with the way things are at the moment. Though those words never come out of their mouths - but we know it's pretty much behind everything they do and say to each other. Even when they're cruel - it's usually the reason they are cruel. So messed up.

I will accept pretty much anything as long as Sam is somehow involved (and is not made to apologise for saying what he did and is seen to be at least trying to save Dean). Or, if there is an apology, boy it's going to have to be handled properly. All the brother feels will at least help get over much of what's happened between them this season.

And thanks! A day in bed, curled up with some fic, might just be what's needed *g*
19th-May-2014 01:28 am (UTC)
Eh, I think Dean's going to turn into a demon. If they play it as him being the "big bad" even for a few episodes I could see how they'd call it a game changer. I mean they tried to sell Sam being possessed by an angel as something "never before seen on TV!!ELEVENTY!111"
19th-May-2014 01:37 am (UTC)
Yeah. Demon!Dean makes some sense. Not exactly shocking - but if he does something horrid then it could very well be disturbing. I found some of last episode MoC!Dean disturbing, so it's not a far stretch. Though wow - pretty hard to take - especially if he does something that's hard to redeem (killing a child for example). If he kills Sam, it will be pretty heart wrenching - but not exactly irredeemable. I think? Though that won't do much for them building bridges in their relationship.

I think the "never seen before" is probably just referring to never seen on SPN. Though we've kind of seen demon!dean before (though maybe not fully).

i rather like the idea actually.
19th-May-2014 01:38 am (UTC)
I've had the same thoughts, to the point that I finally went and tried to look up spoilers for the ep (with no luck). I think you're right that one of them will probably kill the other (and I'm pretty sure it'll be Sam killing Dean), but like you say, they've died a million times ... although I guess it was never one brother killing the other, so that might be what all the fuss is about. I'm just hoping they do it right and that it's not, you know, lame and *yawn*, been there done that.
19th-May-2014 01:44 am (UTC)
True. They've often skirted around the idea of one killing the other. Especially John's "you have to kill Sam or save him". And then episodes when they've turned on each other (Sex and Violence) and then of course the whole Michael and Lucifer storyline. So it makes some sense that it could come to a head with that very action.

I was convinced that Sam would kill Dean, but when I think about it I just don't know where that would leave things for next season. Other than being back to where they started in S9. And if Dean is still possessed by the blade then he's hardly likely to try and save Sam this time. Hmmmm...hard to know.

But yes. Please don't be lame! I assume Carver is writing this one, so it really shouldn't be lame.

19th-May-2014 02:26 am (UTC)
Feel better soon,sweetheart!! Look after yourself.

Yeah, i am going with Sam possibly killing Dean and Dean turning even darker, which sounds like a really interesting start to Season 10.

The S8 finale was AMAZING so hopefully this one will be as epic.

I love how excited the cast still is..it makes me excited too!!
19th-May-2014 02:45 am (UTC)
Thanks! :)

Dean being really really dark at the beginning of S10 could be interesting. Though, not sure how long they could sustain that. They's need to resolve it pretty quickly as mostly SPN is MoTW episodes with the brothers working a case together.

S8 finale was epic and I loved it. I'm hoping for something equally epic (as long as it's got lots of good brother feels I'll be ok!).

19th-May-2014 02:37 am (UTC)
I saw a post on tumblr that said:

You can practically smell the fear and anxiety coming off the Supernatural fandom right now.

and for me this really rang true. i am afraid that the finale is going to suck, but there's the anxiety that they are actually going to really do something we've never seen before.

like ya'll said, Cain/Abel, Dean kills Sam, ok, we've never seen Dean kill Sam, but they've both died plenty of times. We've seen heaven, purgatory and a little bit of hell, but more like Dean and Sam's memories of hell.

Demon!Dean? ehhh, i don't know about not having seen that.

the most shocking thing i think would be some how Metatron or Crowley did something with the tablets (remember those?) and they bring Hell to Earth.

or even better it is a dream and season 8 and 9 never happened. heh. ok, you can tell i'm really irked about these seasons, even though the whole trial!Sam was incredible and the final ep last year with the angels falling, i still get goose bumps watching that episode.

i know i can't wait!
19th-May-2014 02:51 am (UTC)
Hmmm... I did ponder hell of Earth - and maybe Dean being being by Crowley's side. Though I felt like we had a bit of hell on earth when Lucifer was running around. I think that was the idea of the approaching apocalypse. Though, I agree the tablets could still play a large part.

