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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
1st-Jun-2014 10:56 pm
Dean Don't make me lick your face
Did you see...

This fun idea to help celebrate the 200th episode! Do EEEEET! :D


secretlytodream's awesome S9 vid, We Promised the World We'd Tame It. It's a great way to see the S9 brothers' stories condensed and it highlights the mirroring in their journeys over the season.


this interview from the editors in the Fan Phenomena book (little chuffed to be quoted by the interviewer. I get a little bit O_O when I think someone actually read what I said).

there's also

some great fic being posted at spn_meanttobe (yay happy endings!) and spn_cinema (I ADORE this challenge!) and check out the J2/Wincest JiBCon Comment Meme (so much to be written from that con!) *g*
1st-Jun-2014 08:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the all the links above, dear.
...And yep; I read your complete interview more than once, meanwhile [I have to, because English isn't my mother tongue ;)] and the more often I am re-reading it, the more I am getting it, hee.
*giggles with red cheeks*

But listen, there's absolutely no reason for you to be worried about anything you said there, sweetheart. After I finished reading said interview, I was nodding in contentment to all the reasons why you had to make your unique videos. These are the same reasons why I am making and posting hottielicious [and other] pic spams and memes.

So no worries, yes? I really love your interview at the book. It made me nod in agreement [no matter that I'm a Dean!girl and you do the happy-Sammeh-dance], it also made me giggling fannishly as it came to the "What The Duck?" vid but most of all, thx to said interview, I finally found the courage to write you a comment after many years of just still squeeing and enjoying in private to your superb videos, my friend.

So, thank you for doing that interview and again, thank you very, very much for all those fabulous vids you gifted us with - and finally, let me close with Ernie, "...I'm totally fond of you."
*huggles* ♥
Smiley - ANIM - kriegt 'nen Elchtritt photo Smiley-ANIM-kriegtnenElchtritt_zps870b5796.gif
2nd-Jun-2014 01:30 pm (UTC)
Aw thank you so much hun. That's encouraging to hear <333 Thank you.xx

And that emoticon is adorable! :DDD
2nd-Jun-2014 12:37 am (UTC)
Thanks for the shoutout for the selfie project. We've already had about 25o submissions which is amazing. I look forward to receiving yours!
2nd-Jun-2014 12:51 am (UTC)
It's on it's way. I took one yesterday, will send it off today. :). And yay! 250. That's great!
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