ash48 (ash48) wrote,

Can you pimp a person?!

I'm sure you can!! (well, I'm going to anyway...)

My good friend starrylizard has found her way back into the SPN fandom! YES! She's been watching the show and she's re-hooked! (yay!)

Thing is, she's checking out LJ and has noticed it's a bit like a ghost town (and her flist from a few years ago aren't posting anything SPN anymore). I've assured her that there's still active fans and communities about - you just gotta find them.

Aaaanway. She's looking to get hooked up. She wants to get involved in the LJ SPN fandom again and she is looking for new people to hang out with. She's super friendly, very talented and always so generous. If you have a chance pop over and say hi. She'd love it! And I think the more SPN fans on LJ the better! :D

(also, she has a UK copy of the S7 SPN season if anyone from the UK would like it).
Tags: fandom, pimp, supernatural
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