I mean, there's also the angels that need to get back to heaven, Metratron confront ion (maybe with Cas), not sure what role Cas will play in all this - maybe along side Sam in dying to save Dean. I figure he's got the biggest beef with Metatron so Cas might be the one to kill him. There's also Gadreel and the lost souls in the veil. SO much to tie up in 42 minutes.

omg, let alone all the brother issues.

I can't wait for it all to be over so we finally KNOW! :)
19th-May-2014 02:49 am (UTC)
My prediction is that Dean becomes Crowley's First Knight and season 10 starts with Sam and Cas trying to rescue Dean.
19th-May-2014 02:53 am (UTC)
Yeah. I thought maybe Dean was already First Knight after killing Adaddon? though nothing has been said. Dean becoming a demon - and Crowley's right hand man would make some sense. S9 opened with Sam being an angel and now S10 could open with Dean being a demon. They are constantly mirroring the boys' stories so it could be on the cards for sure.
19th-May-2014 03:29 am (UTC)
The last second cuts to Sam waking up as "Heaaaaat of the Moment" plays on the clock radio next to the bed.
19th-May-2014 03:30 am (UTC)
Well Gavin Crowley is roaming about in the 21st century after all. Timey-wimey stuff.

19th-May-2014 03:43 am (UTC)
I don't know what to think but if Dean does end up with demon eyes, it would be poetic if they were yellow. He hasn't been an angel, has he? Mostly, I just hope it makes the aggravation of the rest of the season worth it and that the writing is good and I hope they don't create a whole lot more opportunity for Sam-bashing. I wish I trusted the storytellers a bit more.
19th-May-2014 03:53 am (UTC)
For me, I would absolutely love it if they created an episode that's well structured, answers some questions, closes some story lines (puts those angels back in heaven!) and creates a genuine moment between the brothers. Not some fan service or over angsty brow beating. I almost don't care how they end it as long as I can say...now that made sense. I joked with El1ie in a comment that I would like to open my reaction with.

Dear Show,

All is forgiven.


I would also like to add: "Brava! Well played!" Too hopeful?

If there's more opportunity for Sam bashing I just don't know what I'll do. Sure, there'll be those who will never accept what he does, but please nothing like before. :(

19th-May-2014 04:44 am (UTC)
At Asylum12, Jared said the Cain story comes to an end in the finale. So, does that mess up the theory that Dean becomes a demon?

Because even if Sam kills Dean (which is what I've always imagined will have to happen) the opening of S10 will be much the same as the opening of S9. Dean needing to be brought back somehow. And man, I don't think I could go through a repeat of the beginning of S8 with Sam doing nothing to find Dean.

If that happens, I think the point of it would be that Sam would do whatever it takes to bring Dean back. There's this tweet from Asylum12 "When Sam said to Dean that he'd let him die, he was lying."
19th-May-2014 05:06 am (UTC)
Oh Jared said the Cain story comes to an end. That's a pretty big reveal (I'm surprised how much they are saying about the finale actually). I'm actually kind of happy to hear that I have to say. As to Dean turning into a demon - it certainly makes less sense of that in MoC will be done with. It would only be if the Mark has somehow tainted Dean enough to turn him, but I can't imagine that either.

Oooh, *bounces* even better than I might have been hoping.

And I did see that tweet about Sam lying. Which makes me chuckle a bit because anyone who knows Sam knows that there is no way Sam wouldn't do everything he could to save Dean. And Sam never said he wouldn't save him. I'm glad he confirmed it though for people who did actually realise that.
19th-May-2014 04:47 am (UTC)
Reading all the speculation and teasers is both terrifying and intriguing me.

I feel my SPN finale excitement wrachetting up. Who knew?
19th-May-2014 05:07 am (UTC)
I know! It's helped me get more excited. I usually don't spoil myself for the finale but being around twitter it's almost impossible.

Let's hope it's as awesome as it sounds!
19th-May-2014 04:52 am (UTC)
My money is on Sam sacrificing his own life in an attempt to save Dean, possibly involving dying at Dean's hand.

Sam said he wouldn't let Dean be possessed by a supernatural creature if he knew Dean would refuse that option even to save his own life. Sam never said he wouldn't do whatever it takes to save Dean in terms of his *own* sacrifice, and if the author of Spn Xmas and Mystery Spot is still lurking somewhere inside the current Carver mind then maybe this has been part of the plan all along.

Is it foolish to hold out some tiny hope that a little bit of the old Carver will re-emerge this week?
19th-May-2014 05:11 am (UTC)
Above all this is what I am hoping for the most. That what Dean did for Sam in the beginning of S9 is somehow turned around and becomes part of the finale. If Sam saves Dean by saving him from being possessed (even if it mean killing him), then there will be some connection. Sam knows that the worse thing is losing yourself and so "saves" Dean from that. I don't how that would play out, but I'm hoping for at least some reason for the possession story line.

Is it foolish to hold out some tiny hope that a little bit of the old Carver will re-emerge this week?

I hope not! If so, let's be foolish together! :)
19th-May-2014 05:13 am (UTC)
Okay, let's see here...

I've heard a metric shit-ton of possibilities, or variations on a theme.

The popular guess is Dean's eyes flash demonic in the last second of the show, making at least the beginning of S10 the quest to restore him to human again. Not surprising.


-Sam kills Dean (either in self-defense or to stop him from killing innocent pedestrians or Cas), or perhaps even Dean pleads with Sam to commit murder...save him from himself before he kills again.) And then the eye thing.

-Dean kills Sam, therefore fulfilling the Cain dealio. The eye thing happens, Dean does Demon, and Sam wakes up in the Veil. (With Kevin. \0/!) And from there, they must try to save Dean. This one gets my vote.

-Crowley, Dean's Ruby stand-in, becomes King of Hell (what with Abaddon's demise) and Dean becomes his First Hellknight. (Can be in conjunction with either of the above.)

-Sam allows Gadreel to possess him, in order to fight newly demonized Dean (and THIS is the "Surprise! Eyes!" thing Jensen was hinting at.) Highly unlikely scenario, but more novel. Doesn't particularly rank as a game-changer, though, and does NO justice to Sam's dangling character arc of forced possession...which at this rate, seems to be going the way of "I didn't look for Dean when he got vaporized; I am a bad brother but I don't know why. So we won't talk of it again. Good-bye."

-But what happens to Heaven and Metatron? Will Cas eat Gadreel's grace, or will Gadreel take over Jimmy? And then the fight for Heaven continues, possibly up there? Or will Crowley get super-greedy, and with Dean's help, go after Metatron to add Heaven to Hell's neighborhood?

-Dean and Cas kiss. The very most unlikely scenario in the history of ever.

And I'm sure I'll think of more tomorrow...

19th-May-2014 05:32 am (UTC)
Dean and Cas kiss. The very most unlikely scenario in the history of ever.

ha, but wow! There's some serious speculation about that. I honestly get all O_O each time I see the.."it's going to happen this season! It's actually going to happen. All the hints are pointing to it". It's as about likely as Sam and Dean kissing. Not least because...where the hell would that come from and where the hell do they go from there? Just on a story telling side of things it would make no sense. But, I can't take away anyones hope I suppose. And if it DID happen I can honestly say I would be shocked. And mirror Jensen's "They went there!".

All possible variables! :D

Dean's eyes flashing black (or red etc) seems to have been hinted at, but I'm just not sure how shocking or disturbing that would actually be. I don't think it could beat Dean's confessions that he tortured in hell and enjoyed it (in terms of Dean being really dark). Maybe Gadreel offers to possess Dean in order to fight the Mark? Nah...that don't make no sense either.

I like that Sam is compelled to save Dean from the very thing that Sam wasn't saved from - possession. Maybe even Dean begs for Sam to end it. Only problem with either of them dying is that it's been done before and we know there's no really drama there because they're not dead for good. I suspect that angst of one having to kill the other might be enough of a drama. Especially if we get an "I love you" out of it. :)))

There's been all this talk of the last 5 secs, but there's the other 41.55 that has to happen also. If it ends with the fight going on up there in heaven it will be much the same scenario as S7 (I think it was that one?) where Cas was always busy with heavenly things and had to keep dashing off. It would work because what are they going to do with Cas next season? Room with S&D and become the third brother?

oooh, speaking of third brothers...maybe Adam makes an appearance?!

Ark! So many possibilities. As long as it makes sense and they allow Sam to do something other than blend in with the wallpaper I will be pretty happy. :)) Happier if they manage to tie in 9.01 somehow.
19th-May-2014 05:18 am (UTC)
I've been doing the same thing with all the tidbits and sound bites from the guys about the finale. Like you said - nothing seems big enough or surprising enough. But knowing show, they'll come up with something none of us has thought of. Can't wait to find out what it is...also slightly terrified. :P
19th-May-2014 05:33 am (UTC)
I hope they do!! I sincerely hope there's something none of us dreamed they could do. My brain can't comprehend it, but I will be seriously impressed if they surprise us all!
19th-May-2014 07:08 am (UTC)
I'm really pretty worried about what Carver might have come up with for this last episode.
He has already torn the brothers so far apart that I'm afraid of what else he could do to hurt their relationship.

As for all the 'excitement' about the last minutes, I really can't see what could be so world-shattering. I think they are just trying to amp up the tension to get good ratings for the last episode, which is perfectly understandable.
If one recalls how excited Jared was for the Sam/Amelia arc and how that turned out, and how often episodes have been touted as awesome and shocking by writers, only to end up being bland and trashing canon, then we can't be sure what the episode will bring.

Jensen said the last seconds affected multiple characters so that would mean not only S&D, so maybe it's some kind of re-set or as someone said before-hand they are in some kind of dream/time loop.

I mean Dean turning into a demon is kind of expected as is one brother killing the other. I just get the feeling Carver isn't creative or plain good enough to come up with something really interesting.

I hope I'm proved wrong and we get our loving brothers back.
That's really all I want, no angels , no demons, just Sam and Dean on the road , saving people. Back to the origins. That would be a great arc for season ten. :)
19th-May-2014 12:14 pm (UTC)
He has already torn the brothers so far apart that I'm afraid of what else he could do to hurt their relationship.

I was about to say "surely there's nothing else" and then through that I'm sure there is.

I think they are just trying to amp up the tension to get good ratings for the last episode, which is perfectly understandable.

My feeling also. I'm sure they've been schooled in what they can and can't say. They do need to try and get as many people watching as possible so that's certainly one way to do it. I'm just worried that they've over sold it.

If one recalls how excited Jared was for the Sam/Amelia arc and how that turned out,

I actually can't recall how excited Jared was about that. In fact, I remember him keeping things pretty close to his chest and talking about how Sam wasn't going to be looking for his brother (and boy, I remember the discussions about that). In comparison his excitement for the opening of S9 was palpable. He was practically bouncing. So, I think he had an idea that the S8 storyline wasn't great for Sam. To be honest, I can't tell how genuine their responses are to the ending. I've only read those comments , not watched them.

Jensen said the last seconds affected multiple characters so that would mean not only S&D,

Yes. That's so curious. It makes sense of the "changing landscape" comment. Though I have no idea how they are going to achieve that. Other than re-setting. Or changing their characters completely somehow? Yikes.

I just get the feeling Carver isn't creative or plain good enough to come up with something really interesting.

Yes, not sure I have the confidence in him either. I am happy to be completely wrong though!

That's really all I want, no angels , no demons, just Sam and Dean on the road , saving people. Back to the origins.

That will be a long time off I think. I have a feeling that maybe, just maybe, when they know their last season they may just take them right back to their routes. In the meantime, they probably have to keep trying new things to shake it up - keep it different or something. I think S10 might seem them coming back together in a major way. If Carver does has the 3 year plan as I've heard he does, then S10 might be one of reconciliation.

We can but hope.

19th-May-2014 11:43 am (UTC)
If you're still sick Wednesday and want company for the finale, let me know!
19th-May-2014 11:59 am (UTC)
Oh yes! I'll let you know. I'm at school tomorrow so I'll see how I go. If too yuk I'll be taking Wednesday off.

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